Webinar, What’s new in Painter 12.1

Here is some great news.  Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker just announced at her blog a Webinar about what’s new in Painter 12.1.

Here are the basic details:

Join Skip Allen and I as we take you through the new additions to Painter 12.1. We will cover many of the new features and take questions as well. Hope to see you there! Reserve early as seats are limited.

Date: Monday January 16th, 9am Pacific Standard Time

Topics Covered:

  • Brush Management
  • Brush Categories
  • Exporting and Importing Variants, Categories, and Libraries
  • Enhanced Brush Preview
  • Workspaces
  • Mixer Pad
  • Plugins
  • Cloning with Crosshairs showing

Be sure to jump on over to Karen Bonaker Art to register.  Once again, register early due to limited seating.

“You didn’t say limited seating, did you?”

“Hi Kevin,” he startled me but I didn’t yelp.  “Yes, I did say that.  What of it?”

 Sanctimoniously he replied, “It is a virtual meeting dummy.  There are plenty of seats at the viewer’s residence or office.  You have a limited places for attendees.”

Sometimes I hate that virus, no matter that he claims he is a good virus.

“And, BTW, where is the new computer? I am ready to move into my new home.”

“Keep it up Kevin, and I may change my mind about letting you stay.  If you must know, Dell/Alienware has delayed the order once again.  Currently, the delivery date is Jan 19.  As far as I know it is still in stage one of production.  I have order several computers from Dell and I have never gotten one delivered when promised.  I guess they over promise and under deliver.”

“Why do you keep buying from them?”

“I don’t know.  I am beginning to think misguided loyalty.  Receiving delay notifications takes all the fun out of getting a new computer.  Such a bad marketing technique,” I said with a sigh.

Don’t forget to register for the webinar…it is going to be fun.