Karen Bonaker’s Nature Water Brushes – Fabulous

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker has just posted her new Nature Water Brushes to her Blog.  These are fabulous brushes.  They are not watercolor brushes; Karen made them with painting rivers, lakes, oceans and waterfalls in mind, but in reality, they are so much more useful.  In this image she used her Pure Water brush a lot.  It is an amazingly versatile brush.  Following is what she says on her blog:

“My Fall Open Studio is just coming to an end and I wanted to share with you the brushes that were used in this session and some of the wonderful paintings created by my students. Open Studio is always special and so much individual growth takes place with each artist, it is wonderful to see.

Nature water brushes are not Watercolor brushes, they are derived from a blender brush variant called Water Rake. Please view the videos to understand how to use them in your creative process.”

Do visit Karen’s blog and download her brushes!

Karen Bonaker’s Nature Water Brushes



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    • I second that Joan. Karen has been very instrumental in my growth as a digital artist. If you haven’t subscribed to her blog, you must do it. It is a great source for painter users.
      BTW, you will love the pure water brush for blending reflections. It should work without modification on a digital watercolor layer, but you will have to commit a watercolor layer. Watch her demos…the big wave brush is amazing, too.


  1. Wow, what great brushes. All of these brushes from Karen, Skip and Joan put one in a dizzy with one’s imagination and thoughts of all the fun using them.
    Thanks so much,
    Kathleen Voss

    • Hey Kathleen,
      Glad you came by. You will definitely enjoy Nature Water by Karen. They are so expressive. I can’t wait to see what you do with them. Do post on your website so we can take a look.


  2. Thank you so much Skip and Karen! You BOTH really get my creative juices into high gear… Karen, your Nature Water Brushes are fantastic!! … I’m now going back to your videos. 🙂

    Thanks gain,


    • Hey Donn,

      I have to agree, Karen’s Nature Water Brushes are the best. It was a treat to watch her use the brushes in the Fall Open Studio. She is a fantastic artists and a fabulous teacher.


  3. Hi Skip,
    This has nothing to do with your wonderful flower brushes.

    I bought an Alienware X18 from Dell to use with Painter. At first it worked great. Then the motherboard gave out. Initially, they thought the problem was with the video cards. So they uninstalled the drivers and uninstalled the video cards. That didn’t solve the problem. However, they use refurbished parts when they replace parts. So I had them reinstall the video cards that came with the computer. However, I don’t think the computer works like it should. I have 32 GB of RAM on Windows 7-64 bit. When I use Inky Flow-3, which I believe is your brush, it takes forever to complete and uses about 96% of the computer’s resources to start. I experience the same problems with the Flower brush. It initially uses a lot of resources, then takes a very long time to complete the flower. I am arguing with Dell that the computer (graphic cards) are not working properly. What is your opinion? Thank you. Kerry

  4. Is she great or what!!!!! Karen is so multi-talented it is hard to believe one person can be so gifted. Between you and Karen I would never had stuck with learning how to paint digitally. Your both the very best. Your not only the best in digital painting and digital lessons you are both truly generous and giving people. I am so blessed to have known you both!

  5. Hi Mr. Allen,

    I posted a reaction of your corel 2016 movie on YouTube concerning the brush you used with the window frost paper. I asked where I could find or purchase this brush and you replied that I had to leave a comment on your blog, and that you would send me the brush. I understand that your’re a little behind with the video’s and brushes but in the mentime I still enjoy your previous video’s and brushes.

    Thank you Mr. Allen and have much painter fun

    Many thanks

    Friendly greetings



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