The Cat Stole the Dog Person’s Heart

Hey Friends,

I hope you don’t mind, but I want to deviate from our normal topic, Corel Painter 12.

I admit it.  I’m a “Dog Person.”  They are affectionate to a fault, love to snuggle, look in your eyes always, and seem to give unconditional love.  Cats are a little different.  You guys know that don’t you?  We don’t need to talk cats vs dogs; a cat person loves cats as much as a dog person loves dogs.

If you watch any of the Rose videos, you probably heard me trying to keep my cat off my tablet or out of my arms.  She is so insistent.   That’s right, this died in the wool, hard-nosed dog person has a cat.  How could that happen?  Well, I can tell you it wasn’t my idea.  So here is the story as I described it in one of the comments on the blog.

I had a few cats years ago in my college days, but have always been a dog person. Maggie decided to come live with us; it wasn’t our decision…well…maybe a little. My bird feeders attract the neighborhood and any feral cats. I have always worked on the premise that all creatures are welcome.  The cats and mice have a very stormy relationship as you can imagine.

One day I notice this rabbit hiding under a covered bridge in the side yard. Every time I would step on the bridge the rabbit would hop away very fast. I only caught a glimpse and didn’t see the rabbit very clearly.  Then one day, I saw the rabbit in an open area of the yard.  I know my eyes are not that bad, but the rabbit was not a rabbit. It was Maggie. She doesn’t have a tail, and when she runs she has a gate that looks like a rabbit hop. Poor thing was young, not a new kitten, but close, and she was so skinny. Terrified of me, she would hop away quickly when I came outside.  If I put food out, other critters would get it.  So, from an upstairs window, I could see her when she came to the feeder directly below. I usually have left over chicken or something in the house; I would drop it down to her. She would scatter, but within a few minutes would hop in and grab the loot. She caught on quickly and would come to the window and wait. Sometimes I didn’t have any left overs to drop.  I would open a can of tuna and drop the can to her. She loved that as long as I didn’t hit her.

It was time to meet person to cat.  I walked the food out to her calling “Kitty, Kitty.” By this time I was buying premium cat food in cans for her…expensive stuff for a feral kitty.  She kept her distance, but little by little I could get closer to her.  I could walk out at anytime during the day or night and call “Kitty, Kitty” and she would show up and wait for her food. One night, this was during the summer, I was sitting on the bridge at around midnight. I wondered about my little friend and went back inside for some food. I called and surprisingly she responded. I had the food beside me and was about to leave, but she kept coming toward me and jumped right up next to me and began eating. The action stunned me.  I stroked her and she didn’t mind. After eating, she got in my lap and purred so loudly I was afraid she was going to wake the neighbors. If I wasn’t attached already, I was now.

At this point, I only had one dog…usually have several. Sasha wasn’t all that enamored of cats, so I didn’t think I could bring my friend into the house. So I left Maggie outside; both of us were upset. From that point on, she would come up to see me when I went out. Outside cats do not live as long as inside cats, and I was smitten with this kitty. We did ask around the neighborhood if anyone knew her, but no one knew anything about her.  Convinced she belonged to some little girl confined to a wheel chair, I wanted to return Maggie.  The little girl missed her kitty so much.  Well…tough luck…too bad, I couldn’t stand it any longer and brought Maggie inside. She was very nervous and so was Sasha.

There was no turning back. Maggie, named for Saint Margaret, the Patron Saint of the homeless, doesn’t go outside anymore. She doesn’t ask to go out and will happily watch Sasha go on bathroom breaks from the door.  Of course she has been to the vet and we had a chip implanted. She is a tabby tortoise-shell with some interesting spots. We found out from the vet that the missing tail is natural. I decided that she had a lot of American Bobtail in her. But now I think I am wrong.

Maggie is extremely affectionate and is always with us. She purrs with different sounds…some are similar to a sort of chirp.  I love the funny bunny hop . I was looking at cats on the Web and discovered a Manx. Someone had suggested that she may have Manx in her, but I was still convinced that she was a Bobtail.  I looked up Manx anyway.

Guess what, Manx have different sounding purrs. The article mentioned the chirp. They have a cute bunny hop. And they are extremely affectionate. Maggie even comes when we call her. That was something else about a Manx…they can learn their name. So now I have decided that she has Manx in her. It doesn’t matter; this is the sweetest kitty I have ever met. Sasha and she have become friends. All is good. I guess I need to post her picture since some folks have mentioned her. Don’t I sound like a proud pop.

Maggie standing on the bridge's bench.

Maggie standing on the bridge’s bench.

Isn’t she cute!  I wish I had better pictures of her.  I have to work on that.  If you look closely, her right eye seems closed a little.  Well, poor Maggie has herpes in her eye, which has caused a few lesions on her third eyelid.  That did worry me; I wondered if she was contagious and could it be spread to humans or canines.  We took her to a Veterinarian Ophthalmologist in Atlanta.  Don’t y’all dare laugh.  I love Dr. King.  Anyway, she said that she didn’t think the lesions needed removal.  She suggested that we give Maggie Lysine, an amino acid that keeps the herpes virus in her eye dormant.  Some days it does seem to bother her and the eye will weep.  She has gotten used to us wiping her eye with a tissue.  No, I don’t lick it before I wipe her eye like a mother would do.   Don’t you folks laugh at me…I dote on my pets…shoot, I dote on the critters outside, too.

Now, Maggie is a house cat.  She loves the basement and my computer room.  The room doesn’t matter as long as one of us is in it.   Maggie particularly likes to sit on my Wacom Tablet and groom herself.  Or, she is fond of pushing my hand around with her head.  And she really loves to climb into my arms…well one arm.  I can let her curl up on my left arm and use the right for painting.

Comfortably lying nestled into my left arm, which is bent at the elbow and lying across my stomach.

Comfortably lying nestled into my left arm, which I bend at the elbow and lay across my stomach.

Sorry for the picture quality; I took it with my iPhone.  It is hard to do that and hold Maggie, too.  BTW, she isn’t fat.  She looks fat, but an optical illusion caused by the camera puffs her up considerably.  Look at that sweet face.  How could I possibly make her get down.

She is cutest when she lies back and turns her little head up at me.  I melt.  She can tell me to do anything, and I hop right to it.  Wouldn’t you if you had this face looking up at you?

A face that would melt any heart!

A face that would melt any heart!

Another iPhone shot that is less than desired.  That is my shirt in the bottom left corner and my arm in the top left corner.  She will turn over on her back wanting her belly rubbed and look up at me with that face.
There you have it; the story of Maggie, the cat that stole this dog person’s heart.

“You haven’t shown a picture of Sasha!  Typical, you forget about me and Sasha in favor of Maggie.”

“Good grief Kevin, you scared me.”  I hate it when he suddenly shows up from his rounds in the bowels of my computer.  Good computer viruses are a pain.

“Good, I’m glad.  Are you going to show Sasha or not.”

“Yes, I had planned to do it, before you rudely interrupted me.”

We got Sasha when she was about 8 weeks old.  It wasn’t planned.  I was doing foster care for one of the shelters in Atlanta.  Sasha and her brother had been found abandoned at a garbage dump.  She and her brother had both been adopted, but for some reason, Sasha’s new family returned her. The shelter sent her to me.  At the time we had two other homeless puppies.  Sasha was a little reserved compared to the other two.

On adoption days, we all “spruced-up”.  We wanted to make the best impression.  Sweet Sasha kept getting past over.  One day, she simply refused to go to adoption day.  She decided that she like it at our house.  I did too, so we kept her.  Then Folger arrived from the shelter.  He decided to stay, too.  So, there was Sasha, Folger, and four golden retrievers that I bred from my champion golden girl.  Unfortunately all are gone now and I think Sasha was very lonely.  Not anymore…she has Maggie as her new friend.

Here is Sasha.  She isn’t as pretty as I painted her and she worries about her looks.  So, I flattered her, which delighted her.

Sasha painter in Corel Painter 11

Sasha painter in Corel Painter 11

That’s it for this post.  Now you know the rest of the story of the cat who stole this dog person’s heart.

Good, Kevin didn’t show up; I guess I am really done.



74 responses to “The Cat Stole the Dog Person’s Heart

  1. She is gorgeous and your love for her really comes through in this post.
    We just celebrated Jack’s 12th birthday and invited all his doggy friends to a picnic in the park and he had a great day, despite having had chemo only a few days before. (There are pics on my blog if you’re interested). Every day that he is in my life I am thankful for…

    • Hi Jay,
      I hope Jack is doing well and continues to do well with chemo. Riser, an eleven year old Golden rescue, went through chemo at the age of 13. Without chemo he wouldn’t last and this particular type cancer could go into remission with chemo. Riser was so sad when he came to us. He didn’t come through a shelter; our housekeeper’s brother owned him, but was having trouble with drugs and alcohol. When Riser’s owner went into treatment, Riser was left in a basement until my friend could get over to the house and let him out, but then he had to go back into the basement. Riser didn’t understand any of it and I’m sure he missed his owner terribly.
      We were asked if we would keep him. It wasn’t love at first site; I remember feeling so sorry for him. Within a few days his whole being changed. He started having a happy face that I always see in Goldens. His cancer went into remission and we had the joy of Riser for a little while longer. He went to the rainbow bridge about six months later, but that six months was wonderful. I understand what you mean. Everyday was was a gift.
      For some reason, I couldn’t access your blog via your link. I hope I can figure it out soon; I would love to see Jack.

      • I am so glad Riser had that six months of happiness… when the cancer was discovered in Jack just two months ago (it has all happened so fast – a lump on his leg led to an amputation and then tests found the cancer, and then further tests found it had spread to his lungs) they gave him three months (even with chemo). He has good days and bad days, and the chemo really takes its toll, and we cry a lot, but I am just so thankful for every day I can wake up and reach out and stroke him and feel him breathing peacefully as he sleeps, and settle down at night with my hand on him and stroke him to sleep.

        • Oh Jay,
          It is so hard. The vet told us that Riser’s cancer didn’t cause discomfort, the chemo did, but it was likely that the Chemo would put him into remission, so we did go that route.
          Shadow, my champion Golden and a one in a million dog, also got cancer. We found it first in her tail, which was amputated. We thought we got it all, but a month or two later we found a different cancer in her skin. I can’t remember the name exactly, something like hemangioma. I’m pretty sure the spelling is completely wrong. This second cancer metathesizes quickly, and the vet was pretty sure that it was the primary site and not the lump in the tail. The cancer presented itself as tiny red spots in her skin. As it spread she was stressed. Another visit to the Doctor and we were told there was nothing we could do and her quality of life was compromised. It was a Friday. We decided to bring her home for the weekend to say goodbye to her. Paul went to pick her up and as they were bringing her out, she collapsed. They got Paul and brought him to her. She was lying on a table and barely had the strength to raise her head. There was nothing to do but let her go.
          It was very hard. But I remembered when I lost my first Golden, he was 16, I thought I wouldn’t survive the heartache. I tried to call friends, but no one was home. I did have a group of online friends from around the US. This was in 1994. Our little group had set something up that allowed us to post to a central hub and it would be sent to the whole group. Out of desperation, I posted to the group that I had lost my friend. Normally it would take hours to hear back, but this time, I received a flood of responses.
          One of the responses told me about the Rainbow Bridge, which connected heaven to a special place. This place was like a lush meadow with soft grass and clover and a few trees for shade. There was a running brook, too. And when our friends die, they go to this wonderful meadow and are transformed into puppies again. They frolic, romp and have fun with each other, until our time comes. They see us on the rainbow bridge and run as fast as they can and jump in our arms. We will never be separated again.
          That is the way I understood the story at that time. I cried and cried, but the story gave me a bit of hope. Most people have heard the story now and there is even a webpage dedicated to the Rainbow Bridge.
          I have stories for each lost pet. It is so very hard to lose one, but it is because I love them so very deeply. I cherish that love. It is the greatest gift.
          Bless you Jay, for loving Jack so deeply.

  2. Hi Skip,
    Your story really touched my heart…You have a wonderful heart to give her a home. I think your Sasha and my Daisey (painted in PS6 and on line) are from the same breed. My Daisey has Border Collie, Rottweiller and chow.

    Happy New Year …hope it’s a fantastic year for you!

    • Hi Carrene,
      I don’t know how, but I missed your comment until now. I’ll go look for Daisey. On one of Maggie’s outings, a couple came up and called her by a breed name that I have now forgotten. It was a good 8 or so years ago. I did look it up and there were pictures of dogs that did look like Maggie. The breed wasn’t recognized by the AKC nor was it on their Foundation List, but I have often wondered if she might have a heritage that I don’t know about. I suspect that she is a Border Collie mix. I’ve never had a Rottweiler, but my family did have a Chow Chow. I couldn’t have been more than 6. Unfortunately, he died young.
      Happy New Year Carrene…I’ll go look for Daisey now.

  3. Thank you for posting this, Skip! This has truly warmed me inside and out- I was a little late getting the “Christmas spirit” this year, but I have it now. I totally empathize with your love for your animals- our “critters”, as Ellie Mae would have said 🙂 And your descriptive power with words is as impressive as it is with a paintbrush.

    • My goodness Candace,
      Descriptive power with with words? OK, I guess it is time to own up. I don’t know if colleges do this anymore, but when I was at Mississippi State University, I flunked the Junior English Proficiency exam and had to take a remedial English class, populated mostly with “meats” from the football team. I cannot spell; never could. I flunked because I misspelled 13 words. Thank goodness for spell checkers, right? I am glad my words can be considered descriptive, but I am more excited that I have a spell checker.
      Big Thanks and Hugs,

  4. Skip, thanks for sharing! But face it, you never stood a chance. I have always said that our pets pick us, not the other way around and both Sasha and Maggie picked you. Every pet I’ve evr had has walked into my life and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


  5. What a great big heart you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I was glued to every word of the story and then to see both Maggie and Sasha so beautifully painted really was the icing on the cake. How interesting on the breed of the kittie. It was also so very nice to see you holding the cat Skip:-)

    • Hey Kathy, my dear friend,
      Those were photos of Maggie; haven’t painter her, yet…someday soon. I was fascinated about a natural tailless cat, too. I thought she had been butchered by some heartless soul, but no, it’s natural. Other things change when they are tailless. Their back legs become longer and very strong. That may be why she bunny hops.
      Big Hugs,

  6. When a cat chooses you to be their friend, that is something very special! Thank you for telling you story, it is beautiful!

  7. beautiful story , i myself have two dogs and two cats , i was making up for having only one child , i hah and still enjoy many moments like yours , dogs are so loyal and loving at any given moment , cats make you work for their love and attention, and give back when they are ready to share . loved you story and particularly your story telling style , as far as i am concerned you can tell stories any time , i know i would read and enjoy them . thank you . soumaya

    • Thank you Soumaya. I enjoy talking with other pet lovers; our stories are all similar. Thanks for the comment about my story telling style. I had to smile, I didn’t know I had a style. I am so glad your enjoyed it.

  8. Skip, this is a lovely story and you are such a story-teller. Enjoyed every word.
    Jean (a cat person who would love to have several Goldens).

    • Hi Jean,
      Goldens are truly wonderful dogs and I miss having one so much. One or two may just have to come live with me soon. Another comment about story telling; what a treat that y’all enjoyed the story.

  9. Skip you are such a great story teller. I love this story for many reason, one that it has a happy ending and two we have a stripped stray cat that we named “Beggar Bum”. He remains a yard cat because of our allergies and extreme dislike of litter boxes. But he waits every day by the kitchen door for his dinner. He will allows us to hold and play with him. His bed is in the garden shed ( where we think he was born) inside a large thick Omaha Steak cooler which has an opening cut out for him and a straw bed. He seems to be happy there even though I worry about him.

    • Oh Eva, cat allergies are the worst. I am so sorry for you. As for the litter box, we have this electric gizmo that cleans the litter after every visit. It pushes it into a container that opens and closes. I haven’t notice anything offensive about it. Beggar Bum’s home sounds delightful. What a great idea for a place to call home. There are two more cats that we feed…GC (gray cat) and Siam, a Siamese mix. I think Siam has a home somewhere. GC, I’m not to sure. We discovered that GC comes on our glassed-in porch through Sasha’s doggy door. So we put her food in what we call the sun room; don’t laugh, she has a bed and a litter box, too. She has never used the litter box, but we do think she sleeps on the porch most nights. I worry about both of them.

  10. Hi Skip, what a great story, I enjoyed reading it so much. Yes, it shows us what we already know, you have a heart as big as the universe. I so relate to your love of animals they just make life so much richer. I visited my granddoggies today and they were so happy to see me. I came home with hair all over my clothes and was so itchy but boy did I love all of the doggy kisses I got today. Now the critters and birds are my pets and although it’s not quite the same as having a dog or cat, it brings much joy to life. I love it when the birds sing Skip, I miss that so much in the Winter months. Big Hugs….Emms

    • Hi Mary,
      I agree, our furry friends do make life richer. I know what you mean about the bird songs. I think that is why I love spring so much. It is a delight for the eyes and the ears. I would have loved to visit your granddoggies and get those kisses. The most fun I ever had was playing with Shadow’s nine puppies. I could lie down and they would run and jump all over me. Don’t you love puppy breath…LOL.
      Big Hugs Dear Friend,

  11. Skip, thank you so much for this delightful post and the pictures – which are so endearing. You do realize that everything you have shared in this is highly indicative of a “Soft Touch” being who all the animals will love. Animals even sense those things faster than humans I’m sure. The tilt of the head is always impossible to ignore and they know it and we love it. Maggie is lucky to have one who cares so much and Sasha to play with. By the way Sasha is A-1 Beautiful. I bet she has a lot of the feathering on her legs and tail too. Beautiful painting BTW.
    I never knew before that a type of cat didn’t have a tail. I would have thought as you – that she ran into some problem. Nice to know it is natural.
    It’s too bad you’re not in the north where all the cat and dog smooching, cuddling really pay off in the cold weather, lol.
    I’m glad you are so willing to share such delightful happenings with your friends and followers around the world. I would bet that all your animal friends have enriched you so much that you find it easy to enrich others with all your finely tuned brushes.
    Love is a wheel – it just keeps turning.
    Be well and my hello to all your loving friends.


    • Dear Kathleen,
      You say the nicest things. Sasha loved what you said and yes she has beautiful feathering on her legs and tail. I’m not far enough South that we don’t have two or even three dog nights…or in my case one dog and one cat nights. I don’t know if you have ever heard that expression. I remember hearing it as a youngster. It would go something like this, “It is so cold that it will be a 3 dog night.” Meaning to stay warm you need 3 dogs in the bed with you. Isn’t that cute.
      I will remember that love is a wheel – it just keeps turning.

  12. Skip, your story was without the “wow……..can you believe it?” moment of most pet stories these days. But it is rich with a wonderful, warm, and nurturing spirit that illuminates the better side, not of our animals, but of ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Lance,
      It is nice that all stories do not have to have a “Wow” factor. I wasn’t thinking of it that way, that is for sure. I have looked at your web site and notice beside your wife and two daughters, you have Amber, the dog, Cinder the rat, and Obee, the gecko. Now that is a menagerie. I bet they are a hoot. I can see your have a better side, too.

  13. Hi Skip. What a nice story. I have been a cat lover since 1966. My current baby is a senior citizen. Well, actually, we both are. Priscilla, and I have grown old together. She is 19 years old and we have been together for that long. People have such a misconception about cats. She is so needy, loveable, and affectionate and cannot stay in a room if I am not in it. She talks to me incessantly, screams when I am on the phone and not paying attention to her, and complains endlessly when I am on the computer (often) and do not pick her up to be on my lap. (She can’t jump very well anymore-I have little steps for her to climb to get on the bed and on chairs in the living room). She was a terror when she was a kitten but has matured into a beautiful darling of a companion. The quality of my life would be much less without her. I am glad you made a new friend. She will love you forever. Jill

    • Hi Jill,
      I know about having steps. Sasha can’t jump well either, so she also has her steps.
      I am glad to have made a new friend, too. Someone told me once, that cats decide where they want to be. Maggie certainly did.
      Priscilla sounds wonderful. Give her a special hug from me and Maggie.

  14. Beautiful story Skip,

    dog person myself, however my lease says I can’t have a dog or cat (strangely at least 7 out 20 units do have cats and two of them do run to me for attention).

    Just don’t tell my cockatiels (birds) that I would get a dog if I could, because as you have heard on webinars they can complain if they think I am not paying attention to them LOL. They also love to play on my Wacom.

    Cheers and thanks for the story,


    • Hey Tony,
      I love when I hear the birds on the webinars. They sound so happy. I think I have told you about Sunshine, my name for our African Grey Parrot. Paul calls him Groucho or bird. We have had him for about 35 years now. He is in the will; I think they can live to 75. He is quite a talker and loves to whistle. A few years ago, I started whistling to him, but I can’t carry a tune. So, the melody, if I may call it that, was always different. He got the idea and started making up his own tunes. Now we do duets in two part harmony…well…that’s a bit of an exaggeration…the harmony part. Regardless of the merit, we enjoy our whistling.
      Thanks Tony…hope all is well down under,

  15. Being a cat person also, I loved both your story and your beautiful cat.
    My three beauties own me! Thank you, it’s a pleasure knowing you and for
    sharing so much with us.


    • Thanks Alice,
      Yep…they do tend to become the boss. I always think Sasha and Maggie allow me to remain in the house. I guess I am good for something…they like my food selections for them.
      Thanks so much Ms Painterlady,

  16. Fabulous story, Skip! I’m a dog person, but I love your cat already. You’ll have me smiling all day! Do you guys have shallots in the USA? Iread somewhere that love is like shallots – the more you divide it, the more it grows! Great stuff!

    • Hi H.
      You would love Maggie. Yes we do have shallots on this side of the pond. I’ve never grown any, just eaten them. I do grow Hostas, which I divide most every year. I have tons of them…well…the deer do love them so tons may be a bit of an overstatement. 🙂 I love the metaphor and will think of it with my Hostas.
      Big Hugs,

  17. Skip, this is such a Beautiful story ! Well told too , I might add . I too , am a big animal lover also , God knows if I had a big house , who knows how many animals I would have . I have 2 cats that I fostered and then wound up adopting as kittens , so young that one of them had to be fed by a little bottle every 3 hours . After doing that I could never give him up . Toby and Molly , both are orange in color . Lord knows how much I love them , they are 2 & 3 years old now . I lost my dearest friend Poohbear this past February , after spending 17 years together . Pooh was a Shitzu , and my very dearest buddy , he would actually talk to me , and his little head would go from side to side as he talked . I miss him . I did receive a new puppy this Christmas , her name is Emma , she is a sweety . Emma is 10 weeks old now , and I totally believe that Poohbear sent her to me , she is very similar to pooh and does many things the way Pooh did , like biting the bottom of my Jeans . Going through potty training now , some days are better then others .

    Thanks again for such a Great story Skip . By the way , was it your son that is or was sick ? How is he ? Not sure if I remember this right ?

    • Hi Patrice,
      I am having so much fun hearing everyone’s stories. Toby and Molly sound precious. I can’t imagine the bond you must develop when bottle feeding a kitten.
      I’m so sorry about Poohbear, but I know that he will stay in your heart forever.
      Emma sounds so cute. I can see her holding on to your jeans as you drag her about. Puppies are the best things ever.
      I don’t have children, but all family members are well. Thanks for asking.

  18. Skip, I couldn’t figure out how to comment on your blog, but wanted you to know how much I appreciated your sharing your story. I help out with animal rescue (mostly cats) and it always does my heart good to hear that a kitty has won over yet another heart. My best to Maggie and to her friend Sasha.



    • Hi Bari,
      You figured it out! Thanks for the comment. I’m not helping with a shelter now, but I do miss it. It is a dangerous thing for me to do; I want to keep them all. 🙂 Maggie and Sasha send purrs and kisses back at ya.
      Thanks for helping out with animal rescue,

  19. Being an animal lover myself and feeding lots of outdoor creatures besides our Cairn Terrier, I really appreciated and loved your cat (Maggie) and Sasha story.
    Such a beautiful cat that Maggie is.

    • Maggie and I appreciate your comment. I love Cairn Terriers. I think they are so cute; they look like they are having a bad hair day. 🙂 I bet yours loves to look for burrowing critters. People forget that they were fierce hunters. Give him a hug from us.

  20. Dear Skip,
    You stole my heart with this one.
    We are vacationing in Mexico for a week. My three Golden Retrievers are in a kennel at home. It’s okay but I miss them. Where we are staying there is a marvelous little black and white cat whom I have temporarily adopted. She has a good home here but she meets my need for an animal fix. I stoop down and call her and she comes running. Mmmmmm, love these animals. Hug yours for me.

    Joyce Davis

    • Hi Joyce, I don’t think I knew you have Goldens. They are absolutely my favorite breed. Your new friend sounds wonderful. Sounds like a tuxedo cat. Clinton had one in the White House all 8 years. When a cat comes running, you know she loves you. What a special added treat for your vacation. I know how we miss them when we leave. For the past several years we go to St George Island in Florida and rent a house that is pet friendly. That way we can take them with us. I hope you have a great time in Mexico. I want to see pictures of your Goldens. Skip

  21. Wonderful story Skip. I also have had Manx cats before. They are fun ! I now have NUMEROUS feral cats that I feed but none are as friendly as yours are. The cat food disappears pretty quick. I think I am feeding the skunks and racoons also. LOL

    When are your new classes starting at DAA, ? They all sound intriguing. I want to take them all !!

    • Did you recognize the bunny hop descriptions? I was really surprised after thinking she was a rabbit because of the bunny hop and then finding the description on a Manx page. Maggie definitely is fun. Yep, we have racoons and possums, too. The racoons are hilarious raiding the feeders holding sunflower seeds. A couple of weeks ago, we had a momma raccoon and two babies. The three were climbing all over each other trying to reach the feeders. I figured they needed some cat food. Normally the racoons run the minute I step outside and Mom did. However the babies went up to the top of the bridge. It has beams across the top, which hold grape vines. They couldn’t figure out how to get down. So they huddled to one corner while the two cans were put out for them. They were making a sort of clucking noise that I think they meant to be threatening. Not sure where Mom had gone. But as soon as I was inside, they all three returned and scarfed down the cat food.
      I’m working on the classes…not sure when they will be ready, but soon I hope.

      • Oh yes. the bunny hop. They look like little bobcats. I can hardly wait for the new classes. I am having a total hip replacement mid Feb so will have lots of computer time.

  22. Skip thanks so much for all you give to the Painter community. Im and old man new and young to digital painting and I can’t tell you how much you have helped me 🙂 ) Thank You So Much 🙂

    Question, is there vidio tutorials youve done on some of your water color paintings I find in the gallery especially “By the Lake2″ would love to see how you did it and what you used thanks again Skip your amazing.


      • Yes Skip I have watched that video many times and it has been more than helpfull 🙂

        I will watch and you will surely do one similar again 🙂 thanks Sir your amazing teacher 🙂



        • Great, I am glad that it was helpful. Watercolor takes lots of practice. Give yourself permission to play and just let the paint flow without any concern for a landscaped or any subject. After a few stokes, look for a landscape in them. You will probably be surprised; you will probably see many. Pick one and try to use just a few strokes to enhance and pop the landscape. This is a great way to practice.

  23. Skip: Thank you so much for the wonderful story and pics of your cute adopted kitty cat! I made a special Valentine just for you and your kitty, posted it on Painter Talk today. Love and Hugs,

  24. Like all your other followers, I too loved the story, especially the rainbow bridge. Several of my friends have lost their long time pup friends. I think I’ll pass that bit on to them.
    And you really are a good teacher. But, here’s the rub: I came in here to work on my presentation for the Pet Fair and have yet to do a single thing! It has been, however, a most excellent “waste” of time.

    • Hey Kathy,
      I understand completely. I spend too much time here, too. But, I get a kick out of it, so it is a most excellent waste of time for me, too. 🙂

      The rainbow bridge story was so helpful to me. Do share it.


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  26. Skip, I finally got around to reading this, and absolutely loved it! Anyone who feels about animals the way you do, is a wonderful person. Thanks so much for sharing your story about how you got Maggie. She’s darling! I have a cat that also sleeps on my lap when I’m at the computer. She’d rather sleep on the desk in front of the monitor, but then I can’t see anything.

    I appreciate your posts! Sally Skip Allen posted: “Hey Friends,

    I hope you don’t mind, but I want to deviate from our normal topic, Corel Painter 12.

    I admit it. I’m a “Dog Person.” They are affectionate to a fault, love to snuggle, look in your eyes always, and seem to give unconditional love.�”

    • Hi Sally,

      Thanks for stopping by. Would love to see your cat; I bet she is wonderful. Maggie has found out that I get upset if she sits on my Express Keys on the Wacom. Any chance she gets, she will sit on them. She thinks it is a hoot. 😉

  27. what an awesome story! I’m glad that Sasha got along well with Maggie, my dog wouldn’t have allowed it. What a strange way to find a cat!!

    My tortoishell kitty also does the chirp purrs, and i think its so cute. Maybe its a tortoishell thing? I also found a stray tortoishell kitty that chirped. Who knows!! LOL it’s all too hard to figure out sometimes… I still don’t know what breed my dog is.. too many mixtures but i just choose the ones i think are cooler :sweat:

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry for the late reply. Sasha and Maggie are even closer now. It is so much fun to watch.

      We have another feral cat that has been coming around for a year or more. She looks to be part Siamese. She will not let us get close to her; maybe some day. She was a big cat, and I actually thought she was male. A few weeks ago, she disappeared and finally returned after a couple of weeks, but looking thin. The transformation was very odd and her eyes looked matted. I thought she may be sick. Then, about two weeks ago, she showed up with the cutest little kitten, who is the spitting image of Mom. They both seem to be settling in because of the abundant free food. I don’t know if they will become tame like Maggie, but the process seems to be following the same path.


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