Wacom Driver 11/17/2012 Adds Enhanced Feature

UPDATE:  The drivers are no longer on the site as of 11/29/2011 10:36 PM.  Hopefully they will be posted again, soon.  I do not know if there was a problem or if it is just a problem with the web site.  Hopefully we will find something out soon.

Sorry for the problem…Skip

Hello Everyone,

I just noticed that there is a new Wacom driver available.  There is a new feature or enhanced feature; they changed and improved  the old “Tip Feel Slider” with the detail button.  I find the new version more intuitive than the old version.  I don’t think the driver is available anywhere except the Americas.  I checked Europe and didn’t see it there.

I did a quick video showing the enhanced feature.  Hope you enjoy it.

Have some fun today,


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  1. Seems like I spend all my time saying “Thanks so much Skip”!!!! … so, thanks again Skip! … and yes .. the sensitivity is MUCH improved … used your Thick n Thin 14 and there is much much more control with the Intuos 4 and the new driver !!!

  2. Hey Skip
    This update is not out for Mac’s. we had a mac update on Oct 13 and it does not have the pressure adjustment curve that you show in the video, so maybe we got lumped in with the europeans (?)

    • Hey Carlos,

      You were too late. The MACs also had the update, but it along with the PC Update has been pulled from the Wacom site. Marcia F. downloaded the MAC version this morning.

      I don’t know why the update was pulled. I hope it comes back quickly; it is embarrassing to post something and have it disappear. Let’s keep checking the site and see when they are posted again.


  3. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for the comments…you are all more than welcome. Apparently, something is amiss with the driver because it isn’t on Wacom’s site anymore. I have no idea what happened.


  4. Hi Skip and much thanks for your work! Much appreciated! indeed!
    Was just to ask you why we don’t have the same drivers in Europe as in the Us? Any Idea?
    I’m Swedish but still my Wacom intuos 4, and Painter 12 is in English
    As soon the drivers are available again I will have a try and download.
    Also much Thanks for the watercolour papers! 🙂

    • I did manage to get the driver and installed it immediately … am very happy with it … so far .. however, if it blows my computer up later, well, then I’ll know why they pulled it. Did anyone else get it downloaded and installed .. and, any problems with it?

    • Hey Kenneth,

      I really do not know why or if the drivers are different between the US and Europe. I am guessing that they are different since they have been coming out at a different time. Who knows…:)…it could be some international law or something.

      You are very welcome on the stuff…LOL. I enjoy sharing with folks. Hope you get some good use out of them.

  5. I had this driver installed for a couple of months, but lol I never noticed the customize button! Thank you for the quick video, it’s really appreciated! It works great on my Intuos 3.

    Also thanks so much for the update info on the new Wacom driver for Jan 25, 2012. 🙂

    • Hi Pam,

      You are welcome…and glad the videos helped. I’m sorry that I didn’t release your post sooner…I missed it I guess.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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