New Wacom Tablet Drivers Posted Feb 13, 2013

Hello Friends,

Wacom Americas released new Tablet Drivers yesterday.  Following are the notes released:

Driver supports Intuos5 (PTH), Intuos4 (PTK) and Intuos3 (PTZ) pen tablets and the Cintiq 24HD touch, Cintiq 24HD, Cintiq22HD, Cintiq 21UX, Cintiq 12WX, Cintiq 20WSX, DTU-2231, DTU-1931 and DTU-1631 pen displays.

Save the file to your computer and then double-click on it to launch the installer.

  • Improved touch performance
  • Fixed several issues related to custom application settings
  • Redesign of calibration reminder dialog
  • Fixed a handedness issue with ExpressKeys
  • Improved pan/scroll functionality in Autodesk SketchBook Pro 6
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes

If you have any questions, please contact Wacom Technical Support at 800-922-6613.

You can find the drivers on the Wacom Tablet Drivers Page

I installed the new drivers last night, but haven’t put them through their paces.  It looks good so far.

Go get ’em.


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      • Hi Skip,

        Thanks for the post about Wacom drivers.

        Suggestion: When I’m having trouble getting started with creating I usually look at the Art and Travel sections of newspapers/magazines both online and off because there seems to be always something in there to inspire me to create my own works.

        I’ve been so busy lately “starting” stuff with your Buttery Oils brushes that you’d think I was glued to my old Intuos3 (PTZ) . I love those brushes. Hope to see something from you soon.

        • Hey Donald,
          You are welcome for the driver info.
          Thanks very much for your idea to kick start creativity. It is a great suggestion. Right now it isn’t subject matter that is stumping me. I want to do something different…something new. I play and hope to find the new direction. So far it isn’t happening. I will be posting soon. I have some news and I want to post a few more tips.
          Glad you are enjoying the Buttery Oils.
          Thanks again,

          • Hi Skip:

            Seeking external inspiration is good, digging into the deep well of internal trust is better.

            Also, stop painting for a few weeks or months. Forget what you know, and then begin anew.

                • Thanks Eden, I do have other programs and ArtRage is one of them. There is a new version out…have you tried it. I will get it and play with the new version a bit. I like ArtRage very much, but I love Painter more than any other graphics program I have tried. I do from time to time take my work into another program like ArtRage or Photoshop. I have started in ArtRage or Photoshop and then moved into Painter. Thanks for the suggestions.

                  • HI Skip:

                    Yes. Changing a toolset often promotes an organic new path. I haven’t tried the new version of ArtRage yet. But, I will soon.

  1. Hi Skip

    Thanks Kind sir for the heads up 🙂 Your the very best my friend 🙂

    Hope you doing well 🙂


    • Hi Rich,
      I did and I would recommend uninstalling the previous driver. That’s what I have always done. I do have a blog post about installing and uninstalling the Wacom drivers. It is here.

  2. Hi Skip, I’d like to THANK YOU VERY VERY much for all you posts, lessons and BRUSHES!!!!!!! You’ve helped me understand the digital age. I’m probably older than most folks on your blog. Wanted you to know how well you explain the way to do many different techniques. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!! Ray

    • Hey Ray,
      Glad you are enjoying the blog and that it is helping.
      I think the range of age for visitors is pretty wide. I am on the senior end, too…way over on the senior end. It is a nice place to be.
      Thanks again,

    • Hi Eden,
      I didn’t have any trouble loading my saved preferences from the previous driver into the new driver. I haven’t experienced any problems at all.

      • Hello Skip:

        This is good news.

        Whenever a new driver is available, I save my Wacom preferences. But, when I install the new driver, and try to install the saved preferences, I get a message that the preferences files is incompatible with the new driver.

        Wacom tech support told me they knew of this issue.

        What steps do you take in preserving your preferences?

        • Hi Eden,
          I didn’t do anything special. I had saved my preferences in January because I had changed a couple of things. Then when the driver came out, I didn’t re-save my preferences. I uninstalled the current driver…reboot. Then I installed the driver and loaded my preferences.
          On a previous driver, and I don’t remember which one exactly, I did have problems updating the preferences. Actually, I think it happened on two different occasions. Except for those two occurrences mentioned, I’ve not had any problems.
          I do follow Wacom’s recommendations for installation, which includes uninstalling first. If you haven’t seen my post on installing Wacom drivers, it may show something that you are not doing that causes the problem. Or, maybe it is a Mac problem and not a PC problem, or the opposite. Anyway, you can find the post here.
          I hope this helps. Let me know if it does.

          • Hello Skip:

            Thanks for the link. I’m on a Mac. I did follow the steps you describe, but up until the last driver version, the restore preferences never worked.

            I’ll set up my preferences again and trust the restore option will work with the next release.

            • Thanks for letting me know. It is great news that you didn’t have trouble this time. I remember when I couldn’t get my preferences back, it was awful. Putting it all back is a big pain. I hope we never have to do it again.

              Good luck…

    • Maria…or Mary, 🙂
      I love the Spanish version as well as the English version of your name.
      You are very welcome. I love the work that you have been posting on FB.

  3. Is anyone having problems with the Wacom tablet/drivers? For the last couple of driver updates, I think, my tablet is frequently losing the driver. I notice this when I’m in PS and when stylus tip touches tablet I get a ring around the tip on screen then a brush window pops up. I then go to Wacom Tablet Properties to be told there is no driver installed! I then uninstall drivers, reboot, reinstall, reboot then for maybe a day or two my tablet works as expected. Very, very annoying. Hope Skip weighs in on this one.

    Cheers, Debbie

    Now I need to go uninstall my driver!

    • Hi Debbie,

      I have had this happen to me as well, but not with the current driver. It usually meant that the Wacom Driver was having a conflict with some other application during Start-UP. So I would go to Services and change the Wacom Driver to load with an Delayed Auto-start, which would cause it to load later. That would fix the problem. If it does happen, this is what I usually do; however, I just tried it and discovered I am prevented from making the changes.

      On a PC running Window 7, go to the Start Menu and type in search: Services
      You should see a single word Services that has a light blue gear next to it. Click it and a new window will open.
      In the window, Services Local is highlighted, if not, do highlight it.
      To the right, look down the column headed with Name. You may need to widen the column to see the names. Look for Wacom Professional Services. It used to be Tablet Wacom services when it worked before.
      Double click Wacom Professional Services and a new window will open.
      In the new window, make sure you are on the General Tab.
      In the center of the window, you will see Startup Type set on Automatic. Click the down arrow next to Automatic and change to Automatic (Delayed Start)
      This is where the trouble starts. I get a message: The delayed auto-start flag cannot be set. Error 87: The parameter is incorrect.
      Now I am at a loss. Before this worked like a charm and I didn’t have any problems.

      I’m so sorry Debbie, but I don’t know what to tell you now. It is probably time to go to the Wacom Community Forums and ask a question. I did a quick look and all I found was that sometimes a driver can be corrupted and need to be uninstalled and then installed again. It is important to clean your driver completely from your system. I use a third party uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller to uninstall programs now. It uses the computer to uninstall, so it looks like it isn’t doing anything for you, but after the uninstall, it looks for left over pieces. I am surprised how good it works. But you have said that you have done this a number of times. Again, I am at a loss. You may want to contact Wacom Tech Support and ask them. If you try any of my stuff and get a different response, or contact Wacom Tech Support and get an answer, please come back and share it with us.

      Again…so sorry I can’t be more help,

      • Hi Skip,
        Thanks for the detailed reply. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. You go deep and I will try to follow. In the mean time I decided to go back a couple of driver versions to see if that fixes it for me. So far so good. Have signed up for DAA’s OS Abstracts and needed to revisit your lesson on brush library creation so I could put the new Abstract brushes in a new home. Mostly successful, maybe more on that later and elsewhere.

        You are one of my favorite resources on Painter and I love your paintings and you’re generous spirit. Thanks for all you do.


        • Hi Debbie,

          I’m glad you are up and running. I know others who have gone back to previous Wacom Drivers with good results. If it is working, that is great.

          I’ll be around in the Abstracts class, too. Hope to see you there.

          Thanks so much for your kind remarks. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog.

          PS: I see you posted two responses that are similar. I usually have to approve comments, but after you have posted a couple of times, then WordPress assumes you are ok and posts your response without my approval. Both your responses were waiting for my reply. I suspect that when you didn’t see the first one you posted again. No problem…I’ll delete the other one and respond to this one. Easy. Thanks so much for posting a comment.

  4. Hello

    I have been contemplating buying one of the small Cintiq monitor tablets from Wacom, do you have any advice regarding it being a good time bad time to buy one, is there any place to find out if there will be a new model coming out soon?

    I will be much obliged with any information and advice

    Best regards

    • Hi Eyenoodledoodle,

      Love the name! I just visited your blog and really enjoyed it. I wish I could get it together to post everyday.

      On to your question; I don’t really know if a model is coming out soon. I have been guilty of worrying about buying something and have the newest and greatest thing arrive the day after my purchase. It has happened, so I constantly worry. But, I finally realized that I was going in circles. I would wait until the newest and greatest thing came out, but then I couldn’t purchase it right away because I wanted to wait for a discounted price and for all the bugs to be fixed. When I think the time is right, it’s been long enough to start worrying anew about the newest and greatest thing.

      I still worry, but I try not to let the worry stop my purchase. Today, I just try to get what I need when I need it.

      I wish I could help, but you see, I suffer from the same worry. If you find an answer for us, please post again.


  5. Yes it is a loop should I buy should I wait.. I think that while I am drawing happily with pen and ink I may be jumping ahead of myself with such a big purchase. its not something I need immediately and I am productive without it.

    I will pass on any info as I come across it.
    Thank you for the speedy reply and thank you for visiting my blog I’m flattered that you enjoyed my doodles, I might also add that posting doodles daily is no big deal when compared to full colored paintings.

    Keep painting and enjoy every moment don’t fret about creative slumps either, i often find an old drawing that I thought was crap and am surprised that I completely was blind to its beauty and charm sometimes this takes months even years.

    best regards

    • Thanks for the reply.

      When you decide to purchase, I think you will love it.

      Pen and ink in painter is pretty cool. I like to make each line, and then go back with a very wet watercolor brush and dampen the lines and let them bleed into the paper. It is a pretty neat effect.

      Keep on painting,


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