Puzzled, Confused, Mystified, Confounded

I’m perplexed.  I am writing my first blog entry for a class I am taking at LVS called Basic Blogging, or is it Blogging Basics; could be neither.  The name might be Writing 101, but who cares; it is essentially an exercise in writing, which is not my strong point.  I much prefer talking.  I love the spontaneity of a chat. No problems worrying about how to start with a chat.  Hi works almost every time.   Yes, I’m perplexed.  How do you start writing a blog? Should I express my feelings of concern as I am doing now, or…or what. 

Or what; that is a big subject.  Think Skippy, what is this blog about anyway?  What did you decide for a subject; who is your target audience; what is your authority?

I don’t care.  I know we discussed those things, and I posted my intent, but those were just words.  What I am feeling now is complete fear.  Fear of failure; fear of inadequacy, fear of looking foolish are all popping into my mind.  Plus, I still don’t know how to start this darn blog.

Wait.  What is this I see?  Three paragraphs proceeding this one.  Oh my, I have started blogging!  Easy as pie!  I’m a natural.  No sweat.  Just sit down and begin writing.  This is so cool. 

Hold on Skippy.  What about the subject of your blog?  Remember, I think you were going to discuss Painter.

Leave me alone.  I’m on a roll; words are flying from my fingers.  I feel like I am having a chat.  Ha, I guess I am having a chat with you.  Who are you anyway?

Does that matter?  Let me ask you a question.  How are you going to end this post? 

End this post?  I don’t know; it would be easy if I were having a chat.  I would just say goodbye and walk along. 

Oh gosh, I’m perplexed.  I am writing my first blog entry for a class I am taking at LVS called Basic Blogging, or is it Blogging Basics; could be neither, and I don’t know how to end the post.

13 responses to “Puzzled, Confused, Mystified, Confounded

  1. Hahaha! Good post, Skip! You write as you talk! That’s not all bad, you know.

    I do too. I write it all out. Then go paint something. Or make fresh coffee. Or go shopping. 🙂

    When I come back, I read what I’ve written, and start taking stuff out that’s not necessary. Just like in a sketch for a painting. I keep the story lines strong– and push the rest back into the background. (Why it’s called background.) 🙂

    Look at your paintings, though. Your collages. You squiggle and doodle and draw abstractions. You experiment and play and put windows in. You have a lot of interest going on — maybe a little like being at a party.

    Where I’m happy in the coffee shop, good conversation between a couple of us, I’ll bet you are at the center of things at large gatherings. Happy as a clam.

    We paint and we write from who we are…….

    In your paintings, there’s always something for the viewer to take away.

    You can do the same with your blog. Your talent is huge! In each post, focus on a tiny piece of what you do so well, and squiggle out your story to decorate it.

    Metaphor, I know. But I’m delighted to see you have begun a blog. It’s time…

    P.S. Notice David’s blog (your favorite)is mostly pictures of what he does so well!

    Toodle for now, my friend…

  2. Oh Barb, what a delight to have you comment on my blog. I’m surprised; I didn’t realize anyone would find it yet.

    I will take your words of wisdom to heart. They will help me as I discover if this blog thing is really for me. I keep hearing from dear friends like you that it is time I have one.

    Thank you so much for visiting.


  3. Woo hoo look at you blogging like a master!
    Fear in blogging, like most things in life, is a huge obstacle that looks like a mountain when it is in front of you. But, the mountain usually turns into a hill or a molehill when you get on the other side!

  4. Very nice website. Nice and clean. I like the information. I will try this tutorial. It sure would be nice to find more tutorials like this one. if you know of any let me know.

    You are doing great!


    • Thanks for visiting Eva. I am glad that you like the site. I didn’t give very much information in the post about the painting; I just wanted to show the flow rather than how I did each layer.

      I look for tutorials, too, and there are not many. I just google Painter, Painter 11, Corel Painter, and any of the previous with tutorial added. There is a new free Digital Magazine called Digital Paint Magazine. You may want to subscribe to that; it has tutorials including a column by me. http://www.digitalpaintmagazine.com/

      Thanks again for visiting and the nice compliment,

  5. I’m impressed! I too like how clean this site is. It mimics the art. defined and uncluttered. I love to paint and took a botanical illustration with water color class and wow intense! I enjoy reading your process. Nice Blog

  6. Thanks for visiting Dawn. The botanical illustration class sounds fun. At one time I thought of medical illustration as a possible career. One of my hobbies is identifying the local flora and fauna. Illustrations are a big help.

    Thanks for the compliment and the visit. Come back when you can.


  7. I loved the Cherry Blossom Post. Thank you for the steps/instructions. I was practicing and would like to know how to change my name in Chinese to a color in that matches the image I am painting? I got my name from a website but it is black.

    • Hi Kathi,
      Here is what I would do.
      1. Float the canvas to a layer
      2. With the Magic Wand, select the white background and hit backspace on the PC or delete with a MAC. This should delete the white background leaving only the black characters. When you do this, be sure the contiguous button is turned off on the Magic Wand Property bar.
      3. Now you have the letters on a layer with no background. You can hold down the Ctrl or CMD key and click on the image in the layers panel. This will select the characters.
      4. Select a red color and fill the selection with red.
      That should do it. There are several other ways to do this, if this one isn’t working for you.

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