Offset Sampling – Two videos from my Painter 12 Class.

Hello Everyone,

The first session of my class, Painter 12, A New Beginning, just ended and registration for the second session is now open at the Digital Art Academy. Click on Registration Page to register.  The second session begins August 27, 2011 and ends September 23, 2011.  I hope to see a you there.

As a teaser, I am adding two more videos from the class.  The subject is Offset Sampling, which has been added to the Clone Source Panel.  It offers some unique ways to clone, and also can mimic the way you cloned in Painter 11.  I created most of this image during the videos, but added later.

Table and Lamp
Created in Painter 12 using Offset Sampling
 “It’s not nice to tease,” Kevin comments.
“Viruses are not nice, either.  Remember, I found out what you really are!”
“A very good virus; not a bad virus.  I’m like Glenda from the Wizard of Oz.  She is a good witch; not a bad witch.  I told you that already,” he corrected.
“Whatever, I’m busy.  Go away and don’t bother me.”
Sorry for the interruption.  In the following two videos, you will see how to clone with offset sampling.  The above image wasn’t completed during the videos.  I didn’t do much more, but later I will explain the few things that I did to arrive at the final piece.  These videos come from week four of the class, so you may think I am going over stuff pretty quickly, but remember we have already covered a great deal up to this point and I can up the pace for the students.   I hope you enjoy the videos.  BTW, I had a little static in a couple of places.  I’m not sure where it is coming from; I probably bumped the microphone or something similar.
After finishing the videos, I decided to do a little more to the image, which consisted of duplicating the top layer 3 times and playing with the composite method of each layer.  The other layers that were made, also had composite method changes and I tweaked the opacity slider a bit more.  And that was it.  I do enjoy working with offset sampling; I think it is a power but underused tool for Painter.
Well, that’s it for this post.  If you have questions of comments, please do make them.

13 responses to “Offset Sampling – Two videos from my Painter 12 Class.

  1. Hey Skip, repeats will do. I don’t want to get withdrawal symptoms…

    I love the lamp. This version is the tops! The lighting is terrific!

    • Thanks Hilary…
      I appreciate the compliment. I’m trying to do something tonight in watercolor but it is a struggle…LOL…isn’t it always.

      Take care,

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  3. Skip, I’m new to Painter, well sort of, I bought Painter3 many years ago and didn’t use it much. I missed this class, but I can see I have a lot to learn. I hope you have it again. I’m really interested in the watercolor one you have coming up as I love the medium. In the meantime I trying to teach myself from a book. I prefer videos to reading :O) Yours are great because you are so fun to watch. I love seeing you stumble and then correct as that’s what happens to most of us and to see how you handle it is really helpful. Your laughter is fantastic….better than the ugly words I might use. Looking forward to more.

    • Thank you so much Eva. The Painter 12, A New Beginning class is open for registration and will start again Oct 22; would love to see you in the class. At DAA, Elaina Moore-Kelly will be teaching a beginner Painter 12 class for those who have never used Painter at all.

      Thanks for the kind comments on the videos. My friends tell me I ought to edit out the mistakes. But, I don’t think so because it isn’t realistic. I have crashes, I forget how to do things, just like everybody. Allowing the student to see what I do to rectify the situation I believe is helpful. Or, I just laugh about it and start again. I do want to have fun painting.

      Thanks again,

  4. Oh, you are so right, don’t edit out the mistakes! As a newbie, it is a course in it’s self to see how to recover and to know I didn’t crash something. So you are saying I better wait on the watercolor course? Guess I was hoping I could wade through it with the little knowledge I’m learning from my Painter 12 book. I’m so impatient!!

    • So sorry, I misunderstood. If you would like to take the watercolor class, please do. Both classes will be ongoing for a while. Next session begins Oct 22. The session after that will be in Feb 2012. Holiday Open Studio will be in November and December and that is a fun class to take.

      I am excited about the watercolor class and have been trying to do something about it for the blog. Stay tuned…eventually I’ll get something up and the watercolor brushes, too.


  5. Skip, I just LOVE these two videos, you know how I love the wild and crazy painter stuff! Was studying cloning from the manual and remembered your cardinal painting I had seen earlier. Found this one first. Found out the answer to my questions, now to try to do it, using one computer spitting out the info and I am struggling on the other computer.

    When are you going to do this course again? I really chuckled when you mentioned channels and “groan” from the audience. Would like to learn all about them, basically understand and working on the selection PDF from fall paintings.

    Cheers to you and all the time you spend trying to teach us and for me, hammer it into my head.

    Sandy W

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