Sample Video from my Corel Painter 12 Class

Hello Everyone,

I have been so busy with my class I haven’t had time to add anything to my blog.  It occurred to me that I could add one or two of the videos I created for the Painter 12 Class.  I guess I could call it a preview or sample from the class.   There are about 30 class videos, so showing one or two will not give away the plot.  There are so many new and enhanced features it takes that many videos to cover everything.

“It takes so many videos to cover everything because you are so verbose, long-winded, effusive, loquacious, rambling…  Have you got the picture, yet?”

“Kevin, my frien…”

“Don’t you my friend me!  Where have you been since the end of May when you last visited?  It gets lonely in here and even though you are not good company, you are the only company I get.  Sure folks drop by to look at your blog or watch a video, but they never say hello to me.  If I could make the first move, then it would be different…but alas, the visitors have to make the first move and they can’t even see me.”

“Oh Kevin, I am so sorry,” I said holding in a small chuckle, but not well enough.

“Now you are laughing at me.  I may tell every little dirty secret I know about you!  I really should,” he shouted.

Wow, Kevin isn’t usually this emotional; yes he throws barbs at me, but this time he seems genuinely hurt.

“Kevin, I really am sorry that you are lonely.  I’ll tell you what I will do.  I’ll paint your portrait using Painter 12.  How about that.  When I get it done, I am sure lots of folks will want to talk with you.  Shoot, you know as much about Painter 12 as I do; they may start asking you questions.”

“You promise to make me look good.”

“You do look good, I just need to capture your winning personality.  But Right now I need to post the video from my class.  And Kevin, you have my cell number.  Why not give me a shout when you are lonely.”

“You never answer your cell!”

“I know; I keep forgetting to carry it around with me,” I admitted.  “I’ll try to do better, but for now, let me finish the job at hand.”

Kevin is a nice enough guy, and I have known him all my life.  Sometimes, though, he can be so clingy.  If anyone wants to strike up a conversation with Kevin, feel free…I’m sure you will be happy that you did.

Following is the video from Week 1 of the class.  We are in the third week and the final and fourth week starts Saturday.

If you enjoy the music by Michael Moore-Kelly, do check out his album, “Piano Without Makeup” at

Well that’s it for this post.  I hope you enjoy the video and if you are looking for a place to learn the new stuff in Painter 12, consider my class at Digital Art Academy.  Registration starts Saturday.



14 responses to “Sample Video from my Corel Painter 12 Class

  1. Mr Allen,
    I feel compelled to point out just how horrible you are to Kevin. He may be little, but, for your information, he has a heart as big as a whale. Anyway, even though he’s small, he’s big enough to stick up for himself, so that’s not the purpose of my post here… well, not quite!
    When I said “Any friend of yours is a friend of mine”, it was meant in all sincerity. However, that was before I realised just how much Kevin eats, and how much he renerally gets under your feet. As you know doubt know, he’s in to everything! I have a suspicion that he has some sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and I note that you forgot to mention that.

    “What’s this?”

    “It’s a paintbrush Kevin, and it’s got p…, Oh Kevin!”

    “Phhwwwooarrr!, Smelly!”

    “Yes Dear, it’s paint! No, no Kevin don’t put in your mou…!”

    The Doctor at the hospital said that fortunately Kevin hadn’t swallowed enough Ultramarine to do any permanent damage, although I thought that his parting comment on the possibility of the poor little chap feeling a little blue for the next few days was, well, frankly cheap.
    Anyway, I find that if you sing to him before bedtime he can sleep for quite a few hours at a stretch (at least two it seems). So, while he’s sound asleep on my desk, with my thumb in his mouth, I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask when it would be OK to send him home? Don’t feel you have to pay for his ticket home, It will be my pleasure

    My best to Doreen and the kids.
    Thank you,
    Uncle Tim.

    • Uncle Tim, (Are you my uncle, Kevin’s uncle, or is that just your normal moniker)

      Before I say anything, let me apologize for being late with my comment. I was about to read yours when Kevin went berserk; it has taken a couple of days to calm him down and restrain him. Now that I have read your comment I am confused. Kevin couldn’t possibly be with you because he is tied up and sitting next to me. And, he isn’t little, he is a big strapping thing.

      “Hold up just a minute,” Keven ventured.

      “Hold up a minute? What do you mean, hold up a minute?”

      “Well, Uncle Tim seemed like such a nice man, so I sent him a little piece of myself,” he sounded as if he was cooing.

      “What? How could you send…? Why? What are you?”

      “I’m a virus, silly. What did you think I was?”

      I screamed, “A virus…you can’t be a virus, I use protection.”

      “Ha…that’s what they all think, but look, I am a good virus, kind of like Glenda, the good witch.”

      “I am in OZ,” I wishpered. “Have you infected everyone who visits the site?”

      “Shoot no. I don’t infect; I just visit, eat, and grow. Remember when I arrived in the big bubble? I was pretty tiny then. Remember how I got into the paint, too, and you rushed me to the hospital when I ate the Ultramarine, but all that happened was a sizable growth spurt. And for your information, I only visit sweet and kind folks. Where’s the harm in that?”

      “You are eating their paint, you moron!”

      “I told you I am a virus…a very good virus…remember…like Glenda.”

      “Just stop it! You are totally bonkers!”

      “Well, dear Skip, might the same be said of you? After all, you are sitting next to a bound virus having a conversation. Sounds certifiable to me.”

      Oh good grief, I don’t know what to do. Uncle Tim, I’m sorry, but it looks like you are stuck with Kevin 2. Kevin 1 is all I can handle right now, and I’m not doing too well with that.

      “Hey Kevin, you are kidding me right?”


      I think I need a nap.

      Thanks for visiting Uncle Tim,


  2. I was feeling really blue that I wouldn’t be getting any more Skip P12 videos for a while (sigh!), when I got the DAA digest and found this was going on! Hang on, maybe I’m not really blue after all, maybe I have a little visitor… but no, I seem safe… I shall have to keep up with this blog! Great stuff, guys!

    • Hi Hilary,
      I just posted a couple more videos from the class, but since you are already in the class…well…it will not be new to you. I do hope to post other video that are just for fun paintings. I’m tring to keep Kevin confined, which is very difficult. If you see him coming, just give him a slap on the ole behind and tell him to get home. He loves Doreen, so don’t let him see any of your deer friends. Thanks for stopping by…later, Skip

  3. Oh my and I thought I was losing it. LOL

    Kevin has probably been here for quite a while, YIKES I’m close enough for him to make day trips and get back home before you even miss him.


    • Hi Claudia,

      Yes, Kevin has been here since I started the practice blog about a year ago. I thought he was just a figment of my imagination and would get squeezed out by other crazies. But then he visited Uncle Tim, across the pond even, and I was shocked. He apparently can slip off without me knowing it, but I do have him restrained.

      “You do not,” Kevin chuckled from somewhere.

      “Kevin, where are you? Kevin get back here this instant.”

      Sorry Claudia, I need to dash off and grab him before he gets into trouble. I don’t know how he got out of the restraints.


  4. Great stuff and very helpful. I’ll bookmark this site. I just started Corel Painter last year, but now do more than half my work with it. I’m a freelance illustrator in St. Louis. Mostly children’s educational and religious publishing assignments. Thanks for sharing all this good info. I gather 12 is worth the upgrade? Are some of those sluggish brushes really faster? Thanks for the advice on whether to bump up to 12.


    • Hey Ed,

      Thanks for stopping by and bookmarking this site.

      I highly recommend Painter 12! But it really is for you to decide based on how it works with your system. You can always download the free trial and give it a spin for 30 days. There are so many differences, that you may want to take a class that will help bring you up to speed quickly. If you do take a class, be sure to wait until the class starts to get the free trial. That way you can use it during the class and at the end, If you do not like the program you can delete it. But, I’ll bet that you will want to purchase it.

      The brushes do work a lot better for me, but again it is dependent on your system. Take a few minutes and watch the video on the SP1 patch. I show a new feature called Multicore usage and demonstrate how it can affect the brushes. It is pretty cool.

      Hope this helps. If I can answer any more questions, feel free to ask them.


      • Thanks Skip,

        That’s good advice. I took a 16 week community college course in Spring 2010 for Painter 11. It was a great class and the teacher just had me sub-teach the class last week. They are already on 12 and so it was my first look, but I didn’t get into anything too advanced since these students were brand new to the program. I’m also a lynda subscriber, so I could look at some of their stuff too. I run Corel mostly on my 27″ 2009 iMac with 8 gigs of Ram. It has a 1 tera hard drive, but I work off an external 1 terabite LaCie for memory. Most things go quickly enough, but on larger docs (I’m a 300 dpi guy since I work for print) a few things get sluggish, like rotation, which I do a lot of as I work. Any tips would be most welcome and gratefully accepted.



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