Wacom New Tablet Drivers for Macs Are Posted Again

Hello Everyone,

I just noticed that Wacom has posted new tablet drivers for Macs.  A couple of weeks ago, Wacom posted the first set of drivers for Macs, but there were issues and Wacom removed the drivers.  Apparently, they have reworked them and they are available again.

Mac Drivers are Here

I know many of you wait for a while or longer to install new drivers.  I’m sure you will wait, however, if any of you are having issues with your tablet and your Mac, then I would try installing the new drivers.  You can always uninstall and go back to an older version.

If you do decide to try the new driver, do not forget to back up your current Wacom Tablet settings, disconnect your table from your Mac, uninstall your current driver completely, restart your Mac, install the new driver, restart your Mac, reconnect your tablet and you are good to go.



5 responses to “Wacom New Tablet Drivers for Macs Are Posted Again

  1. Hi Skip! I have an Intuos4 tablet that I purchased in 2011, and I cannot tell which of the drivers to use. I am on Mac OS 10.10.4 (Yosemite). I have tried contacting Wacom customer service in the past regarding issues, and I did not receive a reply for months, literally. I have visited the forums, and it appears that many people are having the same problems that I experience- erratic behavior when using the pen, dead spots, etc. It has caused me to quit using the tablet as I once used it.
    I know that you are not a customer service representative, lol, but I know that you rightfully have the “ear” of Wacom. So, anything that you can pass along to improve the situation with the drivers would be appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Candace, I am so sorry for the late reply. I saw this come in and told myself to reply later that day, but then forgot. I didn’t notice it again until today. Unfortunately, I do not have Wacom’s ear…I wish I did, but I’m just regular user like you. That being said, I did finally find where Wacom has posted the drivers for older tablets. If you follow this link and look down the page, you will see drivers for the Intuos 4…the latest was posted 11/9/2015 for Macs. I would download that driver and then, completely uninstall the driver you currently have. Wacom’s directions for uninstall are:

      To remove an installed Wacom driver from a Mac system, use the following
      Open your Application folder, and locate any of the following folders:
      Pen Tablet
      Wacom Tablet
      In each of these located folders will be a Wacom Utility, double-click to
      launch the utility
      Select the option to ‘Remove’ in the ‘Tablet Software’ section of the
      You may be prompted to enter your system’s password at this
      The utility will notify you when the removal is complete
      If another Wacom driver needs to be installed, it can be downloaded from the
      Driver section of the Support page.

      I don’t have a Mac so I cannot test these instructions.

      Link for Driver

      Hope this helps…and again, I am so sorry for the late reply,

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