New Wacom Driver has been Posted

Hello Everyone,

This is just a quick announcement to let you know that the Intous Wacom Driver I announced here is now back up and available for download.  I didn’t check for Cintiq or other Wacom Products.  I am not sure this is available for other countries or not.  The driver I downloaded indicated it was World Wide except for Eruope, Africa, and the Middle East.  Check at the Wacom site for those countries.  Wacom added a new feature.  You can see my video about it here.

That’s all for now…post again soon,


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      • Hey Skip – EVERYTIME I try to install an update from Wacom, SOMETHING gets screwed up. Can’t use either my Intuos or my Cintiq…says driver not found. ARGH!!@!!!

        • Hi Jill,

          That is awful. I have had some trouble from time to time, but have been getting great installs of late. Here is what I do in Windows 7.
          1. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program
          2. Find the Wacom Tablet and uninstall all of it.
          3. Do a restart on your computer.
          4. Download the driver and save it somewhere on your computer, if you already haven’t done it…I keep mine in my downloads folder BTW.
          5. Double click on the downloaded .exe file and follow the prompts.
          6. At the end, restart your computer again.
          7. If after all this, you get the message that the driver is not found, I think this means that there was a conflict when the driver was loading on at startup. Long ago, a Wacom tech suggested this and it works most of the time for me. Rarely, I will get the message. Anyway…again using Windows 7…
          8. Go to your start up menu and in the search box at the bottom, type in Services. Look at the returned items and select the one that just says Services.
          9 In the Services window, you should be at the Services Tab. Look down the first column, name until you find TabletServiceWacom. Double click it.
          10.That will open another window, TabletServiceWacom Properties Window, and you will be on the General Tab.
          11.Look down to the middle of the window for startup type…it is usually set for automatic.
          12.Click the drop down menu and select Automatic (Delayed Start) and click OK and then close the services window.

          That’s it. Next time you start, the driver should be there, unless there is something else that is wrong. Let me know if this helps.


  1. Skip, not yet released for the Asia-Pacific (which includes Australia) region, but of course it is simple to just download the American version (evil laugh).

      • Skip, when it released for my area I will compare the two files out of interest, however I never have had any trouble in the past.

        Summer is wet (heavy rain for the last week and expected to continue all this week) well in Brisbane anyway.

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