Blog Search and Make Your Wacom Driver Sticky

Hello Everyone,

First, let me mention that the Digital Art Academy and Painter Talk are still down.  Hope it will be up and running today, but as I mentioned before, it was a critical server failure.

I have two videos for you in this post.  Again, I am basing these videos on reader responses.  I noticed that 2 Debs were having an interesting discussion about Wacom Drivers here.  One of the questions was very general and mentioned a problem with Wacom Driver failures.  In the discussion, directions for uninstalling and installing Wacom Drivers.  It is a very good discussion and I really like it when you guys talk to each other.

Some of the information needed is on my blog, but you wouldn’t find it just poking around.  In the first video, I show how to use the search function within the blog.

The second video is about making your Wacom Driver stick.  Please note that this is not a scientific response.  When I have a problem, I usually poke around pushing buttons.  Anyway…this tip seems to work for me; but I cannot say it will work for all PC users. This is a simple fix…do give it a try.

Search the Blog:

Make your Wacom Driver Sticky