Paper Drips Library for Earlier Version Of Corel Painter

Hello Everyone,

Previously I provided my Corel Painter 12 Paper Library, Paper Drips, for Painter 12 users.  Then I found out it was only compatible for PC users.  David Gell provided a version that is compatible for Corel Painter 12 MAC users…see previous post today.  However, if you are using an earlier version of Corel Painter you are out of luck…until now. 

Our friend David Gell, when correcting the paper for MAC users, pulled out the JPEGs used to create the papers and provided them in a zip file.  That means that if you are using Painter IX – 11, you can open a paper JPEG, select all, and then use the capture paper command in your paper palette options menu to make the paper yourself.  I put the crossfade slider on zero rather than letting it default to 16.

Paper Drips JPEG Downloads

David, thank you again for your valuable help.