Wacom Releases a new Driver for Macs

Hello Friends,

Wacom released a new driver for Macs on 9 Nov 2015.  I am unsure what is new, but I imagine more stuff for El Capitan.  I am hoping to see a release for PCs soon, too.  There was a windows update last night and this morning I had trouble booting my machine.  After contacting Microsoft, which wasn’t helpful…sigh, I contacted Alienware support and they were able to get me up and running.  However, I could only boot up if my Cintiq HD 24″ Touch was not connected.    All is fine if I have the Cintiq turned off during boot up and turn it on after all is up and running.  This isn’t a major problem, but it is a bit annoying.  So I do hope there is a new driver for PCs coming soon.

I should tell you the last driver released on 8 Oct 2015 fixed the issues with names for the On-screen controls (Radial Menu). I blogged about the problem a few posts back.  I was so excited about the fix because it makes using the function so easy; before it was difficult to find commands.

OK…Mac users, you can download the latest driver if you want.

Don’t forget Holiday Open Studio begins Saturday, 14 Nov 2015.  Hope to see everyone there.

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  1. Any trouble Skip with Corel painter and el Capatin? I read there were lots of bugs with the new OS . Should I up grade the OS before the wacom drive

    • Hi Suzanne,
      There are lots of problems between El Capitan and Corel Painter. Corel has recommended that you do not update to El Capitan until they can create a patch or update for the program. As for updating the Wacom drivers, I am not sure what to tell you. If you are not having any problems, then I would not update the drivers…the old adage, if it ain’t broke applies here. But do wait on upgrading to El Capitan. Hope this helps, Skip

  2. Hi Skip, THANK you for all your help… you are THE most helpful fella online!!! Is Open Studio live and/or recorded? If I purchase it, can I get recordings if for some reason my internet cuts me out/freezes or I just cannot make the live sessions (our internet is sometimes VERY slow). Thanks!

    Diana Ralph photoarticulations@gmail.com http://www.photoarticulations.com

    A Camera, like a guitar, is just a box with a hole in it. Until it is placed in the hands of an artist, it will only make noise.

    • Hi Diana,
      All of the tutorials are recorded and made available for you to download to your computer and keep and review. If we have a live session, the session will be recorded and made available for download. Currently, I do not know of any live sessions scheduled.
      Hope this helps and hope to see you in class,

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