Painter 12 SP1 Patch Adds New Feature

Hello Everyone,

I can’t wait to tell you about the Patch that Corel Painter 12 released a couple of weeks ago.  If you haven’t gotten SP1, yet, do not delay and download it today.  You will be very glad that you did.  But before I start talking about the patch, I want to give you some links to developer blogs at the Corel Painter Factory site.  These blogs have information that I don’t think you can find anywhere else.  Here are the three blogs :  SP!LOG; musings from sp!ke, a Painter user experience designer…; DAN’S PAINTER INSIGHTS; and CHRIS’ BRUSH BLOG.  If you haven’t been watching these blogs, you missed some terrific information.  I don’t believe there is an email subscription, but there is an RSS feed.  In my video, I will refer to Dan’s blog a couple of times, but there is information on Chris’ blog about multicore options, too.  And on Steve’s blog, you will find a list of all the changes made in SP-1.

The biggest change is a new feature called Multicore Usage added to Edit > Preferences > Performance.  It is similar to Memory Usage.  I found a number of my Painter 12 students had upgraded the patch but didn’t have a clue about the new feature.  I realized I needed to do a video for the class and thought I could make it for my blog, too.  I am thinking there are others out there who are not aware of the new feature.  I am a little late in spreading the word.  Here is the video:

“You think you are a little late? The party’s been over for a week”

“Oh Kevin don’t start.  Just be glad that I am here and adding the video.  I haven’t been absent from the blog for that long”

“Yes you have,” Kevin the good virus screamed.

Maybe he isn’t so good.  For a long time I thought he was an imaginary friend, but I discovered that he is really a computer virus, but a good one.  He likes to compare himself with Glenda, the good witch in the Wizard of Oz.

“Do you realize that you have been a way for over a month.”

“OK, so it has been a month.  Big deal!”

I don’t know what his beef is about.  He can visit with any visitors to the site.  I think he really is mad because most folks ignore him; poor guy.

“It is a big deal and if you don’t start posting regularly, I will make you wish you had!”

“Yeah, you and who else.  If I remember correctly you are a good virus.  How could you hurt me?”  I said that laughingly.

I heard a quick intake of his breath with that last quip and then, “I can turn into a bad virus at the snap of my finger.”

Again laughingly, “Last time I looked you didn’t have any fingers.”

Another audible gasp, the sound of little “feet” running across the floor, followed by the slam of a door.  A very dramatic exit.  I wonder if he could turn into a bad virus.  No way…he is a good virus.

I haven’t finished my new watercolor brushes, yet.  Every Time I think I am going to finish, I make three or four more variants.  And if I don’t have enough to do, I have started another set, but not watercolor.  This set is using opaque paint and each brush is a captured dab.  To make the brushes work like Artist’s Oils or RealBristles, I am using the dryout slider in the Well brush control panel.  I have already started some videos about those brushes and will post soon.  I have some other great news, too, but I’ll wait for the next post to tell you about it.

I guess that’s it for this post.



18 responses to “Painter 12 SP1 Patch Adds New Feature

  1. personally .. am kind of upset with the patch .. I have never had a problem with Painter … ever .. did the patch a few days ago and am crashing 3 to 4 times a day…so this is definitely one UNhappy camper.

    • Hi Charlie…

      Why not uninstall Painter 12 and re-install using your disk. That way you are back to the original before the patch.
      I think it would be a mistake to do it, but it would be better than being unhappy with the program.

      • Skip …. Painter’s “poor performance”????? well … it was my fault. I have Painter 11 installed and when the computer was built, our tech said that having a good scratch disk was vital and he installed a 2TB scratch disk. Anyway, I installed Painter 12 … and by default, the scratch was set to my C Drive, where all my programs are … so of course, performance was horrid. After I installed the patch, performance was poor, crashes were often and the brushes lagged …. the other day, I went in to check preferences .. and saw that Painter 12 was set with my C drive as the scratch disk and the light bulb lit in this old brain …. I pointed it to my 2TB scratch disk and she is hummin’ along like a hog in slop!!! … no brush lagging, no crashing, excellent performance, etc. .. and I am equally happy!!!!
        The guy who builds the computers for our office built my computer and he said that with programs like Painter, PS, etc. he believes that having a separate, large scratch disk is the answer and makes for a happy program and a happy computer!
        Anyway .. I have to apologize to the good people at Corel for my failure to set my scratch disk preferences properly!
        Thanks Skip……..Hugs ………. Charlie

        • Thank you so much Charlie for giving us the update. I am so glad the program is working for you. A 2TB scratch drive…wow. Sounds good to me. I’ll have to do some exploration about that.

          Thanks again for the update.


        • I am having the same problem I think, I have 1TB and 12 gb of ram and the program is not working I can not save even a selection well I can but when I open the file again the selection is complete different, I have black squares all over the file, please help me to understand how it this happen, also if I need to install everything I need help to save all my panels and brushes and setups I do not want to install everything again.

          I will appreciate any help

          • Hi Lucia,
            Let me ask a few questions and after you answer them, maybe I can think of something that could help.
            1. Have you up-dated Painter 12 by going to Corel’s web site and downloading and installing in order the following:
            SP-1 Patch
            Upgrade to Corel Painter 12.1
            Hot Patch for Painter 12.1
            2. When is the last time that you updated your video card driver?
            3. Please tell me your preference performance settings.
            You can find preferences by opening Painter and going to Edit > Preferences > Performance
            4. Please tell me the steps you use to save a selection and what file format are you using to save?

            To save your custom stuff, you have several options. One is to go to each panel and export the custom palettes or panels that you may have made. If you are running Corel Painter 12.1, you can export your custom brushes as a category or library if they are in libraries. All of this stuff can then be imported back into your new install of painter. It is a good idea to save all this stuff anyway.
            Easier to do, you can export your workspace to a file on your computer. It will have all the custom stuff included in the export. Then in your new install, you will import your workspace back into Painter. But before you uninstall…answer my questions and lets see if there is something that might help other than installing a fresh copy.

            Hope this helps,

        • Could you please explain” the other day, I went in to check preferences”
          where I can find preference is windows 7

  2. Hi Skip ! I downloaded the patch last week in hopes it would stop my crashing, but I didn’t know exactly what it did. The info about the multicore was very interesting and I will be checking that !! Thanks so much for the video….and I’m looking forward to those new brushes !! …and the newest technique…….and the BIG NEW surprise. You and Melvin are so much fun…..Fingers crossed he stays a “good” virus !! :-), but keep an eye on him !! Sorry Melvin !!

    • Hey Judi,
      Glad you got something from the post. But…you have really upset Kevin. He is convinced that no one likes him, and now he says he has proof. You called him Melvin. I patiently explained that it was a simple typo. He is still screaming, “Two typos!”
      Not to worry, I’m sure he will get over it eventually, but he did turn a strange green color. I’m not sure what that means.

  3. OMG !! Kevin, I am sooo sorry !! ….and I said it twice!! That is just unforgivable, but please try. My memory is getting a little rusty sometimes, so please don’t take it personally. I find you adorable !! Big hug !! Judi

    • Hi Judi,
      Kevin seems much better this morning and he is smiling a bit. He is delighted with your note, and he changed the font to some sort of script, framed it, printed it and hung it on the wall.
      I’m not sure how he did any of this. It is very strange that he can hang pictures on a wall that isn’t there. Maybe viruses, good or bad, have virtual powers that we are not aware of. BTW, he is a very bright, cheerful, yellow color this morning.
      You know, I said that he was smiling a bit; it is more like a smirk. I wonder what that means. I hope he isn’t still upset and planning something dastardly.

  4. Hi, I’m having the same problem with my Painter 12. Black squares. After rebooting and reinstalling, and repatching everything, I still have the same problem. I have come to the conclusion that it’s the scratch files not being large enough. I also have a 2 TB drive but when I go into preferences it only reads my C drive. Not the 2 TB D drive. How do I make it read that so I can change the scratch files over? I am semi computer literate but I do have a friend who can help if I know what I need to do. Thanks if you can help at all. I appreciate it.

    • Hi Sandi,
      I’m not sure I am going to be much help. When I go to Edit > Preferences > Performance and click on the drop down menu for the scratch drives, both my C and D drives show. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, and my scratch drive is on C.

      In you note you mentioned that you rebooted, reinstalled and re-patched. That is all well and good, provided you did a couple of things correctly. We are far past the patch now, but if I had to restart from scratch I would do this.

      1. Export my workspace to some folder on my hard drive.
      2. Close Painter and uninstall. After uninstalling, I would check in the user area and delete any Corel Painter files still remaining and I would check in the Applications Area and delete any Corel Painter files remaining.
      3. I would reboot the system.
      4. I have a program called CCleaner, which I can run and remove any left over registry files from the uninstall.
      5. After that I reboot again.
      6. Now I install Painter from my disk.
      7. Then I go to Corel’s Patch site and Install SPI
      8. Then I go back and install 12.1 update.
      9. Then I go and install 12.2 update.
      10. Now this is one of the most important steps. When you start Painter, do it with a shift start. All you do is hold the shift key down and while holding it down, you start Painter. A Window will open asking if you want to set the current workspace to factory default or all workspaces. Select All workspaces. Then painter will open with a single factory workspace. All of your custom brushes, palettes, etc will be gone. It’s ok.
      11. Now select Window > Workspace > Import Workspace and navigate to where you saved your workspace originally. When it comes in, all of your custom stuff is back. This is assuming that you have been installing all the brushes and stuff in the correct place to begin with.

      I don’t know if this will help or not. The best place to ask questions is at Painter Factory. The link is in my blog roll. You may find someone else who had the problem and has found a solution.

      I wish I was better help. Thanks for stopping by.
      Good luck,

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