Brush Installation Tips and Don’t Forget, Holiday Open Studio Starts Tomorrow, Still Time To Register

Hello Everybody,

I have a couple of announcements before we get to the fun stuff, brush installation tips.

Today is my Birthday. 🙂  And look what I have been doing…working on this silly blog…LOL…actually it has been fun.

Holiday Open Studio starts at DAA tomorrow.  Registration is still open and will remain open through Saturday week, so you have plenty of time to register, but don’t wait.  Register now and start the class with the rest of us tomorrow.  You can start anytime tomorrow because the lessons are all downloadable.  There will be two live sessions; one during the first week and one during the third week.  Of course more are possible.  I like live meetings.

If you do register, one of the first things you will see is a warm-up forum.  Early registrants have been posting warm-up images using Buttery Oils, Karen’s Impressionist Sky, and a couple of other things that escape me at the moment.  I just got permission from my good friend, Kathy Pilgrim, to post her lovely Fall Excursion painting.  Isn’t it beautiful.

Kathy Pilgrim’s Fall Excursion, Painter 12.2 > Buttery Oils

To find out more and register go to Holiday Open Studio.  I hope to see y’all in class.

OK, lets talk about Corel Painter 12.1 and later brush installation.  I know, I have talked about it many times, but trust me, this is something new.  I am often asked how to install downloaded brush zip files and not in one of the new file types that Corel Painter uses to automatically install a library, category or variant.  The files in question, look like this; Name.brushlibrary, Name.brushcategory, and Name.brushvariant.  Name is the name of the library, category or variant.  But the file you have to install is, which will not work using the new automatic installation.  What do you do?

Surprise, the two types of files are actually the same except for the extension.  That means that they are interchangeable.  Yep, that opens a whole new ballgame.  Check out the video for more information.

Well that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed the video.  Please join us in Holiday Open Studio.


47 responses to “Brush Installation Tips and Don’t Forget, Holiday Open Studio Starts Tomorrow, Still Time To Register

    • Thanks Michael. I appreciate it. I wonder if I have them only every three years, would the aging process slow down. Something to ponder.

      LOL…seriously, thanks bunches, Skip

  1. Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday dear Skip , happy birthday to you . you give so much , i wish you the best on your special day .

  2. Bamboo Driver update:

    Sent from my iTouch


    There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept – Ansel Adams

    • That is right Steve. I had forgotten about it. For any PC Bamboo Users, there is a new driver for your tablet at Wacom Drivers. I may make another post a couple of days from now; I am afraid folks will not see the comment.
      Thanks again,

  3. Happy Birthday Skip!!! ❤ … I hope you're having a WONDERFUL DAY!!! 🙂 … Thank you for all you do for us!!! I LOVE YOU SKIP!!!!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Skip. I am so glad I came on or I would have missed it. I hope your day was filled with all good things. Obviously I love your Buttery Oil brushes. They are in my top two favorite categories of yours. I sure look forward to our Holiday Open Studio. It is always such a treat. Big hugs, Kathy

  5. Happy Birthday Skip, Thanks for your tips on Brushes. Any chance of a few words on importing and where to put other files such as Gradients, Nozzles, papers etc .. I have these mixed in with my my brushes file. … Do I just move them to the Support File?

    Jenny’s Lake Farm Stay & Gallery

    • Hi Jenny,
      I am surprised; I thought I had already done something about Gradients, Nozzles, papers, etc. But I just checked and I haven’t. I will try to get something done soon.
      The files do not belong with your brushes; nor should you just move them to the support file. You import and export those types of files and they are automatically placed where they should be. I’m not sure I am understanding what you are doing. When you say the files are with your brushes files…where is that exactly…can you give me the path to where you have them?
      Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Its been a great day.

  6. Left a huge birthday wish at TAQ for you early this morning .. and duh, never thought about posting birthday wishes here!!!! .. in any case .. I hope your day was perfect Skip .. and, Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Skip! Thank you for the video it was very helpful, looking forward to my first Holiday Open Studio, should be fun.

  8. Happy Birthday to you Skip and i wish you many years after this one in good health:) Sadly enough i shall not follow the classes but i’m sure we gone hear from you about it:)

  9. I sent you a note wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday. Let me know if having your birthday every 3rd years works. The video was great and should clear up any problems people are having with their brushes. Thanks for taking the time to create it.

  10. Happy Birthday… just think in 3 years you will catch up to me!!! After that you will be older.. I will not be aging any more… too much work Rather Paint! Have a Great one… I raise a glass on the bubbly to your birthday….. Happy Birthday Skip…


    Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2012 22:10:57 +0000 To:

    • Louise, my bubble blowing buddy. 🙂 Drat…I was hoping there would be someone left that I could point to as being older. What am I going to do now. Oh, I know…age gracefully…phooey.

      • I just tried again to access the Digital Art Academy site from two different computers, two different browsers, through two different internet providers (in Austria). Every time I got the message that the site couldn’t be found. The same happened yesterday.

      • It looks like the Digital Art Academy site is not accessible by Austrian (maybe even non -US) IP addresses. I can access it using proxy server with US IP address. Has this been done for purpose?

        • Hi,
          I am sorry for the delay in answering, but I had to look into the issue. I checked with our Tech guy and was told that DAA isn’t blocked for any IP address at the level of the site. We do have students from all over the world. I’m glad you could access using the proxy server.
          Now I have to be honest…I’m not sure I understand all this stuff about blocking…can’t paint with it. 🙂

  11. Hi Skip, Thank You so very much for this video, I now have Snowtime and Suminagashi brushes and will have so much fun. I have been wanting the snowtime for awhile, now for some Christmas scenes and cards.

  12. Happy Birthday Skip.And many more.
    Think of you each time I go passed your old base,in Andalucia. Keep those videos comming

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  14. Hi Skip,
    I recently purchased painter 12(.2), and have been able to navigate it surprisingly well, EXCEPT the installing of the brushes. I’ve watched and read, your instruction on doing so. I’ve changed my zips to the “brush….” extension, and even tried the old folder with .jpg route. Even if I douple click the changed extension file to load into my open painter, a messege comes up and says it couldn’t load it. I’ve got to be doing something wrong and it’s making me crazy…..

    • Hi Holly,
      Sorry for the delay in answering your post. I am a little lost with your explanation. Let me see if I can re-write what you did.
      1. Painter 12.2 is open.
      2. You have a brush category zipped, which would mean you have a brush folder and a companion jpg…nothing else in the file. Just one folder and one jpg.
      3. You changed the zip files extension to what? Brush what? If you changed to brushvariant, then it will not work. If you changed to brushcategory, it should work and will install in the currently active library. If double click doesn’t work, try going Brushes > Import > Category and see if that works.

      Unfortunately, I can’t see your zip file to determine what’s in it. If you select it in your Windows explorer or Mac Finder it should show you what is inside. Can you tell me what brushes you are trying to install and where you are getting them? That may help as well.

      I wish I could tell you exactly what to do, but unless you tell me step by step what you did, I can’t determine if you did anything wrong. If you are still having trouble, please re-tell me exactly what you did.

      Thanks, and again, I’m sorry for the late response,

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