New Wacom Tablet Drivers Released on Aug 28th

Hello Everyone,

Wacom released new drivers for its newest products on Friday, Aug 28th. Wacom Drivers

I downloaded the driver yesterday, uninstalled my current driver and installed the new one.  I was hoping that the issue with the On Screen Menu (radial menu) titles would be fixed, but they are not.  If you use the on-screen menu, you will see that even though you have named each Panel, it doesn’t show.

What I see with my On-screen Menu

What I see with my On-screen Menu

However, one of the followers of the blog posted a possible fix.  I haven’t tried it yet, but will give it a try today.  If it works, I’ll publish more about it.



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    • Hey Tony,
      Haha…I think poems are technical. I like Haiku…and counting those syllables makes me bonkers. And I never could figure out rhythms like iambic pentameter. Good grief, what is more technical than that.
      Everybody…here is a wonderful place to visit. Poems Please Me
      Thanks for the comment Tony and I love your site.

  1. I am sorry they didn’t fix your issue, Skip. I hope the other fix works. I’m not going to update. I’m still having issues with Painter. The last thing I need are issues with my tablet.

  2. Hi Skip

    I have enjoyed your tutorials and advise for a couple of years and am still struggling to learn Corel Painter.

    I have two issues I’d like to put to you.

    1 – This is the last email I’ve received from you. Have you stopped sending messages directly to subscribers of your blog?

    2 – I heard about your May 4, 2016 blog about watercolor and Wacom On-Screen Controls through one of the Facebook art groups I belong to. I found the blog very interesting from two points of view.

    First it has inspired me to look at watercoloring again. I took a course in watercoloring (with real paint and paper) a number of years ago and was quite frustrated with it. I have painted with oils for about 10 years.

    Secondly, your illustration of the use of the On-Screen Controls gave me a much greater appreciation of their use. I have a Cintiq Companion 2 but I ignored the On-Screen features because I felt it was too limiting to have to select 6 commands to use On-Screen and then have to go with the mouse to Painter menus for the others. I didn’t realize that I could use submenus!!!!! NOW the On-Screen system makes a lot of sense and I will try it.

    I have screen-captured those menus you showed to us and am trying to re-create them on my CC2.

    I would like to thank you for all you have done to assist and stimulate those of us who are still struggling with the technology.

    Glen Jones

    Ottawa, Canada

    • Hi Glen,
      Thank you for your note. I haven’t stopped sending emails to the subscriber list. Actually, I don’t do it, it is automatically sent by WordPress. Is it possible the emails are going to your junk folder? Look at the address the email came from and make sure it is listed in your email software as a safe email. I hope WordPress is still sending the emails.
      I’m glad you did hear about the blog post from one of the art groups. I try to post a notice in several on FB and on Google + and Twitter.
      Watercolor can be frustrating digitally, too. For one thing, the variants need a lot of computing power and can be very slow to render. And, many of the same issues that plague us working traditionally are still there when working digitally. Things like working from light to dark, trying to leave some white space, and not working opaquely. But digital is more forgiving than traditional.
      I do have an older blog post that will give you much better information about how to set up your CC2. You probably didn’t have it at the time of the post and forgot that it is on the blog. I am setting up my 24HD Touch Cintiq, which will be somewhat different from you CC2, but the principles will be the same. There are nine videos. I talk about adding shortcut keys to Painter so you can use the On-Screen Controls for even more commands. The last video deals with On-Screen Controls exclusively. At that time, there were a couple of bugs that have been fixed since. I probably should update the video, but I think the general information is still relevant. The post is How I set up my Cintiq.
      I hope you get notified that I have answered your comment.

    • Hi Again Glen,
      The link I provided is a good link for lots of information that I think you will find helpful. But, I double checked and found another post that is showing the way the On-Screen Controls are now. I think you will want to watch the first link and also this second link. Impressive New Wacom Driver.

      • Thank you for digging into this for me. Actually, after leaving that note, I started going through your older blog posts and I found both of the posts you mention above. Now I have to try to apply all of this new-found knowledge!!!

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