Corel Painter 2020, “Speed of Light” is going strong!


I wanted to remind everyone that my class, Corel Painter 2020, “Speed of Light” is a “work at your own pace” class and is open for registration.  It opened one month ago, and we have been having a blast.  Go here to register.

Beside exploring all the new features of Painter 2020, we created images using the new variants available.  This one was made with the new Fast and Ornate category.

Corel Painter 2020, created using Fast and Ornate brush category.

Of course, I love doing inky, runny, landscapes.  I had a lot of fun with the demo of this piece.

Corel Painter 2020, watercolor brushes

Using some of my custom brushes, we painted a pastel and a thick paint landscape using the new Color Harmony Panel.

Custom pastel brushes, Corel Painter 2020

Custom Thick Paint brushes, Corel Painter 2020

The performance enhancements in Painter 2020 are fantastic.  I especially love the faster watercolor variants.  I am partial to watercolor, so of course, I played in watercolor a good bit.

Corel Painter 2020, watercolor

I enjoyed showing various techniques using Painter’s watercolor variants.

Working wet into wet and letting the paint run in Corel Painter 2020

Showing various watercolor techniques in Painter 2020

It’s easy to make thick paint run; I show how.

Corel Painter 2020, Runny thick paint

As I mentioned before, I am partial to watercolor.  I did a painting similar to this before the class.  I liked it so much, I decided to re-create it as part of a Painter 2020 demonstration.

Corel Painter 202, watercolor

There is more in the class.  Do join us, it is only $45.00 US.  Follow this link to Register.  The class will remain open for a year or more, so you will have plenty of time to “work at your own pace.”  Hope to see you in class very soon.



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