Watch Me Prepare for Holiday Open Studio

Hi Gang,

In my last post, I admitted that I am just starting to prepare for Holiday Open Studio.  To prepare, I do a number of sketches of my subject.  I use a variety of photo references.  After I feel like I know my subject, then I paint the final image without references.  I will record the final image and that recording along with other tips becomes the lesson.

Woohoo, this is scary.  I have never published something like this.

I start by sketching the subject with a custom variant called Skip’s sharp pencil.  I don’t think I have ever posted it for download.  I follow the pencil sketch with a painted sketch…at least that is what I call them.  Some are OK, others are not.  Here is the image that you will see painted.  Cut me some slack; it is my first try.

Poinsettia, First Try

Here is the video.  I hope you enjoy my struggles.

UPDATE:  There appears to be something wrong with the video. I have deleted it and will repair it and post in the morning.  Sorry for the bad video.

UPDATE 2, 10/26/2012.  This morning I have tried to repair the video with no success.  I’m going to re-process and see if that will fix it.  Give me a couple of hours and I should have something.  So sorry about this problem. 

UPDATE 3, 10/26/2012:  I give up.  I have done everything I know to fix the video, but I’ve had no success.  I will be doing more of these paintings and I’ll record the next one and post.  I honestly do not know why the video flickered so violently.  There seemed to be a black frame between two good frames.  Again, I am so very sorry for the mess up.

Now I have to run and do some more stuff, so I’ll be ready for class.  Hope you join us for some Holiday fun.


26 responses to “Watch Me Prepare for Holiday Open Studio

  1. Hi Skip,

    I love the look of this Poinsettia…the pencil scribbles…the combination of textured and non-textured areas of the canvas, the free form look. Just beautiful. I can’t wait to see your Holiday Open Studio lesson teaching us how to draw and paint this gorgeous Holiday symbol.

  2. Skip, what i like best,what help’s me the most, is seeing your thought you approach your work..i always find that part of how artists work, fascinating..and the most instructive!..thank you for sharing

  3. Skip I love this! I’ve missed playing with Painter. It’s structured yet organic with a delicious amount of variation of texture and bold colors!!

  4. Hi Skip.
    Love your painting, wonderful colors. Sorry I can’t partake in the holiday fun. But
    I’ll still be benefiting from the WC class.

  5. Oh hah! Bad video .. hah! .. this turned out sooo beautifullly that you are just going to keep your techniques a big secret!!!! :>) … seriously Skip, this really is gorgeous … I love everything about it, even the fact that I couldn’t do it!!!! .. this is the kind of work that makes my heart and soul jump up and down when I see!!!!

    • Hey Charlie, Thank you so much. But be careful with that soul and heart jumping. Make sure you stay intact.

      The video is really busted. I promise there were no secrets. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.

      Hugs, Skip

      • You do know that I just love to tug at your strings!!! :>) … but Skip, this really is a beautiful creation .. and it does have me jumping up and down .. and NO, it’s NOT fleas!!!! Hugs

        • Are you sure…I know it is getting cold up there and the fleas are looking for a free trip inside. You could be a great transport.

          Thanks Charlie…much love, Skip

  6. beautiful , can’t wait to see it and hear you lough at your oopses . thank you for the inspiration you project .

  7. For anyone reading this and considering taking a class from Skip but may be thinking they are unsure….TAKE A CLASS (one or more) . . .

    Skip is a great teacher, gives excellent guidance, answers all questions very well, provides tools, tips, videos, etc. to make our life as student a fun learning experience. Skip knows Painter inside and out and not only teaches, but uses it….as well as other tools along with Painter such as Wacom tablets.

    Pass the word to your friends too!


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