Wacom Adds New Driver Jun 14, 2012

Hello Friends,

I just noticed that Wacom has a new update.  The driver information said this:

“Driver supporting Intuos5, Intuos4 WL, USB versions of all Intuos4 (PTK) and Intuos3 (PTZ) pen tablets and the Cintiq 24HD, 21UX, 12WX, 20WSX,DTU-2231, DTU-1931 and DTU-1631 pen displays.

Save the file to your computer and then double-click on it to launch the installer.

Be sure to uninstall any current tablet driver installation before installing. If you have any questions, please contact Wacom Technical Support at 800-922-6613.”

I am unsure if the driver is posted for other regions; it is available for the Americas.

Here is the link:  Wacom Drivers.

My Wacom Properties



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  1. This is a great update, for the first time my Intuos 4 large tablet’s rotate function works properly in Corel Painter 12.

    • Hey Daryl,
      I wasn’t sure what was in the update. I haven’t noticed anything that is different, yet. Thanks for letting us know what you found.

  2. Thank you Skip for the update.

    I tried to find out what the difference is with the new version but found nothing. Just bug and security fixed I would imagine.

    A couple additional notes for those that may not know these details:

    Personally I did the following:

    My particular set up is Windows 7 Home 64 bit version. Intuos5.

    Backing up tablet preferences:
    Start Menu – All Programs – Wacom Tablet – Wacom Preferences File Utility – Backup.

    Note where you are saving the backup file to. I rename it for easier reference, 2012-06-23 0214pm.wacomprefs

    Then uninstall the Wacom software.
    Install the new Wacom Driver Software. Delete any shortcuts to the Preference Utility that may have made on your desktop or taskbar.
    Connect Tablet.
    Touch each pen you use such as Grip Pen and or Art Pen etc, to the tablet once.

    Then restore preferences:
    Start Menu – All Programs – Wacom Tablet – Wacom Preferences File Utility – Restore. Choose your last backed up file.

    Confirm the settings are back to what you want by launching the:
    Start Menu – All Programs – Wacom Tablet – Wacom Tablet Preferences.

    Personally I Pin the shortcut to the preferences utility to the task bar by:
    Start Menu – All Programs – Wacom Tablet – Right click on Wacon Tablet Preferences, and select Pin to Taskbar. You can also Pin the shortcut to the Desktop if you would like that.


    • Wow Stephen,

      Thanks for the information. You certainly have a detailed way to install a Tablet Driver. I do some of the stuff you do, but not all. If I have trouble in the future, I’ll try your steps.


  3. Hi there Skip! and thanks for the information! Haven’t checked out my Wacom drivers for a long time, since we here in Europe are left a bit behind. Our latest drivers was released in April (http://www.wacom.eu/index2.asp?pid=29&lang=en)
    (Also wrote a question to Wacom support)
    Here is a screen of my latest driver install: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/75938315/screen.jpg
    Looks very similar, but cant find the options you have in your keystrokes..

    • Hi Kenneth…

      Are you asking for the keystrokes for Zoom to Fit, Hide, Zoom Out, Color, Main/Additional and Redo. Then there is the Ctrl + Alt Modifier, which is the dynamic brush adjuster. The others are:
      Zoom to Fit > Ctrl + 0
      Hide Panels > Tab
      Zoom Out > Ctrl + –
      Temporal Color Palette I shortened to Color > Ctrl + Alt + 1
      Main/Additional Toggle between Main and Additional color > Shift + s
      Redo > Ctrl + y
      For MAC Ctrl = CMD and Alt = Opt

      Hope this is what you are asking.

  4. Skip, This has nothing to do with the driver. I am just hoping that you will get this message soon, since I do not have a better way to get in touch with you. When I was in your brush making class in May I did an assignment of a portrait of Maggie Smith, and I used one of your brushes as a glazer in places. I cannot find this brush! I did not add it to the custom palette. I do not think that it was the Splashing Water Wet Glazer, as this puts down some intense color with pressure. I am not looking for texture or intense color, just a way to add subtle color to a watercolor portrait. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

    • Hi Candace…

      How come I have your address and you don’t have mine…LOL.

      I just got the note on the blog…not sure how long it takes for you to receive and note from me…so I’ll post in both places.

      I remember the portrait, but haven’t the slightest idea what you may have used. The brush probably doesn’t have glaze in its name. Here are some places to look…Soft Water has a number of soft brushes…like blush, powder, rouge, etc. You may have used Soft Water’s Soft Wash…I think that is the name. In Cool Springs, try the fill brushes. There are some brushes in Real Watercolor 2 that could be your brush…both of those do have glaze in the name…LOL.

      Anyway. That’s about how far I can go. If you send me the portrait’s rif file, I might be able to tell from that. Skip

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