Corel Master Painter Greg Newman’s Awesome Post on Backups

Hi Friends,
Corel Master Painter Greg Newman just blogged some fantastic information on backing up your computer data. The post, Who’s Got Your Back, is very well thought out and easy to understand. Backups are my bane. I hate to do them. I opted for mirror drives, which keep your data fairly safe. Greg’s post may change what I do.

Greg is working on a Mac, but he tells me the information is the same for PCs except the symlinks part.  I was thinking that the post would be only for Mac users, but that isn’t the case.  I am most excited for Mac users.  As you know, I don’t use a Mac, so it is great to find a post that is perfect for them.

Do check it out.  Here is the link again, Who’s Got Your Back.

Thanks Greg for an excellent post.



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