Registration is Open for Corel Painter Classes at Digital Art Academy

Hello Everybody,

Registration is open for the first session of 2012 at Digital Art Academy (DAA).  The first session begins on January 28 and ends on Feb 24.  DAA focuses on Corel Painter, specifically Painter 12, although we still have a few self-study courses for Painter 11 active. 

Start your New Year off right and join us and explore the wonderful world of Corel Painter. You will find out all you need to know about each class by visiting DAA, but I will give you an idea of the offerings in the first session.

Core Courses

An Image Created in Painter 12 by Elaina Moore-Kelly

If you are brand new to Painter 12 or are an experienced user that would like a refresher course, then Elaina Moore-Kelly has the classes for you.  Elaina teaches Introduction to Painter 12 – Part 1 and Introduction to Painter 12 – Part 2.  Elaina’s class is very detailed and covers all the important parts of Corel Painter 12.  Elaina uses PDFs for her lessons with a video or two mixed in.  I have worked with Elaina beta testing Corel Painter 11 and 12, but she started beta testing Corel Painter with version 7, I believe.  Elaina knows Painter 12 as well as the developers I will venture to say.  If you want detailed knowledge of Painter 12, take these classes.

Image from Week 4 Painter 12 A New Beginning

If you have a good working knowledge of Painter 11 or X and you want to know what is new in Painter 12, then my Painter 12 A New Beginning is the course for you.  I designed this course for a current Corel Painter user who is new to Painter 12.  There is a lot of new stuff in Painter 12; this course covers it all.  Discover all the mysteries of Corel Painter 12 in four short weeks.

So, you haven’t upgraded to Corel Painter 12 and want to discover all about Corel Painter 11.  Or maybe you are an experienced user of Corel Painter 11 and want a refresher course.  My three Corel Painter 11 Courses, Introduction to Corel Painter 11 the Basics, Introduction to Corel Painter 11 Beyond the Basics, and Corel Painter 11 Selections, Channels and Masks are available for self-study.

Painter Professional Courses

There is a new instructor at DAA.  If you are a fan of digital watercolor in Corel Painter, then I bet Joan Hamilton is no stranger to you.    I am so excited that Joan is joining us at DAA.  If you haven’t looked at her blog, then please do so.  You will love it.

Image from Joan's Watercolor Class

Joan’s first class is Learning to Paint Elements in the Watercolor Landscape with Corel Painter 12.  Joan works with both watercolor type variants in Painter 12, but steers clear of the new Real Watercolor variants because they are so memory hungry.  Trust me, you will not miss working with those variants; Joan has fine tuned her craft and shares her secretes with you.  If you love watercolor, this is a must take course.

Landscape developed from Splashes, The Basics of Watercolor in Painter 12

My watercolor class, The Basics of Watercolor in Corel Painter 12, offered again this session, focuses on Painter 12 and the new watercolor variants, Real Watercolor.  This class teaches to splash the paint around and develop landscapes from happy accidents.  Through practice, the students brush handling abilities strengthen.  As usual, I will have a few optional live classes as well, which are a lot of fun.  I plan to have Part 2 available for session 2.

Image made with variants created in The Basics of Brush Making in Painter 12

Available again this session is my Basics of Brush Making in Painter 12. This class takes the mystique out of brush making in Painter 12.  It is a basic course and doesn’t cover everything, but the student develops a firm foundation for brush making. There are optional live sessions planned as well; I know you will enjoy those.  I plan to have Part 2 available for session 2.  I wanted to have it ready for this session, but my new computer arrives this week and will occupy most of my free time. 


Art Rage

All Undone, Image from ArtRage Pro 3.5

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker’s class, ArtRage-Brush Course-Watercolor and What’s New in ArtRage 3.5, updated to include the new 3.5 version strikes my fancy.  If you love ArtRage and watercolors, don’t miss this course.  Karen is one of the best teachers around and is so very creative in all that she does.  The class includes weekly live sessions as well as videos.  How to paint, how to make watercolor brushes, and what’s new in ArtRage 3.5 are covered in the course. You need ArtRage Studio Pro version 3.5 to take this class. 

I think that about covers it.  Do check out the details of course offerings at DAA.

Hope to see you in a class,


10 responses to “Registration is Open for Corel Painter Classes at Digital Art Academy

  1. Thanks for posting this Skip and for your nice comment about my course! You are a dear! I am so excited about the course and know it’s going to be loads of fun! I’ve got lots of stuff to teach on using the Digital Watercolour variants and the Wet Watercolour ones. Lots of new Custom brushes for blending and tips and tricks to learn to paint skies, trees, land, water and snow.
    So glad I don’t have to worry about teaching the Real Watercolour variants because you are! I think we’ve got watercolours covered eh! Especially with the addition of Karen’s ArtRage Watercolour course. Something for everyone!

    Enjoy your new computer!


    • Hey Joan,

      I am so excited about your course and I know others will love it. It is going to be great fun working with you at DAA, too. I know when we get the chance to meet live, we have a few belly laughs…well maybe more than a few. One of these days, I hope we can actually meet. It is so strange to feel like a friend with folks like you, Karen and Elaina, and yet we have never met. I guess it is this modern age; don’t you just love it?

      I Know I will enjoy the computer once it is here and set up, but right now I am trying to prepare the computer room, clean up files, and the usual stuff necessary to start with a new computer. I bet my watercolor brushes are going to fly on the new system…yippeee.

      Thanks for stopping by and we will talk soon.


  2. Hi Skip…it has been a long time since I took my classes from you in Painter 11. I now have Painter 12 and am interested in both your New beginnings class and the brush making class. Will that be a lot to take in one session? How will the work load be? I know I am ultimately the one who must decide that according to my own workflow but I wanted to get your opinion ! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    • Hi Paula,

      I think you will do fine in both classes, but there is a lot of work. The New Beginnings class is really about what is new with Painter 12…it isn’t a basic course for those new to Painter. You have a good background in using Painter 11, so just learning what is new is all I think you need. But, please note, there is a lot new with Painter 12. The brush making class requires a lot of testing and saving brushes and then trying to use them. It will take more time than New Beginnings, but I think you will enjoy playing with brushes. Don’t forget that you can download the materials and work at your leisure, and as usual, the classes will remain open several weeks after the last day.

      Yep, it is a lot of work, but I think you will be fine. Of course this depends on your schedule and what you already have on your plate. Hope to see you in a class.


  3. Thanks Skip, for you input! I want to take both….I will have to look at my schedule. I know I have a digi scrapping class in January that goes into Feb. I want to take the brushes course because I want to make beautiful backgrounds for collages. I have started a new venture in photo designs/collages. See my facebook page here: I will take at least 1 of them! Blessings,

  4. Because I don’t know how to use most of the features in Painter, I am hesitant to take your course. Watercolor is my favorite medium and love your paintings and teaching style. Will you be offering the course again very soon? I am taking Karen’s course and have learned quite a bit and really enjoy her class. I have to do most of the work in Photoshop. So, whatcha think about me signing up for your class? If you are not going to be offering the course soon, I don’t want to miss out.

    • Hi Kathi,

      Yes, I will be teaching the watercolor class in the coming session and Joan Hamilton will be teaching one as well. Mine is for intermediate and advanced users of Painter, and I think Joan’s is too. If you are having to do most of the stuff in Photoshop in Karen’s class, then I don’t think you are ready for my watercolor class. I would recommend that you take Elaina’s beginning classes for Painter 12 or my class called Painter 12 a New Beginning. Elaina’s would be best because she will take you through Painter as if you are completely new. My class is for folks who are used to Painter but have upgraded to Painter 12 and want to learn about all the new features. It is so important with any software that you learn the basics first. I think you will be so glad you took one of the basic classes first. I hope this helps, Skip

    • Hi Darla,
      We do not have a physical location; we are completely digital. The instructors are from the US, and we have students from different countries. I hope that helps.

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