An Answer for Deb; Corel Painter Brushes and Installation

Hello Everyone,

I guess I am back.  I had planned to be back in a couple of days, but I got a note from Deb, which I felt needed answering via a video.  So here we are posting a little early.  You can read the exchange between Deb and me here.  Go to the bottom of the page; you will find her questions there.

Basically, Deb installed a couple of categories, but when she did, she couldn’t find her Painter 12 brushes anymore.  She did a shift start and that allowed her to see Painter brushes again, but not my brushes.

This is one of the most common questions I get.  Actually, I get the most questions about brushes in general.  I have decided that I am going to do a series of videos about Painter Brushes in general.  Not just installation, but everything I can think of that I might know about brushes.  I hope you enjoy them.

So, Deb, let’s start this thing off with answering your question via this video.



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    • Hi Francine,
      So good to hear from you. Every time I see your name, I think of beautiful silks. I am a big fan of your work. I especially love your color sense. Thanks for posting!

  1. Beautifully presented with clarity and style of a gifted speaker whose audience is one that needs the attention to details in order to succeed at this business.

  2. Good to see you back Skip, Have missed your videos and blog :)) ..
    Hope you are back to stay a while :)) LOL
    thanks again and bet Deb has it now 🙂

    Dennywicker (the Oldguy)

  3. Skip
    Glad glad to see your back, 🙂 Looks like ya deleted me but its Ok I signed up again LOL … Hope you will stay back with your great information and tutorials I looked forward too daily :)) Thanks Skip great video
    Denny (the Oldguy

    • Hi Denny,

      Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean deleted you. I haven’t deleted anyone that I know of. Are you thinking because the post didn’t show up right away that you were deleted or the post was deleted? I don’t understand exactly how it works, but when someone makes a comment, it is held until I approve it. Then sometimes, a person will post and it shows right away. Anyway, I didn’t delete anyone.
      I was late getting back to the blog after posting. Been having episodes of Vertigo and one started shortly after posting the blog. So, I had to wait until I was back up to speed before answering the posts.
      Thanks for posting,

      • Skip
        I found after I posted that it was the name I use in TAQ and I was using the other in here so all is well :))
        Thanks again


  4. Welcome back! And thank you so much for everything, not just this video (which I will have to come back to watch as my connection is running like molasses in January this morning)

    • Hey Marcia,

      I hope your connection speed improves soon. I hope all is well in Jackson. I haven’t been home is a while; I bet my sister will not recognize me.
      Thanks for your kind comments,

      • All is well except for the soupy real estate ! lol Rained almost all of this past week so we’re sinking lowwwwww 🙂 toodles! I’m off to watch your vid!

  5. Skip Glad to see your back … Missed your great tutorials and information :)) Thanks Skip for all you do

  6. Thanks Skip..for another great lesson..I now know why some of the brushes I downloaded went to different places. I did not have a problem with finding them later.Just had to hunt and peck just a little.
    I just figured out how to save each brush I was using.. to a custom “drawer” so when I am working on a project…I can find it for later..As a beginner I am testing a lot of them and changing to different libraries, I seem to forget which one I used on a leaf or background..
    Is anyone still having problems with the wacom update drivers…I seem to be re installing this at least 2 times a day if I am trying to use my Corel 12. I try to be careful and not upset it, but sometimes it is hard to figure out what I did wrong or what sets it off so that it does not freeze and I loose some of my work.
    Your brushes are so amazing..I even try to wipe my hands off after working on a drawing…They are so realistic!

    • Go to the Wacom site and you will find them helpful. Here is what a tech sent to me and it worked on an older Wacom 440 matched with Windows 7. Credit for the directions below come from Wacom/Europe.

      The tablet will work just fine with Windows 7 and those two programs. To install the correct driver please follow these instructions.

      Disconnect the tablet from the computer
      Open your Start Menu and then the Control Panel
      Open Programs and Features
      Uninstall any listing here for Tablet or Wacom Tablet and then restart the computer
      After restarting, download and install only the latest driver from:
      Once the installation is complete, and the system is stable, connect the tablet

      As always, make sure your tablet is connected directly to your computer. Avoid using USB hubs, keyboard/monitor ports, or docking stations with the tablets, as they can cause inconsistent behavior.

      • Thanks Deb Hill, I did go to Wacom site and got the same information, They are very helpful. and worked with me a lot.This has been a long going problem for me and have done all of the above many times and, now at least, I am able to draw for most of the day and not have a problem. Before I had to restart it all over again after a few minutes…somehow my computer does not like the wacom and it is a new computer…so I will just have to live with it.. I was able to download the drips and runs brushes and play with the brushes today and all is well so far….I have the Intuos 5 tablet. Do you recommend a different pen? I just have the standard one that came with it and what about a wireless connection? The most aggravating thing the pen does is stopping and then going, like it is sticking. I know there must be a cure somewhere.

        • My Wacom is about 4 years old, I think and I use just the standard pen which has a tip as old as the tablet. The tablet is connected via USB; perhaps the wireless feature is what is giving you trouble. Have you added Wacom to what can go through the firewall of your laptop? Don’t know if that will help but it might help.

          • Tablet is connected via USB…just asking about wireless information….I will check on the firewall..that I have not checked…Thanks for the information..I am off to check this out….Thanks!

              • I just now trying your solution…tho my Wacom Intuos5 (USB) problem may be quite different. On startup of PC (I shut it down every night)….sometimes, perhaps every third day or so, my touch use of mouse is wrong. That is that moving finger up/down moves cursor left/right….the pen seems to be OK most every time.
                My solution has been to simply reset/re-use/re-load my most recent Wacom prefs saved file and voila all is well until a few days later. (It is not the file as I have tried the default and several different saved prefs and they all act the same). I have a shortcut to it on my desktop now.
                Wacom has no explanation/solution except to try older driver to see if one works better.
                I’ll see if Skip’s solution works after a couple weeks of startups. My guess is same as Skip’s, PC startup somehow gets confused or lost using prefs file sometimes.

                • Thanks Doug,

                  Do let us know how it works for you. As I said, I haven’t a clue what making the changes to Services actually does, but I’ve had mine set this way for over a month and I am having no driver failures what-so-ever. I wish I really understood what’s under the hood of a computer. As it stands, I’m just creating old wives tales. 🙂


                  • I am wondering if bits and pieces of the older Wacoms have settled somewhere are not swept out with program uninstalls.
                    This particular behavior was noticed when I had trouble with the earlier ACDSee photo editing programs~~ cleared out those folders hidden in AppData and all was okay..

                    • Hi Deb,

                      The bits and pieces can definitely cause problems. I have started using Revo installer and I like it. I’m not endorsing, BTW, just telling you that I am finding the program works well for me. You open Revo and then start the uninstall process, which is identical to the normal process…but Revo is watching. After the installation, Revo scans your computer and finds the bits and pieces and you can then delete them. I am always amazed how much is left behind.
                      Also, I use a couple of PC cleaners to keep my computer free of temp files, etc. Again, I am not endorsing, but I use Speedy PC Pro and CCleaner. If you look around you can find glowing reviews and horrible reviews. So far, both programs have worked well for me, but I do keep looking at the reviews and checking out new products as they arrive.

                      Thanks for the post,

            • Thank you Skip for being so helpful..I have tweaked the Service tab and I think this may work..Whoo Hooo! Time will tell, but it is so much nicer now..I have not had a problem all day!

  7. Hi Skip,

    I have been following your wonderful (yes, it is) blog for some time. So, I know you are a huge advocate for Painter and especially on the subject of brushes. Yes, it is great software. However, brushes management was, and in my opinion still is in P.X3, a huge disappointment. To the point, that sometimes I feel that the “t” should be taken from the name.

    Brushes are “heart and soul” of Painter, so how come it is so difficult to understand (well, maybe just because it is not my native tongue to start with) how to install-transfer-import them.

    I just got my P.X3 and, of course, I wanted to use some of the brushes I have used with P.12 (wrong reflex, I guess). I started by exporting different brush libraries and saving all the *.brushlibrary files in the same folder as the libraries that were used with P.12. Then, I opened P.X3 and used the “Import Library” from the “Brush” menu. There is no other explanation in the manual on what to do (no surprise here). This is what I get :

    For the libraries: “Concept”, “Concept Glow”, “Wow! Brushes”, “Carol Benioff Brushes”, “Zen Watercolor”, … I get the following message: “Cannot Open Empty Library”. When I try to open the “Suminagashi” Brush Library, which I used a lot in P.12, the program crashes each time in about 3 seconds.

    What do I do wrong? Is there a specific place where the exported library files should be placed and should I make a copy of other files and move them there? To be honest, I have no clue …but probably you do, without even blinking.

    Cheers and I hope you can help (once again). Thanks Skip


    • Gosh Clan, it looks like it should work based on what you are telling me, but I am making some assumptions about your methodology. When asking a question, it is always best to provide me with tons of details. Let’s start with a couple of questions. Are you working with a PC or Mac? What operating system are you using? What version of Painter 12 are you using? What version of Painter X3 are you using; did you update to Painter X3 SP1? It is unusual for folks to have as many libraries that you have. Are you saying that you have a Concept library that contains only the Concept category? You have a Concept Glow library that contains only the Concept Glow category? I know you said that you used the Suminagashi brush library a lot in P12, did you try the other libraries prior to exporting to make sure they were currently working? I’m wondering if it is possible that your workspace is corrupted in P12.

      There is a much easier way to get your stuff from Painter 12 to Painter X3; you can export and import your whole workspace. Not all stuff is imported. Any arranged layouts will not be imported, but brushes and all that stuff is. But, if your P12 workspace is corrupted, you don’t want to import it into Painter X3. Also, I wouldn’t import from any version other than Painter 12.2 SP1. If you open Painter 12 and go to Help > About Corel Painter…then look in the center left of the window that opens for a number. If your number is then you are running the latest version of Painter 12. If you do the same thing in Painter X3, your number should be If you can answer all these questions for me, I will help me answer your questions.


      Did you:
      1. Export

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