Corel Painter 2016 Live Tutorial Recordings

Hello Everyone,

I had so much fun yesterday doing the webinars and talking about Corel Painter 2016.  Before I post the videos below, I want to remind you that my class starts tomorrow, Aug 15, 2015.  In class I cover all the stuff in the videos in much more detail and explore much more.

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I had one session yesterday morning and it was so much fun.  My buddy Corel Painter Master Elite Tim Shelbourne was there and teased me without mercy.  It was a hoot and all in good fun.  I know you will enjoy it.  Winifred Whitfield and Hilary French were there helping, too.  Thank you so much my friends.

I held the second session yesterday evening.  Winifred was back helping manage questions.  Thank you so much Winifred.  Also attending was Corel Painter Master Elite Helen Yancy.  I quickly made her an organizer allowing her to interact with Winifred and me.  It is so much easier when I have someone to talk with while doing a demonstration.  Helen, thank you so much for letting me impose on you.

OK, now you have the two videos to watch.  They are also on You Tube.

Hey, have you discovered the link to get Corel Painter 2016 upgrade for $99.00 US.  Here it is.

Limited Special Upgrade Price for Corel Painter 2016

OK, don’t forget to register for my class.

Corel Painter 2016 – New Horizons