Anyone have any request for Webinar Tuesday, May 29 at Noon New York Time.

Hey Everyone,

Tomorrow is the big day.  My first live webinar via my blog…well…actually via Go To Webinar, but organized for blog followers.  As I mentioned, it isn’t exactly planned; just want to make sure there are no unforseen kinks in the production.  I have some ideas of things to cover, but, the webinar is for you, so if you have any specific question, please post it in a comment below.  Try to make the questions somewhat specific.  Tell me how to use channels is a bit broad. 🙂  Narrow the scope of the question and I’ll have a better chance of answering it in the time alloted.

Corel Master Painter Karen Bonaker’s Open Studio…Summer Skies…is in its third week.  I showed you a pastel I did for the first week in my last post.  For the second week I did this watercolor using mostly Desert Oasis brushes.  It was a lot of fun.  Strangely for me, I worked on the painting over several days.  I wasn’t working as fast or loose as I would like.  I am not sure if I am developing a new direction or I am still working out the kinks with the way I use Desert Oasis.  Anyway…none of that matters now.  Here is the painting.

Bronze Sky, Watercolor in Painter 12.1, Mostly Desert Oasis Variants, Created During Open Studio Summer Skies

See you tomorrow, I hope.  BTW, more people have signed up than I have space.  But, I suspect everyone that wants to attend will be able to get in because many folks register and then can’t make it.  Also, folks do not stay the whole time, so if you don’t get in with your first try keep trying.  I better go practice. 🙂