Correction: Paper Drips for MAC Users

Hello Everyone,

Mea culpa!  David Gell, the most knowledgeable Painter user I know, reminded me that there is a problem with exporting a Painter 12 Paper File from a PC to a MAC.  If you are a Painter 12 MAC user and downloaded Paper Drips, it will not work for you.  Please take the time to go to Painter Factory and read the thread about Library Import Scripts Mac OSX.  You can download the script and then convert papers given to you by PC users to something that works on the MAC.  David kindly provided the converted paper for MAC Painter 12 users.

Paper Drips for Painter 12 Mac Users

Many thanks again to David.  If you haven’t been to his website, do visit it.  Click on the link in my Blogroll.  I know you will enjoy his site.

Enjoy and sorry for the mixup,



“Good grief, Kevin, not now!”