My First Webinar from Blog…Hodgepodge Tips and Tricks

Hello Everyone,

Where have y’all been?  Ok…I’ve been missing in action again.  I don’t know where my time goes, but I am going to get back to posting on my blog, but first.  Guess what!  I bit the bullet and purchased Go to Meeting for 100 attendees.  That means I am going to start producing live webinars at no cost to you.

The first one is a Corel Painter show and tell…or actually a test run.  Don’t get me wrong, I plan to demo stuff, but I consider this first one a practice run.  I hope you will attend and help me perfect using this technology.  “Update to original post!”  I can’t believe I forgot to mention the date and time of the webinar.  It is Tuesday, May 29th, at noon – 12:00 PM – New York Time.  Thank you my friend, Banana, for pointing it out.


I promise to make some more videos in the next couple of days.  BTW…I am having a great time in Karen Bonaker’s Open Studio…Summer Skies.  Participants have produced lots of great images.  The first week we worked in Pastels.  Here is my image.

Image done in Painter 12.1 using oil pastel brushes and Karen Bonaker Custom Brushes. I wanted a lot of texture and worked on Artist canvas. I got texture…too much…LOL.

I noticed I had another cloud painting done in watercolor, but not for Open Studio.  Here it is.  Hope you enjoy it.

Quick watercolor done in Painter 12.1. Painted in a live class session

Well that does it for this post.  Do register for the live session.

“Can I come?”

“No Kevin!  You may not come!  These are my friends coming to see me…not you, so don’t even think about crashing the party.”

Softly, he said, “We will see.”

32 responses to “My First Webinar from Blog…Hodgepodge Tips and Tricks

  1. Hey Skip, man you picked a day that I will not be able to attend. So disappointed. Will this be available after your live Webinar? Sure hope so.


    Dale Stillman

  2. Skip,
    You know that I would love to be there, but that will be during a work day for me. I will look forward to future webinars and/or the recording of this one. Break a leg! (Not really!)

    • Hey Candace, Playtime is much more important than work, said by a retiree. You call your bosses and tell them I said to let you off for an hour or two and you do not want to go home, but insist that you can view the webinar at work. Or…if you are skittish, ‘ll have another one soon that will be in the evening. I love the Cloud Trio you posted at Open Studio. The depth in the first one was amazing…all due to the way you painted the clouds. I wanted to move to the location of the second one and the storm clouds in the third looked real. Very nice work! Skip

      • Skip,
        I work on the road, so maybe I can pick you up on my MiFi with my laptop!

        Thank you for the comments on my postings this week! I think that I am one of the few who actually enjoyed the watercolor medium this week, and it was because of the class that I took from you last winter. The location of the second one is not that far from you- you may want to come visit us in Guntersville, Alabama. It is a beautiful lake area with mountains, the best of both worlds.
        I look forward to the webinars! Thank you for your continued generosity.


          • Skip,
            It is most beautiful in the Autumn. We have a friend with a house on the river there, and this is the view as the sun rises. Let me know if you decide to visit and I will try to recommend some places to stay and/or dine.

    • Oh my Gosh. Thanks a bunch Lana…I can’t believe I didn’t mention the time. If you clicked the link it would have told you, but I am the brain dead one for not posting the date and time. I hope I have enough cells left to do the webinar. LOL.

      Thanks you so much, Princess Banana…
      Big Hugs,

      • LOL…I still didn’t mention it. I am going to update the page, but I meant to tell you the date and time…good grief.

        It is Tuesday, May 29 at 12:00 PM New York Time.

  3. I registered for the webinar but then realized it was 11 AM Pacific. Can’t make that but sure DO look forward to downloading it! I have all your brushes loaded and there is more there than one person could ever exhaust. Actually I just reloaded a total of 67 brush categories with yours, David Gell’s, KB, etc; after a hard drive crash. Now the learning & fun begins.

    • Hey Stephen…I don’t think I have 67 brush categories and I thought I had a lot…wow…you have the most I have heard. I was going to tell you the you had the time wrong, but noticed that you made the correction. I think this reply may make 1000 comments on the blog. That’s a wow, too.

    • OMGosh Lynda…I thought your Spanish home was amazing, and now moving back to England you have done it again. A bed and breakfast…wow…that sounds fun. I bet you will meet wonderful folks. Do check on the time…I think there is 6 hours difference, but I’m not sure.

  4. good for you Skip will try to attend your webinar. .. When is it to be? I have just come out of hospital as I broke my arm last Sunday. Painful! Doing everything one handed but luckily (?) right arm ok… Valerie

    • Valerie…were you skateboarding or wind surfing. You have to slow down! 🙂 I hope you have a speedy recovery with your arm…I don’t think I would deal with a broken arm well.

  5. Hi Skip..cant wait myself for the webinar..i miss your blog posts too..yours is the the 1st one i check replied to Banana and told her?.2:00pm New York Time,where the original blog post says 12:00 noon..again thanks for all the info and help you have given over the years..rock on!(or maybe it should be Clock the clock in the background)..

  6. Hi Skip
    Really excited about this! Should be loads of fun to pick your brains lol! One thing I was thinking of asking you lately is to show me how to make a paper texture from an image. My problem is I can’t get them to be on the same scale as my painting and I end up with tiling going on. I’ve tried to find info on how to fix that, but I’m not getting it yet. I’m sure it’s just a little simple step I’m missing.
    See you there!


    • Hey Joan,
      Good question and I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. It isn’t really a special step…other than sizing the paper source to a larger size than your painting prior to capturing it as a paper. Or, you could start your painting the same size as the paper source…that would make it easier, too.
      See you tomorrow…Hugs,

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