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My X-Rite i1Display Pro is awesome.  Why? Because monitors look different from one another.  I can see the differences between my 2 monitors and a 24″ HD Touch Cintiq.  But, I cannot see if my monitors are reflecting my digital files accurately.   Previously, I calibrated my monitors using an eye-one display 2 from X-Rite.  I bought the device in 2008 and loved it.  But, unfortunately, X-Rite discontinued the product.  It was time to get a new display calibrating system.

I had been happy with my previous product and returned to X-Rite to look for a replacement.  I found the i1Display Pro replaced the eye-one display 2, but its listed price was $269.00, which after buying the computer was a bit pricey for my wallet.  However, I discovered that there was a promotion running, which brought the price down about $100.  But, dear readers, the promotion ends today, Dec  24th.  I’ll explain more about it later.

The i1Display Pro arrived yesterday.  I had not calibrated my monitors in a while and I had never calibrated the Cintiq.  All three looked different and the oldest monitor was noticeably darker than the others.  Because the oldest monitor looked so different, I had decided to replace it on the new system and use it with the old computer.  I was anxious to see how the older monitor looked after calibration.

There are three steps to the calibration process.  Setup, or step 1, was simple enough.  Insert disk and install hardware just about covers it.  Oh, yes, I did have to connect the i1Display Pro to the computer via a USB port and place the device in the center of my screen.  Once done, I started the software.  I had the choice of using the automated calibration or take complete control of the process.  I opted for the automated process, but even that requires setting a few options.  It was so easy; when you hovered over an option, its function and suggested setting popped up in a help window, which is a very nice feature.

I clicked “Start” for Step 2.  I did have a hiccup here.  The software didn’t recognize the i1Display Pro.  It took a few minutes to find my problem.  I had not selected the correct device in the setup.  Once corrected, I could click start.

At this point all I needed to do was sit back and watch.  The screen changed to a solid light gray and flickered between several various grays setting the contrast I believe.  Next it set the brightness…well…I set the brightness.  A window opens with a brightness scale.  All I had to do was adjust the brightness to match the scale.  It was easy.  The last part of the process takes about 2 minutes and is quite fun to watch.  The screen changes colors lots…looks psychedelic.

Creating and saving a color profile is the last step.  Again, that required a simple click.  The software saves the profile and opens an image and allows you to toggle back and forth between “before” and “after” versions.  But more importantly, after I calibrated all three monitors, they appeared the same.  I couldn’t tell any difference between them.  Even the old one looked fresh and new.  The i1Display Pro worked its magic.

X-Rite has another less expensive product called the ColorMunki Display.  I have never tried one, but I have heard good things about it.  I believe there are promotions on both products.  To get the best price for the i1Display Pro, I needed to buy from Amazon Prime or B&H Photo Video Pro Audio shop.  I use both online stores and can recommend both.  The cost on both sites was $199.00, but there is a mail in or online rebate available from X-Rite for $30.00 bringing the cost down to $169.00.   But, remember, to get this deal, I had to place the order by today.  The rebate requires proof of purchase for today or earlier.

Have a Merry and a Happy,



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  1. Happy Chrismas Dear Skip. Congrats n your new toys. I’ve been using the Clor Munki for a few years and love it. I think it’s best to calibrate once a month,

    • Hi Emms,
      I agree. The old device would set a reminder to redo every 4 weeks. I haven’t seen that with this one. I have almost finished setting everything up and just a few minutes ago moved the new computer into the old computer’s place and have connected all the monitors. I have copied all the data and am resetting software. I am loving the new machine.
      Hope you and yours have a very Merry and the best Happy!!
      Big Hugs, Skip

  2. Skip
    The x-rite Colormunki photo calibrates your printer too – you get ICC profiles for ANY paper you print upon. So should you print on say watercolour paper for your watercolour paintings you get the colour on the paper just as you perceived it on the monitor. Should you do product or process demos it will allow to calibrate the vidoe projection system.
    Happy Holidays to all

    • Hey Terry,
      The i1Display Pro doesn’t calibrate your printer and I didn’t think the ColorMunki did either, but I’ll take your word for it. I thought you had to go the the i1Pro 2 or i1Publish 2 to actually calibrate printers. But that system costs about 2K.

      • Skip
        Just checked. On your side of the pond the colormunki photo is available at $439. No special offers other than a slight reduction in price. It was available with a 12 month subscription to Creative Cloud for Lightroom and Photoshop a few months ago.
        It’s a good piece of kit for calibration of both monitor and printing.
        Mine came with a small color checker to photograph and then you can verify the colours in your image against the original scene.
        The xrite photo itself is very useful for verification of the print on non standard photo paper or even prints on arty paper.

        • Hey Terry,
          Ah, now it makes sense. We were comparing apples to oranges. The comparable item in ColorMunki products would be the ColorMunki Display, which like the i1Display Pro is a only a color calibrator. The comparable product for the ColorMunki Photo is i1 Photo Pro 2. I didn’t go that route with either product because I don’t print…I don’t even have a professional print shop print my stuff. I have this crazy idea that digital work ought to be displayed digitally only. But that is a long story for another time. Thanks for the follow-up. Glad to clear up the issue. Skip

          • Skip
            I’m surprised that you don’t print out the superb stuff you publish on line.
            Watercolour printed on watercolour paper takes on a life of its own. It’s just that watercolour paper takes on ink in a different way than say photo printing paper. So you need to profile the paper. Then you are looking at the same as you created on the monitor.
            Jeremy Sutton prints and then applies oil paint on top of the printed image.

            • Hey Terry,
              I’m well aware of using watercolor papers to print or a variety of other papers as well. I also know folks are painting on the images after printing, which makes a lot of sense to me. I had a friend who printed on watercolor paper and then painting with watercolor on the image, which was very cool. I think everyone should follow their muse and print or not.

              And yes, I understand that you can get the correct colors to print…the same colors you are seeing on your screen. None of that is my issue.

              Simply put, digital imagery is produced with light. It isn’t pigment. When the digital image is translated to a printed image, in my opinion, a great deal of beauty is lost. Some galleries are finally displaying digital imagery with monitors of some type. I applaud them. It is the way I think all digital imagery should be displayed. That’s my issue. It isn’t that you cannot print, it is that I think the image becomes something else and in some ways loses its integrity. OK, that’s the short version. This subject needs lots more discussion; I am sure there are many valid opposing views. But, this isn’t the correct venue for this topic. But, now you know the rest of the story. BTW, I did print for a number of years and have tons of my stuff around the house. The paper was expensive, so I haven’t been able to throw it away…LOL. I quit because the results never satisfied, and I finally realized that printing would not give me what I wanted. Enjoy, skip

                • That expression is so funny. We don’t have it on this side of the pond. I first heard it from online friends from England. It really confused me at first and of course I had to ask about it and do tons of research about teaching a grandmother to suck eggs. What a hoot.

  3. I would like to catch the promotion with i1display but….when I went to purchase the display there was no promotion advertised…do I still just order and hope the promo will be applied? Thankyou for your email….very appreciated

    • I ordered from Amazon Prime. It shows the original Price, The discounted price for $199.00 and under that is a Post Purchase rebate form link. You have to go the the link, which takes you to X-Rite Promo page. From there copy the link for the online form, which is rapid-rebates.com/xritehol. Once you get the device, then you fill out the rebate form to get the extra $30.00. Your invoice has to be dated today. Hope this helps, Skip

  4. Hi! And thanks for your advice Skip! I have been confused over why my screens looks so different even when I calibrate with Windows or the graphic card software. I have now ordered a ColorMunki Display for 196$ Here in Sweden and it will be really exiting to try it out!!
    Happy new Year!

    • Hey Kenneth,

      I hope it works as well for you as it has for me. I didn’t get the ColorMunki, but like I said, I have heard great things about it, too. I am not actually sure what the differences between the ColorMunki Display and the i1Display Pro. I couldn’t tell any differences between them from the descriptions…other than the price. But, with the discounts, the ColorMunki Display and the i1Display Pro were about the same price.

      Have a Happy!!!

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