Painter 2016 and Mac OS X 10.11 AKA El Capitan and Wacom’s new Mac Drivers

Hello Everyone,
Apple released a new OS X 10.11 also called El Capitan.   Chris Pierce, the Corel Digital Arts Product Manager posted the following at Painter Factory several days ago.
Painter Update – New Apple OS X 10.11 AKA El Capitan
As you know, Apple released its new OS X 10.11 – AKA El Capitan today. Our top priority is to ensure that you always have a great experience with Painter, and while the Painter team is diligently working on certification testing, we wanted to make our Mac users aware that there is potential for some disruptions with Painter on the new OS. 
We strongly encourage you to experiment with the new OS on a test system and not your production system. 
We’re working on identifying and fixing any potential issues and will have more news to report shortly. Rest assured, Painter 2016 will be supported on OS X 10.11. 
Stay tuned to the Painter Factory for further updates and thank for your patience!!
Happy painting!
Chris Pierce
Corel Digital Arts Product Manager
Wacom released a similar warning for their users, but yesterday posted an updated driver for Mac users.  So, if you have upgraded to El Capitan, you may want to update your Wacom device to the latest driver for Mac.
PC owners, you are not affected…relax.

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  1. Thank you for keeping everyone posted Skip! Personally, I am leaving El Capitan alone because I am happy with my system!

    Blessings, Rudel


  2. Dear Skip,
    I recently purchased ParticleShop.dmg for my Corel Painter 2015. It downloaded fine and I was able to run the installation of the software. But, when I went to look for the brushes from ParticleShop in Corel 2015, they were nowhere to be found. Since this was a .dmg file, I was not able to enter the file and extract the brushes. I have contacted Cleverbridge, who directed me to contact Corel, who have not been forthcoming with any instruction as to how I extract the brushes in ParticleShop or find them in Corel Painter 2015. I am at a loss….hoping you can add some advice to this subject.
    Thanks for any and all help,
    Scott K. Bowlinger

  3. Hi Skip, Thanks for keeping us informed about the El Capitain. Wacom hasn’t put out a fix for the intuos 4 yet. I’m having trouble with the “lag” of all particle and speckle brushes. I’ve tried everything I learned from you but no luck. Its like when I was trying to do watercolor-slow! When painter opens the painter 2016 window never comes up and when painter opens the layer panel is all pixelated for a couple of seconds-everything works good after that,except the brushes I mentioned.Hope you have a great weekend.

    • Hey Ray,
      Sorry for the delay in replying, but I really didn’t have any information for you. But, I have now seen some comments that changing your Cursor type from Enhanced brush ghost to Brush ghost or iconic will help. Go to Corel Painter 2016 > Preferences > Interface to make the changes. Also, I looked at Wacom’s site for Europe and they say the newest driver is for all Wacom products, but on the USA site, the Intuos 4 shows the latest driver is from January. You might try downloading the most recent driver for the Intuos Pro and try it. If it doesn’t work, just uninstall and go back to the January driver. I have no experience with this, but that is what I would try…however, I would do it at my own risk. So do it only if you are feeling very brave. 🙂

      • Hi Skip, Boy when it hits the fan it hits the fan. I contacted wacom about a week ago,I finally heard back. They gave me a new driver for the intuos 4. While I was working on that Apple had an update. So now I have everything updated and I changed the cursor like you said and its fantastic. One thing I’m still trying to figure out is why wacom didn’t put the latest driver I had uploaded more than month ago. It works great. Thank you Skip very much. Hope you have a great day!May the painting be with you!!!! Ray alias: Moldie One Cannoli

  4. Painter 2016, ohh i stopped working on my current painting because most of the speckle brushes were impossible to use on “el capitan”, so i was doing something else with older type of brushes, but thanks to Skip Allen and him reading other comments, i am now able to work perfectly using cursor changed from Enhanced to brush ghost or iconic.

    Note1, i have updated the wacom driver before finding out about this solution, but i think the tablet has nothing to do with the problem, because when the speckle brushes or clones were useless, i tested with the mouse and was expactly the same.

    Note2, Corel and Apple still have to fix, this is a partial solution since if you open a source image in clone mode it becomes almost useless again.

    But for now thanks a million Skip Allen.
    Pard my english by the way if is confusing.

    • Hi Francesco,
      Your English is perfect…I am impressed.

      Tim Shelbourne noticed the problem with the Source image, too. He developed a great workaround. Go to File > Export Source Image and save the clone source. Then go to Window > Reference file and open the clone source there. Use it to look at your clone source while painting. You will not have the cross indicating where you are clone painting, but the brushes will not slow down as much.
      Hope this helps,

    • Gosh Ted, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t responded to this. I believe there are still issues with El Capitan. Best wait until the Painter Patch comes out. There was a post at Painter Factory that indicated it would be available sometime in January.
      Have a Merry and a Happy,

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