New Brush Packs from Corel Painter

Hey Y’all,

Here is something really new.  I just noticed that Corel Painter has a new product available, Brush Packs.  There are nine different brush packs created by professionals in specific fields.  All look very interesting.

Don’t have Painter 2015, no problem, six of the sets are compatible with Painter X3 and 12.  Three of the sets are particle brushes and those, of course, are not compatible with versions earlier than 2015.

I haven’t downloaded and played with any of the brushes, but I will.  I’m reviewing them now to decide what I want to buy.  There is a watercolor set; I must have those. 🙂  I am very curious about the Particle sets, so I am sure I will try one of those.

OK…go check the New Brush Packs out.  As soon as I download one and give it a try, I’ll let you know what I think.

New Brush Packs for Corel Painter

New Brush Packs for Corel Painter