New Driver for Wacom Pen Tablets

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Wacom released a new driver 9/13/2011 for the Intuos Pen Tablets.  Here is the link for the Americas Wacom Product Drivers.

Links for other areas:  (Update…just heard from Tim Shelbourne after I posted that the driver for Europe is not updated.  We checked Asia/Pacific and it isn’t updated either.  I do not know about China and Japan.  So apparently, the update is available only for the Americas at the moment.  Hopefully Wacom will post to the other sites soon.  If you are a CS5 user, the updated driver enables full pressure.  Thanks Tim.)

Wacom Europe

Wacom China Site

Wacom Asia/Pacific

Wacom Japan Site

I have used a Wacom Intuos tablet for several years.  Currently I am using the Wacom Intuos 4.  I love this product.  The 2048 levels of pressure are fantastic and make painting with Painter 12 an absolute joy.

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  2. Not really about the driver but since this only one of a few hits found using Wacom I’ll post this question here. I’m in the Intro to Painter 12 class over at DAA. In getting my self organized I decided to see what I could find on setting the function keys and touch ring on my Intuos4 for Corel Painter 12. Only found an old web site with information that I was able to adjust to work with Painter 12.

    Would you share how you have your function key & touch rings configured? I like to have examples to pick and choose from as I build a set that works for me. Thanks.

    • Hi Jim,

      Express Keys
      1. Zoom to fit
      2. Radial
      3. Hide Panels
      4. Zoom Out
      5. Temporal Color Palette
      6. Main/Additional Color toggle
      7. Dynamic Brush Adjuster
      8. Redo

      I have the touch ring set to increase and decrease the size of the variant, but I don’t use it anymore because I find the Dynamic Brush Adjuster so much better.

      Hope this helps,

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