Open Studio – Street Scenes Starts Tomorrow at DAA

It’s Not Too Late To Register!

Hey Friends,

Our first Open Studio starts tomorrow at the Digital Art Academy.  Corel Painter Master Karen Bonaker is the instructor and we have a special guest, Denise Laurent, who is the creator of Dens Oil Brushes.  Karen’s Open Studios are always fabulous and I learn so much from them.  You can register up until the end of the first week of class, but do try to join early tomorrow.  Karen scheduled the  first live session at 12 Noon tomorrow Eastern…or New York Time.  If you miss it, no problem, recordings are posted for all participants.

So what is Open Studio?  It is a class session for everyone with a skill level of Intermediate or Advanced with Painter.  Karen uses Painter 12.1 for her demos, but you will be fine with versions IX – Painter 12.1.  But take it from me…upgrade to 12.1…you will be glad that you did.

Karen visited the Tuscany countryside in Italy and brought back tons of wonderful pictures.  She offers her pictures as references or use photographs of your own.  There is a specific goal outlined each week, which help us expand our knowledge of the software and find inspiration in the world around us.  Karen has posted two images for the live session tomorrow.  I don’t know what she has in store for us, but it looks like she wants us open for change experimenting with the subject as we go.  Here are her two images posted.  Aren’t they wonderful?  I can’t wait for class to start.

Street Scene

One of the Street Scenes for discussion in live session.

Street Scene

Another version for live discussion

.To register for the class go to Digital Art Academy Open Studio.  I know you will love this class!!!

 Skip PS: Here is a note that describes the skill level needed in the class. Beginners with exceptions. If you are just learning how to use Painter, this may not be the class for you. But something to look forward to as your skill set improves. You should know your way around the Interface and be able to add layers, understand how to use the Quick Clone function, and be able to work with a custom set of brushes.

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