Real Watercolor 2 – Download

Here is another set of my watercolor brushes for Painter.  I created this set before  Soft Water, Eastern Water and Splashing Water.  I find it interesting that each set builds upon earlier sets, but there are always brushes that continue to use in an older set.  I don’t have any examples using this set, but I will do a video and post it soon.

With Painter 12.1 we can install a library with the brushes included or a brush category into the library of our choice.

Real Watercolors 2

Real Watercolor 2

Visitors ask for the Winsor Newton Color Set that I use.  Here it is:  Winsor_Newton_Watercolors.  This is a text file and will go into Painter 11 as is.  For Painter 12, use the Import Legacy Color Set command under the Color Set fly out menu.



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  1. Hi great brushes, but when I’m trying them out I don’t have access to the brush control panel for Real Water Colors – it’s greyed out. For example I won’t be able to click on Delay Diffusion, or any of the properties of the brush I’m using

    If I have the default Real Water Colors brushes then its fine, its just when I have a custom brush library loaded.

    Am I missing something? I’m no expert on this!


    • Hi Phil,

      You aren’t missing anything except dates I created these variants. I first posted them in November of 2009. Painter 12 was no where to be seen. 🙂 I’m not sure how I came up with the name Real Watercolors, but I think I liked the name Real Bristle Brushes and so called them Real Watercolor. The 2 was added because the first set had a minor mistake in them and I reposted using the 2 at the end so everyone would know it was the corrected version.

      If you want to make changes to these brushes, use the Water Brush Control Panel. Sorry for the confusion with the default Painter 12 brushes.

      I was wondering when someone would ask about the name. Thanks for posting the question.


  2. Hello, Sir.
    First of all, my hat is permanently off to you! Amazing work, amazing site, and so generous to share with the community. I’m barely starting with Painter, but I’ll try and follow your footsteps.

    I just tried to download your Real Watercolor 2 brush set but YouSendIt has already disabled the file due to too many downloads 🙁

    Is there a mirror where I can get them? Perhaps posting them to a file sharing site such as FileServe or RapidShare is better for you – as far as I know, they don’t delete or disable files. 😉

    Anyway, thank you very much for all your contributions. I’ve bookmarked your site and will be returning frequently.

    All the best!

    • Hey Vitor,

      Thank you so much for letting me know the link was not working. I am supposed to have unlimited downloads, so I am not sure what happened.

      Anyway, I reset up the download and if you come back and try the link again, I believe that it will be working. If not, please let me know

      I am so glad that you have enjoyed my site. I will be posting something new in a day or two…or sooner…LOL. I was going to post this afternoon, but I think a nap sounds better.

      Thanks again for letting me know.


      • Hello Skip

        Can you please reset up the links again? I eager to try out your brushes but can’t download them, I even tried to register with hightail and was able to add the zip archive to my library, but the download link still ends up broken.

        Thank you

        • Hi Eugene,
          The problem isn’t with the links, but with Hightail. Of course they like to blame the links and the customer for the company problems. I am trying to decide whether to leave Hightail and move to a competitor or wait until they fix the problem. They have repeatedly told me the links are fine. The last communication received from them was on Aug 31 and this is what they said:
          “Julien Aug 31 at 13:43

          Sorry for the delay in response Skip, we are currently investigating on an issue with downloads which is affecting the recipients end and can be the reason why you are getting download time out. Our engineers are already aware of this and rest assured our team is investigating on this to fix. We apologize greatly for any trouble this is causing you. I’ll keep you posted with any updates from our engineers. Hope you have a great day.

          Customer Support”

          I am going to wait until the middle of the week to make a final decision. If they cannot fix the issue by that time, I will start searching for a replacement. I know this makes it inconvenient for you and other readers of the blog. I am sorry about that, but I can’t fix the problem right now. Thank you very much for contacting me and I hope to have a resolution soon. Enjoy, Skip

  3. Thanks for this wonderful site. I’ll surely return as I learn Painter 12. I need watercolor feel to some of my architectural renderings and yours is the best most accessible work I’ve found. Best to ya…

    • Thanks LNB,

      I just visited your site and it is a delight. Your architectural renderings are fantastic and I really enjoyed the abstracts. I was very impressed with your old school 2D stuff. You handle watercolor beautifully.

      It will be interesting to see how you progress with Painter 12 and watercolor.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment,


  4. Hi again Skip, Me too…wonder how this Painter thing will go! I’ve begun experimenting with the brushes you kindly offer and I am really impressed! Many thanks! You are too kind with your comments on my site but thank you much the same. I look forward to seeing more of yours when I have the time. By the way, my current need for Painter is to adapt an aerial view ( a desert landscape snagged from google earth probably) and superimpose a site plan view of about 20 acres with some house units and access drives on it which I’ll get from the architect in a .dwg file. I’ll probably process it in Corel Draw X5 to be “hand drawn” and then place it into Painter. Then I’ll work to either modify or reproduce the land forms in watercolor. …..well that’s the plan anyway.

    Very best to you,

    • Hey…

      The first thing that comes to mind is how amazing it is that you can use several different programs to achieve your goals…and then there is a desert landscape snagged from Google Earth. Technology is so much fun.

      I am glad you are finding the brushes impressive and hope they will work out well for you. Let us know how it goes.


  5. Thanks so much for all your wonderful brush downloads. I appreciate how easy it is to download them. Do you ever paint using only the canvas and no layers? I paint
    directly on the canvas, with no layers. I find it more spontaneous and less stlited.
    I’ll probably have many who disagree. I love your use of color and inventiveness.
    I enjoy going to your website everyday. Up to now haven’t worked with watercolor
    too much on Painter, plan to remedy that with yours and Karen’s brushes. Thanks
    again. You are a gem!

    • Hi Alice,
      Thank you for visiting the blog and a special thank you for making such a nice comment. I appreciate it very much.
      I know a lot of folks who enjoy working directly on the canvas. With watercolor you start on a layer automatically. I use a lot of layers because I think it helps enhance the watercolor; there are many more adjustments I can make. But everyone finds there own workflow with Painter. Painter can accommodate many approaches…very cool.

      Thanks again for visiting…holler if I can help in any way,

  6. I dug and dug and found your Winston Watercolors and even downloaded it. Thanks! And thanks again for all the lovely brushes I am going through them library by library and finding the videos and watching them. So far I like Desert Oasis best. I did a rendition of what you did with Desert Oasis on your first webinar Summer Skies, it is posted in lesson three if you want a laugh!

    Cheers! I am learning fast. Check out my five texture one too in lesson 3. Five of my own textures from beautiful Utah national parks. Stacked on top of each other and fidgeted around with blending modes and opacity until I liked it and then i painted and really came up with a mountain and a valley.

    Thanks again. Sandy W.

    • Glad you found the Winsor Newton color set. I am working on another one and should have it finished by the end of the month.
      Thanks, Skip

      I just checked the search function and found it works well. If you had searched for Winsor Newton…the name of the set…it would have brought it up immediately. You would have to know that it is Winsor, not Winston, which is the name you used.

  7. Hi Skip! I’m enjoying your brushes and videos! Sorry, can’t get Winsor Newton color set to load with load legacy color set command. The file is grayed out both ways. iMac running OSX 10.8+.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Are you using the file that looks like this: Winsor Newton watercolors.txt? It sounds like you are. Here is how to install it.

      1. click on the option button on your Color Set Library Panel, and select from the list Import Legacy Color Set Library…just like you did before.
      2. In the window that pops up, navigate to where your color set file is located and you may or may not see the file. To see the file, go to the bottom right corner of the Select Color Set Window…and you will see to the right of the file type a couple of file extensions: .colors, or .PCS. Next to those is a drop down arrow, click the drop down arrow and select Text Files. Now, if you are using the file that I mentioned at the beginning, it should work for you.

      Please be sure you are using the latest version of Painter, which is Painter 12.2 SP1.

      Hope this helps,

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Not sure about that genius part, but…hey, I’ll take the compliment. 🙂 Just remember that when trying to make a color set like the Winsor Newton one, the colors will not match exactly. The internet isn’t color managed and we all color manage our computers differently. Cobalt blue may look different from what it looks like on my monitor.
      Have fun painting with watercolor,

  8. Hi Skip,

    I watched your video from YouTube and I can’t help loving your way teaching Painter. Your brushes are so wonderful, so I really want to use your brushes.
    I recently make a picture book for children and I think it will be for sale. So I wonder if I can use your brushes on my work which is for commercial. Plus, you recommended Jitter Brush on your video , I wonder if I can use those brushes from Jitter Brush for my work, too.

    Please forgive my poor English. English is not my first language. 🙂
    Thanks so much for all your wonderful brush downloads.

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Lara,

      Yes, you may use my brushes to create any project including commercial. I place no restrictions on them. Thank you very much for asking.

      I cannot speak for David Gel, the owner of Jitter Brush, but I have never seen any restrictions.

      Thanks for your comment and a big thanks for using any of my brushes.

  9. Skip, I was watching your Tips and Tricks, Painter 2015 video on You Tube, and it looks like you are using a brush category called Natural Watercolor. Is there a link where I can download that brush category? Thanks

    • Hi Marcia,

      Not yet, I haven’t made that set available, but hope to in the not to distant future. In the meantime, the brushes in the Wet water Demo set came from that category. You can download the papers, flow maps and brushes here. Wet Water Demo Stuff.


  10. Thanks so much, Skip. I’m really learning a lot from your tutorials. I’m pretty new to Painter and you’ve given a lot of tips/tricks that have really helped me. You are excellent at what you do!

  11. Hi Skip, I followed the link to the Winsor Newton color set. I tried to import them into Painter 2015 by using the import legacy command in the color sets. No luck. It is a txt file. Any way to get this color set any other way? Thanks.

  12. Hello I have a question about the real watercolor brushes. I am using Painter 22. Some of the brushes, for example, the cloud puff hard grade brush use the gradient selected to paint. Can you tell me the setting that allows this brush to paint with a gradient as opposed to the selected color? I cannot figure it out. Thanks! Vicki

    • Hi…if you go to Window > Brush Control Panels > Brush Media > Colo Variability > and in the first drop down, you will see From Gradient. Change that to RGB or HSV and you should be good to go. Enjoy, Skip

      • Thank you so much! I actually just figured this out on my own. The reason I was asking, I actually was interested on how to make other brushes paint from gradients, and I could not figure out how it was working. Thanks for your quick response!

  13. Firstly Skip, let me say that people like you give me hope for this world. It is just incredible how generous you are.
    And now I have a question. Perhaps I am the only stupid person out there who has no clue how to copy a text file into Painter (I have 2023). As far as I can tell, it has to be converted to a .color file? When I click on import color set it takes me to a color set folder filled with .colors files.
    I feel really silly asking, as it seems everyone else seems to know what they are doing 😂
    Would really appreciate your feedback

    • Hi Murray,
      It is understandable why you are having difficulty. The process is a little obtuse. Go to the document you want to copy the text and copy the normal way, ctrl + C. Then go to painter and click where you want the text to go. Then switch to the Text tool. It’s the T on the toolbox. Your cursor will change to the Text cursor. At this point you can paste text to the place. It will be on a new layer as text always is. I hope this helps. I will be leaving for about 5 days, so if you have further questions feel free to post, but I will not be able to answer until I am back. Thanks.

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