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It’s that time again; there are some new Wacom Tablet Drivers available for PC.  Wacom posted the drivers on 4/27/2016 and I saw them, but at that time, the new 27″ QHD, 27″ QHD Touch, 22″ HD, 22″ HD touch Cintiqs plus the Cintiq Companion 2 were the only products suggested for the update.  So, I didn’t post about it.  However, a couple of funny things happened with my display and I wasn’t sure if it was the Cintiq or the Video Card.  There was a recent video card update, which I applied, but it didn’t seem to help.  So I kept checking my Wacom Desktop Center for updates.  The Center continued to tell me no updates were available.  As a double-check, I went to Wacom site.  Surprise, now the products listed for the new driver included my Cintiq 24″ HD Touch.  Wacom listed the Intuos Pro and Intuos models, too.  Oddly, as I go down the page, the old posting for the Cintiq HD 24″ touch is still showing.  I can’t find the links for the older products anymore.  It seems confusing to me.

I don’t understand why the Wacom Desktop Center doesn’t notify me about updates.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Anyway, I am giving the new driver a try.   If you decide to try it, don’t forget to back up your settings. disconnect your tablet, uninstall the current driver, re-start, install the new driver, re-start, and then connect your tablet again.

Link for the Drivers:

Wacom Drivers



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  1. Skip, my Cintiq desktop does not notify me either so don’t feel too bad! I’ve always wondered why though.

    • At least you don’t need an update, Ems. Just for PCs at this time. It is odd about the desktop center…maybe it needs an updated driver. 🙂

  2. Hi Skip… thanks for the update. I went to the page you specified and I didn’t see anything for my tablet, Cintiq 21UX… maybe they’re not supporting them anymore? I know my tablet is old but you’d think they would not forget me. It seems this type of thing applies to everything you buy today… soon after you have your device for a period of time they stop supporting it and force you to buy new just to keep up. A lot of software and hardware is this way. It is a shame, especially when your device works just fine. Thank you for your post anyway.

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    • Hi John,

      Before, we could find all the drivers for older products; not only yours, but Intuos 3, 4, 5, etc. On the page I see, “Looking for software for an older Wacom product? Please use the drop down navigation to the right and select the product family or simply select “All” to view all downloads.” But when I click on it and then on a product, it tries to change pages but doesn’t complete the process. Hopefully they will correct the issue and you can check for your product.
      Good luck,

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