Anyone have any request for Webinar Tuesday, May 29 at Noon New York Time.

Hey Everyone,

Tomorrow is the big day.  My first live webinar via my blog…well…actually via Go To Webinar, but organized for blog followers.  As I mentioned, it isn’t exactly planned; just want to make sure there are no unforseen kinks in the production.  I have some ideas of things to cover, but, the webinar is for you, so if you have any specific question, please post it in a comment below.  Try to make the questions somewhat specific.  Tell me how to use channels is a bit broad. 🙂  Narrow the scope of the question and I’ll have a better chance of answering it in the time alloted.

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker’s Open Studio…Summer Skies…is in its third week.  I showed you a pastel I did for the first week in my last post.  For the second week I did this watercolor using mostly Desert Oasis brushes.  It was a lot of fun.  Strangely for me, I worked on the painting over several days.  I wasn’t working as fast or loose as I would like.  I am not sure if I am developing a new direction or I am still working out the kinks with the way I use Desert Oasis.  Anyway…none of that matters now.  Here is the painting.

Bronze Sky, Watercolor in Painter 12.1, Mostly Desert Oasis Variants, Created During Open Studio Summer Skies

See you tomorrow, I hope.  BTW, more people have signed up than I have space.  But, I suspect everyone that wants to attend will be able to get in because many folks register and then can’t make it.  Also, folks do not stay the whole time, so if you don’t get in with your first try keep trying.  I better go practice. 🙂

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  1. This is simply beautiful Skip……the sky is wonderful…love the simplified color scheme…….You get better and better ! I will be at work tomorrow, but look forward
    to seeing the video……..and will be “pulling for you” !! judi

  2. Skip,
    I will have to watch the recorded version, but I would love some insight into your process for the painting. I am really taken with it.

    • Thanks Candace…
      Gosh, I think I have already forgotten the process. 🙂 I really hadn’t thought much about it, but I do have a sort of set order that I go through. I’ll try to work that in.

  3. Hi Skip,
    id like to take a painting Lesson..course my painter skills are not so good….with real
    color and brushes it goes so so…will see
    good night..börni from Hamburg Germany

    • its me again…something about !IRON SKy”:-…i think the paper/ canvas structure looks not real..i would like much more about corel painter 12!
      Ive got advanced painter technics by don seegmiller and it helps a lot:)
      Do you get inspired by by BOB Ross? Please take me serious cause there
      is some much out there to learn..yes.. i wanna take some lessons.. but it cant be enough to paint some strunks in the foreground of the pictue + some fading colors without any color contrast!
      Anyway….lets see what you have to teach!
      Like your work!
      Maybe i could send you some Pics to dicuss?

      • Hi Bjorn,
        You have a good eye. I can relate to your comment about the paper texture. The problem can be scale. When it is too big, it looks fake, too small it is invisible. I tend to push the too big or too visible edge.
        I have Don’s Advanced Painter Techniques, too. It is one of my favorite books.
        I remember Bob Ross and when I was a lot younger, I saw a few of his TV shows. He was loved by many.
        Actually I was going for a limited palette with faded muted colors, so your comment is correct.
        Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you visit often.

  4. Hey buddy Desert Oasis isn’t listed on the top menu here or the side bar to the right, or the Skip Allen Brushes, section on the PT homepage, just in the downloads section..just saying. Yep I am one of those goobers that registered but can’t make it. So do go ahead and delete me from the queue. I have brush making questions like key limitations, but I think that is a bit too specialized for now. Just paint us something pretty.

    • Hey Stephen,
      Yep, Desert Oasis hasn’t made page status, yet. I first introduce the collection in a Post. Sometime later, I create a page for the download, until then it is located on the post concerning desert oasis.
      Hey…no problem about registering and not attending. It doesn’t stop anyone else…the registration list doesn’t close…or I don’t know how to close it. The problem is the day of the event…if more than 100 show up, then not everyone will get into the show. I’m not sure I am explaining it correctly. It will all work out tomorrow. 🙂

  5. This is probably going to sound “stupid” but, here goes. What is the best way to try out new brushes, how they lay down strokes, blend, work as a glaze,etc. I am trying to find out how various libraries/categories paint. I will try to doodle on a blank canvas and then when I go to try a quick painting the brushes don’t seem to do the same thing. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. It is so frustrating yet I am not going to give up.

  6. I would like you show how you make a paper that you bring in as a jpeg works. Maybe your go also go over textures and overlays that are jpeg. Only if this works in with what you are planning on doing. Please record the webinar so we can download it later.
    See you tomorrow.

  7. Hi Skip,

    I will be waiting for the Video to come out, just think you paintings are so beautiful, I have so much to learn and thanks to your lessons I have picked up lots of info, however I think it comes down to experimenting and practice too. Lots of luck tomorrow.

  8. Great webinar Skip. I learned several things – never knew about Stroke attributes. Love that.

    I have a question/observation.I have found that when paper is made vertically – I would think horizontal is the same … , the paper capture process wants to “squish” the paper image toward square thus distorting the aspect ratio, no longer exactly matching the original – important if the paper is a portrait. Is this your experience?. My solution is the take the paper image before capture and to format it it ON a square canvas so this does not happen. I have never heard this mentioned. Am I hallucinating? Thanks. W

    • Hi Winifred,
      Yep, stroke atributes can be fun.
      This is an interesting question and I need to research to be sure. You are correct about making a square…but I don’t think it is squished. The size of the square is determined by the longest side of the captured image. Paper gets placed in the upper left corner, so you should be able to adjust size of the paper to match size of the painting. Like I said, I need to double check, but that is what I think I remember doing.
      Thanks for the comment and question,

  9. Your webinar was outstanding. I learned so m any new things. The time was up before I even realized that an hour had passed. I was completely engrossed.
    I don’t think you could do anything but, the only problem I personally had was when you would mention clicking on something or changing something like a slide, I could tell where you were on the screen. Is there a way to make the cursor a little larger during your webinar. I am definitely going to download the webinar and it will be one I refer to on many occasions (short memory-lol).

    • Hi Kathi,
      That is a good suggestion. I don’t think there is a way to make the cursor bigger, but I may be able to change its color. Also, I fill my workspace with all sorts of palettes, which makes it confusing. I need to work on simplifying the workspace.

  10. Thanks Skip! for your Webinar! I enjoyed it very much!
    Even though I think a clean standard workspace would look a bit more inviting.As you said: People prefer less brushes.
    Thanks again! 🙂

    • Hey Kenneth,
      I can’t tell you how many times I have been told to reduce the clutter on my workspace. I have resisted, but I think my position is softening. Drat…I love having lots of stuff on the screen…sigh. I’ll see what I can do for the next webinar.

      • Skip,
        I actually love your “cluttered” workspace, and I am trying my best to emulate it! I enjoy looking and discovering all of the goodies that you have, and I always end up adding something to my workspace after I watch one of your sessions. Although, I do admit, I have a way to go yet to catch up with you!

  11. Thanks Skip! I always learn so much from your classes! I have a lot
    of stuff on my screen too. It seems to be more comfortable that way.
    Maybe it just feels like home!

    • Hi Annette, So glad you were at the webinar. It’s fun to have your screen filled with stuff, isn’t it? I’m glad someone understands that! Take care my friend and thanks for making a comment, Skip

  12. I have a suggestion for a webinar. I do know how to open the perspective grid, the divine proportion and the layout grid, but I would love to know how to use them in practical application. I have worked with them some, and frequently it will lead to cropping of the painting. But, after I crop, I cannot line up the divine proportion to the new canvas size. Also, the perspective grid looks cool, but I do not know the intended way to use it. Thanks!

    • Hey Candace, That is a great idea. IF not a webinar, at least a blog post. It sounds fun, too. I’m covered up for about two weeks, but after that I’ll see what I can do. Skip

  13. Skip, I am blown away by your Painter 12 watercolours… I can’t wait to take your classes on DAA. I’ve been watching your most recently YouTube tutorials about the most recent updated to Painter 12 (12.2) and really enjoyed them too.

  14. Hi Skip,

    I really like the painting you have done…they are so awesome. I have been watching the ‘Extended Flow Map Tutorial’ so I can practice myself.
    I was wondering if you are going to put the Desert Oasis brush library on your site??

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