Gold in Painter 12 with Free Gold and Gold Leaf Plus Brushes

Hello Everyone,

Are you ready for Gold Leaf variants in Painter?  Do you know how to turn objects and letters into gold?  Read on, you are in for a treat.

Edit: 12/21/2011  Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker posted about gold on Karen Bonaker Art, and she gave some beautiful examples of how the gold can work on images. Don’t delay and go visit her blog; it is wonderful. I love her work. I am especially taken with her sumi-e bamboo with added gold leaf. Then return here and enjoy my take on this technique that Karen developed. 

We just finished Holiday Open Studio at the Digital Art Academy, and it was a blast.  The first week Master Painter Karen Bonaker taught us useful techniques for making flower paintings.  She gave us some very fine brushes, too.  I taught the second week.  The subject was snow landscapes in watercolor; we used the new brush sets, Cool Spring and Drips and Runs.  Elaina Moore-Kelly showed wonderful Holiday Card techniques in the third week.  But the fourth week really caught my attention.

In the fourth week Master Painter Karen Bonaker came back to teach how to paint Holiday Wreaths.  A few days before, she showed me a technique she was going to use that she called adding gold leaf.  Her demo fascinated me.  She even used one of the Bristly Dab variants to create the brush that she used for gold leaf.  My mind filled with possibilities and I was off and running to make some Gold Brush Variants. 

They are surprisingly easy to make.  I quickly made a few and posted them for the participants in Holiday Open Studio.  My friend and brush mentor, Master Brush Maker David Gell, graciously took the brushes and made them backward compatible for Painter IX and above.  But that is not all; he added a number of gold variants of his own.  And they are so super!!!  Thank you David for all that you do for us.

David gave me permission to post his brushes along with mine for you to download.  I know you will have fun with them.

The variants use Window > Brush Control Panels > Color Variability Panel command “From Gradient,” but I am getting ahead of myself.  I have a video for you.  Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the video and like what you saw.  Since the brushes use “From Gradient,” I decided to do two videos about making gradients in Painter.  This first video shows you how to capture a gradient.  It is very easy.  Enjoy!

There is a second method for making gradients called “Edit Gradient.”  I demonstrated using the Two Point gradient, but you could edit any default gradient.  Enjoy!

The final video explains how to turn text into gold or any object for that matter.  To do it, you need a “Reflection Map.”  Don’t let that strange-sounding name throw you.  I’ll explain all about it in the video.  Oh, OK, it is just another term for clone. You’ll see.  Enjoy!

OK, that’s it for the videos.  I will provide a download link for the brushes and reflection maps at the end of this post.  But I promised Painter 11 and X users I would explain how to delete a gradient.  Here goes:

  1. Open the Gradient Palette, Window > Library Palettes > Gradients.
  2. Click on the Options Button or Fly Out Menu and select Gradient Mover.
  3. When the Grad Mover opens, you can select any gradient and hit delete. 

I think that is it for the tutorials; now for the download.  This link will give you the Gold and Gold Leaf Plus brushes and Reflection Maps.  I hope you enjoy them.

Gold Stuff Download

Just to give you an idea of how these brushes work and what you can do with them.  I took an old watercolor painting and added gold lettering and gold leaf.  It isn’t all that successful, but it does illustrate the point.  And it is my way of saying to each of you, have the Happiest of Holidays!!!

An Old Watercolor done in Painter 11 and embellished with Gold in Painter 12

 “Am I going to get a present?”

“Good grief Kevin.  You have been so quiet I almost forgot about you.”

“Yes, I am being so good, so I get a present, right?” he squealed in his high pitch computer virus voice.  The sound is so annoying.

“Why would viruses get a present…Santa Claus doesn’t like viruses.”

“But you are Santa Claus!  I’ve seen the picture!”

I was beginning to get miffed.  It doesn’t take much with Kevin.  “I am not Santa Claus, but I did get you a present.”

“Go on, you did, really?  Is it a really, really big present?  That is what I want a really, really big present.”

“I don’t know if you would describe a new home as a really big present, but that is what I got you.”

“You are sending me away?  Please don’t send me away.  I am a very good virus.”

“No Kevin, I am not sending you away.  I told you I was going to buy a new computer and I bought it yesterday.”

“But you said you were not going to let me live in the new computer.”

“I know, I know.  I guess it is the Holiday Spirit getting to me, but I decided you can stay.  The computer doesn’t arrive until Jan 6th, so you better stay good until then…or I’ll revoke my decision,” I sternly warned.  It isn’t good to let him think he is home free.

“Yippee!  I am the happiest of viruses!  What did you get?  Is it fast?  Will I be able to zip around and up and down?”

“I think you will like it.  I got an Alienware Aurora with ALX Chassis.  The basic specs are:

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3960X (Six Core Extreme, 15MB Cashe) Overclocked up to 4.2Ghz
  • Memory: 16GB Quad Channel DDR3 at 16  MHz
  • Hard Drive: 2TB Raid 1+0 (4x 1TB SATA 3Gb/s) 7200 RPM
  • Video Card: Dual 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6950 – AMD CrossFireX Enabled

What do you think about that?”

He purred, “I think it is dreamy.  Are we going to play games?”

“I am, but you are not.  Don’t get pushy on me.  You are getting a bigger room and your own bathroom, so count your blessings.”

“I don’t see why you get to play and I don’t.”

“Oh good grief, Kevin.  Let’s call it a wrap.”

Happy Holidays,


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  1. I think that in every conversation I have with you Skip .. I say thank you .. and with good reason! … so again … THANK YOU.

    • Thank you Charlie! Your comment means a lot to me. Posting to a blog is a single experience, meaning it is done without knowledge of if it helps or is read or appreciated. You and others who take the time to comment or ask questions really make blogging worthwhile. So, it is I who thanks you for your kind comments. Take care my friend and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. I´m so happy – every one of your posts have the feeling of me winning the lottery!!! Your resources you so freely give away fills me with such joy and pleasure, I´m like a kid in a candy or toy store here at your site – thank you soooo much for sharing your goodies.

    Happy Holidays to you Skip
    Inger : )

    • Happy Holidays Inger and thank you so much for your comment. I love knowing that you are enjoying the blog and the “goodies.” I do love sharing stuff.

      I wish you the best in the New Year,

  3. The painting with Gold Leaf you and Karen have demonstrated in our Holiday Open Studio is really exciting. I have given it a little bit of time. Enough to see the wonderful potential. As soon as the holidays are over I plan to spend a lot of time with these brushes and skill. Merry Xmas Santa Clause 🙂

    • Hi Kathy,
      You are always an inspiration to me. I am a big fan of your work, and I am amazed each time you pick up a new brush variant. It is as if it is a old friend; you are so comfortable with it. I said in one of the forums that I want to paint like you and I meant it.

      Hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday and the best New Year ever,

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  5. You are having to much fun. I have a question- Can you tell me the next round of classes? I absurdity loved your last class, You open a new word for me. I am hopping for more of the techniques that you use for your art. Step by step on how you do your thing some what like In the renaissance when you have a master and a student and the master would help the students through all of the up and downs in developing their type of art. Balance color contrast all the things that you do so well.

    • Hi GC,

      Digital painting is fun! I haven’t decided about classes next session, but I’ll know something by the December 31. Stay tuned and I’ll announce it on the blog.

      Happy Holidays,

  6. I almost missed this. If I read this correctly Skip, Kevin just got you a brand spanking new super duper computer:-) That baby reads like dream. I never heard of the Alienware Aurora. How in the world did you ever find it? If you got it, I know it is a good one! Like I said earlier, Merry Christmas Santa and congratulations!

    • Hi Kathy,

      I bought the computer, not Kevin. Sure would have been nice if he had, but computer viruses don’t have any money. 🙂 I did tell him that he could live in the new computer, too.

      Alienware has been around for a while; it is a gaming computer, which means it is equiped with a lot of graphics power. Dell computer now owns Alienware, and you can buy them through Dell. I had looked at them before and other gaming machines, but never bought one.

      It looks like it will take off and fly…LOL. Follow this link to see the type I got…it is a hoot.

      • I have been there, and it looks like it will not only fly, but fly to the outer reaches of space. What a beauty with so much power and ability. Your in a whole new league with this one Skip. Thanks for letting me know what it was. I get so interested when someone says they got a new computer.

        Oh…and I thought Kevin was your alter ego. Your a tolerant fellow to let a virus into this Rolls Royce of a Computer:-)

        • I think Kevin started out as my alter ego. I used him to help me get started writing on the practice blog…you can still see those musings on the first entry. But somewhere along the way, he announced that he was a computer virus…or someone tagged him as one. He assures me that he is a good virus, sort of like Glenda the good witch on the Wizard of Oz. But sometime I am not so sure. 🙂

  7. Thanks so much Skip for all you do for us throughout the year. This looks great. I can’t wait to try it out. This is like a big Christmas present. I have always wanted to sign my paintings in gold, or paint with gold leaf. Thank you so very much and Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks Judith,

      I was so excited when I saw Karen’s gold leaf technique. I think it is so much fun. I’m glad you like it too.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours…and a big hug, too, Skip

  8. hello, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have one question: once it is downloaded how do I upload the files into painter 12 pls? For some reason I just cannot figure it out. thanks

  9. Wow, smashing computer you got there Skip. BTW does it come with the costume as well? I can’t wait to hear your voice on the new videos through that sexy Darth Vader mask! I am sure the line of students will snake all the way out into the hallway at DAA.
    Happy NY

    • Carlos,

      The super suit has already arrived; it isn’t a costume. I don’t know where you get such silly ideas. I added the top of the line suit to the order, and now I am almost invincible, except for a tiny little spot on my left heel, which has something to do with the super alloy plate dipping technique. Beside giving me super status, the suit is incredibly good looking on me; it is very sliming. The suit is very comfortable…all soft and squishy inside. I can bathe and take care of all personal business inside of the suit. I don’t mean I can get in the shower or sit on the toilet while in the suit; I mean all that happens inside the suit automatically…sort of. Temperature control is the only thing that seems a bit faulty. I am either too hot or too cold, never just right. I know it is such a little thing, but it is annoying and frustrating. I understand there is a patch coming soon to fix this minor bug.

      All in all, the super suit is fantastic. I can’t wait for the computer to arrive; I hope it works as well as the suit. Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the upgrade ruby slippers option I bought. When I click my heels together three times, the computer will fold into something that resembles a business card and loads into a special slot in the suit. That way, I can take the desktop anywhere I want. There is some silly warning about accidentally clicking the ruby slipper heels and causing the computer to resize without first ejecting. I can’t imagine accidentally clicking my heels together, but I am told while wearing the slippers, the urge to tap dance and click heels is irresistible. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

      I am sure there will be more to tell. I’ll keep you posted. BTW, my suit has aqua lights and I am afraid that the ruby slippers clash. What do you think?


  10. Not that you asked Skip, but bout that colah clash of ruby red and aqua. I think a yellow warning sign would solve that. It would also alert your followers that part of what you discuss is serious teaching. The yellow sign would say you sure can spin a story:-) From now on I will watch for the yellow sign in case you mixed them up all together:-) Happy NY

    • Dearest Kathy,

      🙂 Thank you so much for trying to nudge Skip into the right direction. Finally someone out there has told him how silly he is. I don’t mean to say that he doesn’t have the super suit; he does. But, he does need to get his facts correct. For instance, in the book, not the movie, the slippers were silver and of course silver and aqua go very well together. One more point, he spells my mentor and best friend’s name incorrectly. It is Glinda, not Glynda or Glenda, and she is the good Witch of the South and the protector of Queen Ozma, who at the time of the silver slippers had been dethroned. There is so much that he doesn’t know or understand, poor demented boy. 🙂

      :)I must run. I want to reply to Carlos before Skip wakes. He gets so irritable when I chat with you guys. I’ll put up the warning signs for Skip; not sure what they will be. I will figure something out. 🙂

      The good computer virus
      Supplicant and friend of Glinda of the South 🙂

  11. Skip, sorry I find that the aqua lights can not so much clash but rather steer us away from our point of focus which of course should be the red slippers. I am sure there is a course at DAA that discusses compositional techniques (?).
    More importantly though, have you tried the mask on? and is the voice sexier?
    That’s whats gonna bring them in the door by the truckloads (you know me always looking out for the business side of things)

    • Carlos,

      🙂 I probably shouldn’t speak for Skip, but shouldn’t never stopped me before. I think he ignored your comment about the sexy voice because he thinks he has a sexy voice without the mask. Poor thing, he is so confused. 🙂

      🙂 I can happily report that he did put on the mask and, thankfully, has not taken it off. I can’t say that his voice is any different, but the visual is way improved. He does look dapper in the suit and mask, especially the mask. Now if he would just exchange the slippers to silver instead of ruby, all would be well. 🙂

      The Good Computer Virus
      Supplicant and friend to Glinda of the South 🙂

  12. Kathy and Carlos,

    I have great news. The officially sanctioned slippers are silver not ruby. I am in the process of exchanging the ruby ones for silver ones; the clash problem is no longer an issue. Compositionally? I’m not sure about that. I think we have to wait until the new silver slippers arrive. Plus, I just discovered the suit has changeable options. I can change the aqua lights to red, purple, yellow, etc.

    Wait a minute. Has Kevin been messing around here this morning? Looks like he has. I best run.


    “KEVIN….Kevin front and center!”

  13. ohhhh, then that means that instead of gold brushes we can also paint with silver. Love that prospect. So glad you solved the colah problem:-) This Kevin guy, has qualities I really like:-) As for spinning a yarn, I really admire the ability to tell a yarn. I seem to only be good at it when I am knitting:-)

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  15. hello from France Paris Montmartre

    I started with success “painting with gold” and that works very well-so I thank all of You for having developed brushes and explanations-merci beaucoup…..

    now a question or better a demand:

    working with NOZZELS “alter” the colours in Painter mostly with any color or brush except: black (a very nice colour….) and the colours become pale so that their interest are no more satisfying

    a “talked to Corell people some years ago-no result……….!

    the demand:

    – is there any advice to maintain the colours when using NOZZELS

    – is there any chance to save the “gold” when using nozzels?

    a bottle of french CHAMPAIN to the champion


    • Hey Gottfried,

      I’m not sure I understand your question, but I can tell you how to change the color of a nozzle brush without it fading out.
      1. Nozzle brushes are connected to the alternate color on your color Panel.
      2. The amount of color added to the nozzle brush is determined by the amount of grain. One hundred percent grain adds no color to the Nozzle brush. Zero degree grain replaces any nozzle color with the alternate color. If you have 502% grain, you will get 50% of the alternate color added to the nozzle color.

      I did a quick video for you, which you can find here: Nozzle Color Video

      I do not know how to add gold to a nozzle, at least I haven’t discovered one, but stick around. Maybe I can figure it out someday.

      Hope this helps,

      • hello
        thanks a lot especially for the so quick response and the special video
        OK the grain thing is determinating the outcome as well as the secondaire colour
        now there is after testing something wich is not clear or solved as my tests show: after painting something with three colours i have the choice when saving this painting i generally use: luminescence and sometimes :colour, but i can’t find out why the nozzel will stay so pale though the grain is set to 100% and i vary the colour from first or second-mystere,mystere

        by the way what program do you use for your videos where one can see the mouse going around

        i like very much your comments in the videos and your half-amused “tone”you adopt in the comments-really friendly and excellent helper to follow…..

        a pitty that the goldbrushes dont like “nozzeling”…..

        merci beaucoup sincerement


        • Hi Gottfried,

          One of your questions is easy to answer. I use Camtasia Studio 8 for recording my videos. And, thanks for the nice comment about the videos.

          Your other question is difficult for me. I think something must be lost in the translation. Let me tell you where I am lost.

          You are saying that grain percentage makes the color by adding the Additional color in the same percentage to the Image Hose brush. After testing, your results were unclear. Then you say after painting 3 colors you have a choice how you save the painting. You mention that you use luminescence and sometimes color. I don’t understand what you mean by a choice to save as luminescence or color.

          Then you mention that you cannot find out why the nozzle will stay pale though the grain is set to 100%. Can you give me more details? What nozzle are you using? What Image Hose brush are you using? Have you changed the composite layer to anything for default?

          Please answer in French if that is your native language, or answer in the language of your choice and let me try to translate.

          I’m stumped…but I hope we can figure this out. I may get you to email me a screen shot, too.


  16. Bonjour Skip


    Now, my forgotten mother toungue is german, my day to day toungue is french, Painter 12 is in french (i can’t manage to set it to english, hélas)

    so please accept my english…..

    thanks for the name of the video program, i use SNAPSZ Pro…..

    Yes the nozzels:

    1 done by painting with an acrylique brush are OK for nozzeling when the colour is set to only ONE colour and the saving of the RIFF file selected to either “colour” or ” luminescence” (sorry this is the Painter’s choice when i go the SELECT)
    so everything works fine with them nozzels

    2 done by different colours in the same picture (acrylique brushes)
    then the outcome or result is allways “pale” …..

    3 done with the gold leaf plus-solid impasto gradient and yellow coloured gold gradient painting-then the result is “pale” as in case 2……

    4 will be in cases 2 and 3 will be better and better when i right click several times
    after nozzeling, WITHOUT mouving the mouse or wacom stylet… explanation is +/- superposing several times the same picture and thus adding the same final brushstroke one upone the previous one

    …… i will try to “send” two 6 pictures showing the cases 2 to 4 with the pale outcome and the “several times clicked” result, but where/how can i send those pictures (should i making a video…..?)



    • Hi Gottfried,

      I am sending you an email so you will have my address and we can send screen shots back and forth. Look for it.

      I know Snapz Pro. I have a similar program made by the same folks that make Camtasia Studio 8 called Snagit. You may want to check out this review of Snapz Pro.

      I have two questions, which I will repeat in my email.

      1. Are you asking questions about making a nozzle?

      2. Or, are you asking questions about painting with a nozzle loaded into an Image Hose brush?

      I thought you were asking about painting with an Image Hose brush, but now I am thinking the question concerns making a nozzle to be used with an Image Hose brush.

      Look for the email soon.


  17. Hi Skip, Thanks for the brushes. I have Gold Leaf, but not the plus. I haven’t ever seen this video. I will watch it soon. I haven’t seen you around, and miss you. I hope all is well with you. If not, I’m sorry to hear that.

    • Hey Kerry,

      Thanks for asking…I’m fine, but have been a bit under the weather. I should start posting again very soon. I just got a new Cintiq 24 HD Touch and I’m busy setting it up. I hope to produce information about the setup. I’m making lots of shortcuts for Painter’s commands and adding them to the radial dial. The setup for the most part will work for an Intuos 4 or 5. I hope it generates some interest.

      Again thanks for asking about me. I’m hoping folks haven’t forgotten me. 🙂


      • Hi Skip. I’m sorry you have been under the weather. Lucky you getting the Cintiq. I’ve been looking longingly at them. You are someone people don’t forget. I’m looking forward to your feeling better. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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