Correction: Paper Drips for MAC Users

Hello Everyone,

Mea culpa!  David Gell, the most knowledgeable Painter user I know, reminded me that there is a problem with exporting a Painter 12 Paper File from a PC to a MAC.  If you are a Painter 12 MAC user and downloaded Paper Drips, it will not work for you.  Please take the time to go to Painter Factory and read the thread about Library Import Scripts Mac OSX.  You can download the script and then convert papers given to you by PC users to something that works on the MAC.  David kindly provided the converted paper for MAC Painter 12 users.

Paper Drips for Painter 12 Mac Users

Many thanks again to David.  If you haven’t been to his website, do visit it.  Click on the link in my Blogroll.  I know you will enjoy his site.

Enjoy and sorry for the mixup,



“Good grief, Kevin, not now!”

4 responses to “Correction: Paper Drips for MAC Users

  1. hi skip…i downloaded this folder into the downloads file on my MAC 10.6.8 and it won’t open up or import into the paper library. If I click on it in my downloads file I get a dialog box that says there is no application that will support it. If i try to import it I can’td find it anywhere….Any ideas? Thank you.

    • Hi Jay,

      Here is what you need to do to import the library into Painter 12.

      1. Open Painter 12
      2. Open the Paper Library Panel
      3. Click on Menu options button
      4. Select import paper library
      5. Navigate to where you saved the download…BTW, it needs to be unzipped.
      6. Select the paper file and it should automatically load in your paper library panel.

      If I understand it right, you were trying to load it outside of Painter and have it install in Painter…can’t do that…you have to open Painter and import it from the paper library panel.

      Hope this helps…let me know…OK,


  2. Hi, first of all thanks for the paper. I have a problem to open it in Painter12. I followed all the steps; however, it can be selected at all and has a tray colour.

    • Hi Anna,
      Did you go to David Gell’s site and download the script, or did you use the converted file for a Mac. Would you please write out the steps; it will help me determine the problem.

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