Bristly Dabs for Painter 12 and Backward Compatible to Painter IX.

Hello Everyone,

I have just made a download page for my newest brush set, called Bristly Dabs.  Thanks to David Gell, Master of all things Painter, the sets are backward compatible to Painter IX. Thank you David!!!

Download one or both sets.  One called does not use rotation expression.  The other called uses rotation expression in three variants.  If you have an art pen for any version of a Wacom tablet, download the file with Rtn in the name.  I think you will enjoy using barrel rotation with these brushes.  The brushes contain impasto and non-impasto brushes.

There are some very specific caveats when using these brushes especially in Painter 12.  I prepared 3 videos illustrating how to use the brushes.  The first one describes the techniques used with Bristly Dabs.  The other two give more details about using the variants and information about impasto in general.  It is imperative that you watch the videos.  All three are helpful, but the last two are the most helpful.  If you do not watch any videos, do at least read the points listed on the download page.

Here is the sample painting done with Bristly Dabs in Painter 12:

Vase and Windwo

Using Bristly Dabs in Painter 12

The next video takes you through the process of the painting.

These two videos are specifically about the brushes.  Part 1 talks about the Well Panel with Resaturation, Bleed, Dry Out and Brush Loading

Part 2 illustrates the Impasto Panel. 

I hope you enjoy the videos and the brushes. 

Don’t forget, I have these classes starting October 22 at the Digital Art Academy.  Click the class name for more information.

Basics of Watercolor in Painter 12

Basics of Brush Making in Painter 12

Painter 12, a New Beginning  (this is for experienced painter users who are upgrading to Painter 12)

You may want to take Elaina Moore-Kelly’s class, Introduction to Painter 12 – Part 1, designed for someone just starting out with Painter 12.  It is a fabulous course. Also, Elaina teaches Creative Collage: Scrap Techniques With Painter, which uses Painter 11.

Do visit the Digital Art Academy and look at the other classes available.

I guess that is it for this post.  I can go let Kevin out of the bathroom.

“I’m behind you.”

“Gasp! Kevin you scared me half to death!”

“Yeah, well you tried to lock me in the bathroom.  I chewed my way out.”

“What, you did what?” I dashed to the bathroom. 

OMGosh, it is awful, there is a man-sized hole in the door.  Shutting the door offers no privacy now.  I hear a cackling laugh coming from the computer room.  I got to run.  I think I am going to need a new bathroom door. 

Y’all let me know how you like the brushes,


17 responses to “Bristly Dabs for Painter 12 and Backward Compatible to Painter IX.

  1. Hi Skip,

    These new brushes look really good. Do these come close to that thick oil painting look you’ve been wanting for such a long time?Thanks for giving my class a plug I appreciate it. 🙂
    Will reciprocate soon.

    • Hi Elaina,

      Yes, finally I have thick paint that I can control and cut back into similar to a palette knife. I just need to practice using them, but as you know, my fellow instructor, classes are starting soon and I am slammed…no time for practicing.

      I am glad to give a nod to your classes; you are an excellent teacher.


  2. Oh no, a new bathroom door! Just when I thought Kevin was getting so much better. Sorry Kevin, but I guess it’s scary being locked in a small room…so I hope Skip will forgive you. LOVE the brushes Skip. I’ve always tried to smooth out impasto and didn’t know there was a way to do this……Thanks so much Skip. Look forward to the class !!

    • Hi Judy,

      Kevin loves you. He says you understand him, and I am a bad, bad person…sigh. The door is expensive; I think he is the bad, bad thingy or whatever he truly is.

      I’m looking forward to the class…do check out the latest video I posted from Tim Shelbourne; you will love it.


  3. Sounds good Skip! I will check it out, but in the meantime, I used the paper that I made from a portait and the number 6m and it worked perfectly.. I added different colors as I painted over it again and used your alpha channel teaching to do some deleting. I will post it in the last lesson !! Bye, bye Kevin…be good !! 🙂

    • Hi Judy,

      I just got back to the blog. Funny thing, Kevin went running off somewhere acting like I caught him in the act of doing something…very strange.

      Anyway, what you have done with 6M sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see it. I’m hoping others will try out the brushes and get good results.

      Talk soon,

  4. Skip,

    I really appreciate all that you give out free to your followers. I plan to take one of your courses in the next round.

  5. Thank you so much for these wonderful brushes Skip. I am just now starting to play with them after finally finding the time to watch all of the videos.

    I hope people pay close attention to your suggestions for adjusting the settings to really get the most out of these brushes. One change that make a huge difference to me in having them behave like a real media brush is to change the angle to rotation for the art pen.

    Again thank you so much for all you do for all of us. 🙂


    • Hey Claudia,

      Me too. It is very strange but the brush drying checkbox seems to un-check at will. 🙂 Setting pressure with brush calibration is critical with some of the brushes.

      I like to set the brushes to rotation, too. There are three variants that are already set to rotation. In general, I like using the art pen regardless of the setting. Can’t wait to see what you do with the brushes.

      Thanks, Skip

  6. Hi Skip,

    I love your bristle dab brushes. they are easily amongst my top favorites. I immediately created a portrait with them but it was not the right brush for the job. I will post an image soon using them appropriately. Thank you. Winifred

    • Hey Winifred,

      Thanks for stopping by and your delightful comment about the bristly dab brushes. I enjoyed visiting your website and look forward to seeing more of your images.


  7. Hi Skip,

    I am a fan of yours and have subscribed to your Painter 19 course beginning in July.
    I have used your bristly dab brushes in previous versions of Painter – would these work in Painter 19?

    With many thanks,

    Andrew Green

    • Hi Andrew,
      Yes, Bristly Dabs will work in Painter 2019. Brushes are not backwardly compatible, but they forward compatible. That always sounds odd to me. What I mean is that if a brush was created in Painter 2015, it will work in the later versions just fine, but not version earlier than 2015. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for joining the class…look forward to seeing your work. Enjoy, Skip

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