Painting Without Boundaries, Fall Open Studio with Karen Bonaker, Digital Art Academy

Hello Everyone,

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker has announced the 2013 Fall Open Studio, Painting without Boundaries.  I can’t wait; it starts August 31, 2013, just over a short two weeks away.  You can register or get more information here:  Fall Open Studio 2013 – Painting Without Boundaries.  You cannot beat the $42.00 price tag.

I can remember when I began using Painter back in 2008, I had difficulty getting started.  I could make the software work; make strokes on the page in other words.  I could clone, but it looked like the photograph.  So, I decided to take some classes at the Digital Art Academy owned by Karen.  If memory serves, my first class was with Marilyn Sholin, which helped me understand how to get a more painterly look to my clone.  I knew I wanted to go beyond cloning, too.

I graduated from Art School with a BFA in Pottery, and I had a couple of painting classes and a lot of life drawing classes.  I wasn’t very good at two-dimensional work.  The struggle with trying to paint with Corel Painter was very real.  Then I started taking classes with Karen.  She has a knack for making painting in Corel Painter fun and not the least bit stressful.  I didn’t turn into a painter over night, but I could see big improvements the more I worked with Karen.

Take it from me, I have first hand knowledge; Karen teaches you how to paint with skill and grace.  You do not want to miss her classes.

Here are a couple of examples of Karen’s work:

Corel Painter Master Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

Corel Painter Master Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3.

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3.

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

Corel Painter Master Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

Corel Painter Master Karen Bonaker, Corel Painter X3

I love the last one, since I have a new cat, which makes two total.  Karen works in various styles…all her own.  She can jump between watercolor and chalk and then bring in oils.  If you would like to see more of Karen’s work, visit her blog, Karen Bonaker Art.

Fall Open Studio 2013, Painter without Boundaries  is for intermediate and advanced Corel Painter users.  You can use either Corel Painter 12.2 SP1 or the new Corel Painter X3 for your class assignments.  For more information and to register do go to the link provided.

Y’all hurry!  Class time will be here before you know it.  Go ahead and register; it will be the best $42.00 you have every spent.  I can’t wait for class to start and I hope to see you there.



16 responses to “Painting Without Boundaries, Fall Open Studio with Karen Bonaker, Digital Art Academy

  1. Skip I signed up right away ;o) ……. Always learn from Karen…..Looking forward to the class…..Will be looking to see you in class ;o) Marion

    • Hi Donald, The class is online and has videos that you will download for your assignments as well as two live sessions using Go to Webinar each week. When you click on the link in the upper right corner next to the title of the class you will see Enroll Now and a note to please log in or create an account to enroll in this class. Right above Enroll Now you will see Create an Account. If you do not have an account with DAA, you will need to create an account first and then come back to the registration page and register. Hope that helps. I should have given you more information in the post.
      I hope to see you in class,

  2. Is that Painting with, or without boundaries Skip. Just a small error in your intro that you may wish to correct. Marlene

    • Thank you Marlene. It is supposed to be Painting without Boundaries. I need an editor…especially for grammar.

      I really appreciate the comment because it tells me that someone is reading the blog. When I have videos, I think folks go to the videos and forget about the text.

      Thanks again,

  3. Personally, I found what you wrote about your own experience in learning Painter very encouraging….I can relate to the part where you said you could make the software work and make a clone, but that you wanted to go beyond cloning. Possibly some hope for me, yes?!! I’ve been using Photoshop CS5 for awhile now, and have been trying very hard not to resort to using it while learning Painter…oh my!! I think I need a ‘drying out period’ from CS5…
    Your passion for digital painting and the arts is quite evident, as is your love of the art community. Thank you Skip, for all that you do!!!


  4. I signed up for the class, it’s the first online for me. I’ve been to two classes before, the first was with Marilyn in 2007 in the Smoky Mt. and Cheri in 2008 in Atlanta. Most of my painting has been cloning my photos so this will be something new for me. I started with v.9 in 2005, v10 2007 then 11, 12 and now X3. I’m having big problems with X3 with brush lag. I have very little of it in 12 and none at all in 11. Hopefully I can solve it before class starts but if not, I;ll use 12.2.

    See you in class!

  5. Skip , I am in this class and I am trying to get started but have spent the last hour trying to locate the Digital Square Pool brush that she mentions in the first lesson and the Bristly Oils that she mentions in the next. I will ask in the class as well but Karen must be overwhelmed and I thought this might be faster. Thanks – Kimber

    • Hi Kimber,
      The Digital Square Pool Blender is located in the brushes Karen provided for download. If you downloaded all the material made available prior to Week 1 starting and watched the two videos you would have the brushes. A good rule of thumb is to review the class questions prior to asking a question. Your question has been asked a couple of time previously and a quick scan down the Questions and you will find your answers. The Bristly Dabs are located on my blog, but you actually want Buttery Oils. Look on the right side of my blog for a list of pages and find Buttery Oils download. Download that and you will have the brush she is using.
      Sorry for the delay in answering, but my older and only sister had a stroke. I will be leaving in the morning to go see about her. I’m her only family. I don’t expect to be checking the blog for a while, so do ask your questions in the classroom. I did see that you have done so at this point. It does help the instructor if the students will review the questions before asking…many times your answer is right there already waiting for you.
      Enjoy the class…it has been exciting so far,

  6. Hi Skip I’m having trouble loading corel painter 2015 when i click on icon nothing happens , painter x3 works fine, tried uninstalling and reinstalling 2015 still the same corel has been no help have you heard of this issue oh also all up to date. thank you Claude Germain

    • Hey Claude,
      So sorry for the tardy response. There is a problem with Painter 2015 if you are on a PC and have uploaded the latest Net Framework from Microsoft. Normally, the problem affects Painter X3 too, so this may not be your problem. Anyway, the fix can be found on Corel Painter’s knowledge base. I am distressed to hear that Corel hasn’t been any help. Surely the support guys know about this issue. Anyway, try the solution on the knowledge base. Here is the link. Corel Painter Knowledge Base
      Hope this helps. If it doesn’t, please feel free to write again and I’ll see if I can figure out what might be happening.
      Good luck,

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