Bamboo on Silk

Sue made a comment on the last post that the bamboo would look good printed on silk.  It was a timely comment because I had just finished a piece with a background that looks like the piece was printed on silk.   I called this one wind.



Bamboo in the wind


8 responses to “Bamboo on Silk

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I used to do a lot of silk painting. I loved it because it was so fluid and alive! A bit unpredictable and when you oops on that you can’t repaint your canvas! It forces you to be really creative in dealing with those artistic mishaps.

  2. Hi Skip,
    I’ve only just found your site. I hope you’re going to blog some more. This is beautiful work. I love the silk look. Will you be doing some of this in the Painter Talk workshop?

    • Hi Hilary,
      Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back. I do plan to blog more. It is a lot of fun.
      Yes, I do plan to do more of this style work in the Painter Talk workshop…see you there.
      Again, thanks for stopping by.

    • Thank you so much Amber! I just paint for the fun of it and haven’t tried to sell my work. Before I retired, I made my livelihood as a potter, and yes, I sold tons of pots.:) Maybe in the future I will sell my work, but I don’t know. Thanks for dropping by and taking a look. And a special thank you for making a comment. It means a lot to me.

      Happy Holidays,

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