Service Pack 1 Now Available for Painter 2015

Hello Everybody,

Corel Painter has just posted an update for Painter 2015.  Follow this link: Service Pack 1




Following is from Corel and lists the items that have been addressed:

Corel Painter 2015 – Update 1 Readme

Painter 2015 Update 1 will update the initial release of Painter 2015 ( to The following items have been addressed.

  • You can now click directly on a layer mask to select it (you no longer have to click the layer, and then click the layer mask.)
  • The Fill dialog box (Edit > Fill) now displays dynamically your clone source or the pattern that you have chosen.
  • Improved performance of Gravity Particle Brushes: the repeating pattern that is created when you use local chaos with Gravity Particle Brushes at small document sizes is now random and far less obvious.
  • Improved user experience when resizing brushes onscreen by pressing Command + Option (Mac OS) or Ctrl + Alt (Windows) and dragging, by using the Brush size (onscreen) command in a custom palette, and by using the Brush size (onscreen) tool in the toolbox in the Simple workspace layout. The Legacy-style onscreen brush sizing control has improved accuracy and more closely resembles the look and feel of the brush sizing control in earlier versions of Corel Painter.
  • The Canvas now appears in the Layers panel after you switch from the Simple workspace layout to the Default one by using the Welcome screen.
  • The values that you enter in the Canvas size dialog box are no longer truncated if they exceed three digits.
  • Painter no longer crashes when you double-click a Liquid Lens or Liquid Metal layer in the Layers panel to edit it.
  • Painter no longer crashes when you first increase the bristle density (Feature) and then increase the size of a Real Wet brush.
  • All relevant options on the Layers menu are now available after you create a new layer by copying a selection from the canvas and pasting it as a new layer.
  • After you create a new layer and press the space bar, the selected layer no longer changes from the one that you just created to the one below it in the Layers palette.
  • (Windows) After you apply or delete a layer mask, it no longer appears in the Layers panel.
  • After you select a color (Select > Color Select) and then create a new channel from color range, the color range is converted properly.
  • In the Color Correction dialog box, you can now drag the nodes of the color-correction curve to the top or bottom of the graph.
  • When you apply the Equalize effect to a selection that has been copied and pasted, the effect is applied to the whole selection.
  • When you load a custom nozzle file for 2-rank or 3-rank nozzles, you can change the settings in the Nozzle Definition dialog box.
  • Apply Surface Texture effect is now applied when clicking OK when Preview checkbox is unchecked.
  • Clone Source Image dialog is now appearing correctly after making a change to the source image.
  • In the Shape Attributes dialog box, you can change the fill or stroke color by choosing a color from the Color panel.
  • The Smart Blur effect now applies the last-used value when the dialog box is re-launched.
  • When you switch between workspaces, the Clone Color setting in the Color panel is maintained.
  • The Glass Distortion effect can be applied to an alpha channel.
  • When you use the Apply Surface Texture effect, the settings are maintained for subsequent images.
  • The Corel Painter Multi-touch setting in the Tablet preferences now works as expected with Cintiq 24HD touch and Intuos touch tablets.
  • When you create custom wide icons for items on a custom palette and then re-launch the application, the icons no longer revert from wide to small.
  • The Delete Layer button on the Layers panel is now disabled when the layer is locked.
  • When you paint within a selection, then delete the selection and undo the brushstroke, and then create a smaller selection in the same area of the canvas, the new selection no longer appears distorted, and brushstrokes remain within the boundary of the new selection, rather than the old one.
  • Polygonal selections behave as expected when part of the selection is outside the canvas.
  • Zooming using the Magnifier tool now works as expected.
  • When placing an image with the Retain Alpha check box enabled in the Place dialog box, the entire placed image is now displayed.
  • The default setting in the Using list box in the Adjust Color dialog box is now Uniform Color.
  • When applying the Soften effect to a selected layer, the effect no longer increases the dimensions of the layer.
  • When applying the Depth of Field effect to a selected layer, the effect no longer increases the dimensions of the layer.
  • When applying the Motion Blur effect to a selected layer, the effect no longer increases the dimensions of the layer.
  • Adjustments you make in the Color Correction dialog box are now also applied to channels.
  • Indicators for cloning-sample and cloning-destination reference points now display a expected.
  • Using the Soften effect on a rectangular selection on the canvas now works as expected.
  • The settings in the Nozzle Definition dialog box now work as expected.
  • Clicking Cancel in the Glass Distortion dialog box now works as expected.
  • Cropping an image now works as expected.
  • The selected channel in the Color Correction dialog box is now clearly identifiable.
  • When using the Polygonal Selection tool, pressing Command + Z to Command + D (Mac OS), or Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + D (Windows) now closes open selections.
  • Changes you make in the Equalize dialog box are now applied to the entire image.
  • You can choose a color from the Color panel when the Surface Lighting dialog box is open.
  • The color chip in the Dye Concentration dialog box is updated when you choose a new color in the Color panel.
  • Changing the color in the Shape Attributes dialog box no longer changes the current color.
  • Painter no longer crashes when you adjust the Softness slider in the Apply Surface Texture dialog box.
  • Choosing a new color in the Apply Lighting dialog box now changes the primary color on the Color Wheel. In addition, you can choose a color from the Color Wheel when the Apply Lighting dialog box is open.

Mac OS Specific

  • Clicking the green button in the upper-left corner of the image window resizes the window frame to fit around the image, instead of expanding the frame to the whole screen.
  • The position of the canvas no longer shifts when you use the Grabber tool to drag the image into a corner.
  • Loss of stylus pressure no longer occurs when you use the same pressure-sensitive brush variant after re-launching the application.
  • Sliders in the advanced brush controls panels no longer appear flattened.
  • You can now paint on the image after moving the canvas to the secondary display on dual-monitor systems when the primary and secondary displays are offset.
  • Display color values are now consistent between Painter 2015, Painter X3 and Photoshop.
  • A tone shift in your colors will no longer happen when panning.
  • When you enable the Smart Stroke Painting and the Smart Settings check boxes on the Auto-Painting panel and click the Play button, the auto-painting stops as expected.
  • Canceling a color deletion from the default Painter color set now works as expected.
  • The Welcome Screen no longer appears when starting the application by double-clicking a RIF file.
  • The Brush Tracking dialog box now appears in the center of the screen.

Windows Specific

  • The Glass Distortion effect is no longer applied to the image when the Preview check box is disabled.
  • When you type text, pressing Shift or Alt no longer results in unrecognized characters.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt + 1 twice closes the temporal colors palette.
  • In the Edit Gradient dialog box, you can click the Color Hue options (the square box above the color ramp bar) to change the hue of the blend.
  • Selecting the content of a layer and then widening or contracting the selection more than once (Select > Modify) no longer results in an error message.
  • When you apply a gradient fill to a layer, the fill is now centered on the layer and does not fall outside the canvas area.
  • When you create a new color set after deleting all colors from another color set, the application no longer crashes.
  • Creating a custom brush category and a Brush Controls custom palette will no longer cause the workspace to crash.
  • Grouped layers are no longer collapsed into a single layer when the canvas is flipped horizontally.
  • When you set a low Spacing value in the Liquid Lens dialog box and then drag on the canvas, the application no longer freezes.
  • When saving an image as a JPEG, the quality settings are retained when the file is opened.
  • The Image Warp effect works as expected on all layers and can be undone.
  • The settings in the Resize dialog box now work as expected.
  • Clicking Reset in the Surface Lighting dialog box restores all controls to factory default settings.
  • Opening the Apply Surface Texture, Woodcut, or Bevel World dialog boxes no longer changes the current color.
Application Initial Release Update 1
Painter 2015

21 responses to “Service Pack 1 Now Available for Painter 2015

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I’m not sure. I am on a PC and I don’t have any problem. You must be on a Mac. One of the best ways to make your voice heard is to post at Painter Factory. There is even a suggestion thread and the development team does monitor it. The site is having maintenance right now…so I can’t get the proper link…but if you google Painter Factory, you will get there.

  1. There’s still hope with this company! A good winter project. My pre-new year’s resolution. Painter, all complaining aside, is really amazing.

    Skip Allen is a great painter. He looks and sounds so old. He made me feel young. Then, he just announced his 70th birthday!


  2. I don’t know what we would do without you Skip. Corel does such a poor job of communicating. Thanks.

    Jill S. Balsam

    Mixed Media Artist

    Visual Design Technology

    370 W. Pleasantview Avenue

    Suite 2-264

    Hackensack, NJ 07601

    PH: 201.390.1817

    FAX: 866.615.3639



    • Well I would have to second that comment Jill.

      Not notifying registered owners at the same time as they release new versions of Painter as well as updates; very spotty and disorganized educational support and product pricing that changes weekly.

      Good product…lousy followups.


      • Hey Steve,
        Read my response to Jill…I think I just hit the site when they were updating and all was not finished when I posted. I don’t know that for a fact, but I think that is what happened because later, I got the notification there was a new update when I opened Painter.

    • Hi Jill,
      Actually, I was a bit quick on the draw. I was checking and saw the upgrade go live. I started Painter and wondered why it didn’t tell me about the update. Then I went to help and asked if there was an update available and was told no. So, I was perplexed myself. I downloaded the update and got busy with something else, so I didn’t actually update until about an hour ago. This time when I opened Painter, I got a note that an update was available and I clicked on the link and the update was downloaded and installed. It was very easy. My guess is, that I announced before they were finished with updating the web site. BTW…you know you have to go to preferences > General and click “Notify me of available product updates,” right?

  3. Hi Skip

    Your announcement of the update to 2015 put me on the road to seriously considering the program, as I had been very happy with P12 and simply balked at the upgrade price and the additional need to get a computer for Win 7 to run the new version.
    Then Corel very recently did one of their super offers of the upgrade for $99 and I bit. Actually the online ordering was not so easy as it usually is with Corel as the purchase process got aborted several times, perhaps because of heavy server demand, but I finally got it completed and the download safely saved onto my new Win 7-64 bit machine with Intuos Pro medium attached along with its latest drivers.
    So I installed the 2015 program following the instructions that came in Corel’s email confirmation and linked install video. Then I confidently clicked on Painter’s icon. Nothing. Used Win 7’s Painter repair function. Still nothing. Been doing this home computer stuff since 1986 so I knew the most likely problem source was a bad install. Removed the program and reinstalled. Still no Painter 2015 when I clicked its icon.
    So now I did what I probably should have done first — a Google search for Painter 2015 problems of refusal to start. Found one conversation from 2014 in Wacom’s community where folks said the problem was a conflict between Wacom and Painter — that some had solved the problem by unplugging the tablet before starting Painter and then replugging. Worked for some, not others. Their experience on contacting the companies had apparently been Wacom blaming Corel and vice versa.
    Fortunately there were also search results from users at Painter’s community and Microsoft revealing the actual culprit was Microsoft’s Net Framework 4.5.2 operating module. General advice for Win 7 users was to either tolerate the tablet unplug – Painter start routine, or remove Net 4.5.2 and install 4.5.1. Did that and Painter 2015 now launches fine with the Wacom Pro still attached.
    Only if you can start painter 2015 in the first place can you ever install Service Pack 1, but I now could and did. Everything’s fine. Great program.
    But I have a real bone to pick with Corel. And I would gladly tell them so if it were really possible to speak to a live person at their support. The problems and frustration that I experienced, and many others are likely still experiencing today, would have been completely avoided had they included information about this Net Framework 4.5.2 problem in their original download/installation email to the new purchaser.
    Back in the early days of Corel when CorelDraw started (25 years ago now) it was easy to talk on the phone to their support personnel. Now it is next to impossible.
    Thank heavens for folks like you Skip who provide exceptional ongoing help and tips and encouragement.
    Be well.

    • Hey Steve,
      Thanks for your note. I do know about this problem and I am sorry that I haven’t reported on my blog. I have been under the weather and also visiting my sister in Mississippi to help her. When all of this stuff started I was there and not paying much attention, until I finally got a chance to open Painter and it didn’t open for me either. I do have a few contacts inside of Corel, so I was able to find out about the Net Framework 4.5.2 problem right away. I was given the location of the fix that Corel published in their Knowledge Base, and like you, got everything fixed. I know that when you open Painter now, you get a message about the problem and where to go to fix it, but of course you do need to be able to open Painter to see the message. I suspect that the word will spread. On a lighter note…I still have my original packaging and stuff I received for CorelDraw 1. I’ve been playing on a home computer since 1984. It is great fun to talk to some of the young folks about the old days. Gosh, I am getting old. Enjoy, skip

      • Hi Skip
        Just saw your new other post dealing with this Microsoft issue. That will help a lot of folks. Thanks for always looking out for us.
        As for getting older, I too just hit 70 but have lots of energetic friends in their late 70’s and 80’s so there is lots of time left for fun stuff. I believe the secret to staying young is attitude. I’ve spoken with a lot of folks our age and they uniformly report that they really have not changed their mental outlook since they turned 30. Yes we may have more doctor’s appointments and medical issues now, but we really must remain 30 inside, where it counts. Best wishes, Steve.

        • Hey Steve…yep the brain feels 30 and is often surprised when the body aches or doesn’t respond correctly to the brain commands. 🙂 But, you know what…I like getting old. And, I have had a fantastic life and plan on it getting better every day.

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