New Wacom Drivers Posted 4/7/2014

Hey Gang,

Wacom posted new tablet drivers on April 7, 2014.  There are drivers for new products as well as legacy products.  Just my gut feeling, but it seems that both drivers are identical.  I have the Intuos 5 Touch, a legacy product.  I downloaded the legacy driver and found it works great with my legacy product.  The Wacom Desktop Center didn’t work with the Intuos 5 Touch with earlier drivers; I would get a message that a compatible product wasn’t found.  But with the new drivers, this added feature works fine.

Here are the links to the drivers:

Current products

Legacy products

Sorry about not making posts lately.  I have learned some new stuff about patterns and papers, and I will share it very soon.  It is really fun stuff.



14 responses to “New Wacom Drivers Posted 4/7/2014

  1. Thanks Skip. I have an Intuos 5 touch and nothing seems wrong so reluctant to install newer driver.
    But what is the Desktop Center? Nothing in the user manual or web; except maybe associated only with Cintiq?

    • Hi Doug,
      The Wacom Desktop Center was developed with the Intuos Pro and the Cintiqs in mind. It didn’t work with earlier models, but now appears to work fine with legacy models. Basically, it opens a window on your desktop that allows you open links to check for updates, change the orientation of the devise, open pen, touch and button settings, and connect to various support areas. Is it totally necessary, probably not, but I like anything that makes my life easier, which I think this feature does. I would go ahead and try the new driver. If you are unhappy, just delete and install the older driver again.

  2. Skip, thank you for being our watchdog.  I look forward to spending time with you this year.   Darrell Chitty Master Photographer Darrell Chitty Art & Design 522 Half Moon Lane Bossier City, LA  71111 318-550-5635

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  4. Thanks Skip, I always await new drivers, hoping to clear up some of my issues..I figured out most of it might be my wireless keyboard and mouse that came with the I try to move them completely away and I have not had as many issues or crashes..I hope is well with you and I can not wait for your patterns and paper class.

    • Thanks Deb…
      I have a wireless key board and mouse and never have had any trouble with it and my tablet…at least not that I know.
      I’m looking forward to talking about patterns, too. It will be fun.

  5. Dear Skip………..Hi…!!

    Thanks for the latest drivers for wacom tabs.

    will this driver work on my Intuos-3 – 9×12 tab & also on Bamboo-6×9

    Pls let me know

    Thnx & warm regards


    • Hi Vinoo, Sorry for the late reply. If you will go to the link I provided for legacy drivers and then enter your product and Operating system in the blanks, you will be taken to the correct driver for your Intuos 3 and your Bamboo. Good luck, Skip

  6. Thanks for keeping us current with the Wacom driver updates. I was wondering if you ever came up with a cross reference for your watercolor brushes so we can match the brushes you used in your watercolor tutorials with the current brushes you have so generously made available for downloading. This would help me in particular struggle through those tutorials, trying to emulate something even close to your final product. Thanks again

    • Hi Aaron, this is a great suggestion; you are not the first person to suggest it. I do not have the cross reference for the watercolor brushes so that you can follow along, but there are only a couple of videos that do not have a link to download the brushes that I am using. I would make the cross reference if I could, but when I made the blog post, the brushes were still in the raw state with different names. When I finalized the set, I changed the names and now do not remember which new brush name matches the old brush name. Going forward, I will make sure that you know what brushes I am using. Sorry for the problem. I didn’t realize it was a problem until it was pointed out.

      Thank you for the comment and for visiting my blog,

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