Issues With Latest Wacom Drivers for Macs

Hello Friends,

Three days ago I mentioned there were new Wacom Product Drivers for Macs.  Apparently, there were issues with the release and Wacom has pulled the new drivers from their site.

If you did download and installed the driver, you are probably having problems.  You will want to uninstall the new driver and re-install the old driver.  The old driver is available at Wacom Drivers.

To correct the problem,

Back up your Wacom preferences

Detach your Wacom tablet from your computer

Uninstall the new driver

Restart your computer

Install the old driver

Reboot your computer

Reconnect your Wacom Tablet

Don’t be mad at Wacom…these things happen…just hold tight and I bet they will put out a new driver soon.



Wacom Posted New Tablet Drivers for the Mac

Hello Everyone,

I posted about the updated drivers for a PC 3 days ago.  Today, Wacom released new tablet drivers for the Mac.  You can find them here.  Wacom Tablet Drivers for the Mac

I did update my Windows Drivers on March 3rd, and I have had moderate success.  I did have some problems and had to restart the tablet services several times.  But, all has been good the last couple of days.  If I continue to have problems, I’ll let you know.