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Hello Everyone,

First, let me mention that the Digital Art Academy and Painter Talk are still down.  Hope it will be up and running today, but as I mentioned before, it was a critical server failure.

I have two videos for you in this post.  Again, I am basing these videos on reader responses.  I noticed that 2 Debs were having an interesting discussion about Wacom Drivers here.  One of the questions was very general and mentioned a problem with Wacom Driver failures.  In the discussion, directions for uninstalling and installing Wacom Drivers.  It is a very good discussion and I really like it when you guys talk to each other.

Some of the information needed is on my blog, but you wouldn’t find it just poking around.  In the first video, I show how to use the search function within the blog.

The second video is about making your Wacom Driver stick.  Please note that this is not a scientific response.  When I have a problem, I usually poke around pushing buttons.  Anyway…this tip seems to work for me; but I cannot say it will work for all PC users. This is a simple fix…do give it a try.

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Make your Wacom Driver Sticky



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  1. Hi Skip so glad to have something to read. ;o) Miss DAA and Painter Talk ! They have become a part of my daily activities. Karen is suppose to start her new class tomorrow on Master Landscapes. Was trying to finish my open enrollment class so I would be ready for the new class ;o) Thanks for sending updates! Know this has to be frustrating for all of you!! Have a fun Sunday…Marion

  2. Wow Skip….you are on the ball, being so helpful.. I watched both videos and I tried the “Service” tweak in your 2nd one. I made a simple drawing and played around and so far I do not have a problem with my pen sticking or the driver crashing..Thank you Thank you! The computer is even liking this as it is not winding up like a rubber band..I will keep you informed if I happen to have any more problems. And I will remember to try the search first..This will make my drawing more enjoyable… that is for sure!

    • Hi Deb,

      I’m so glad that tip is helping…and I hope it continues. There is nothing worse than using your equipment and software when both or either are on the blink. Thanks for reporting back.

  3. I was so happy last night… DAA was up and running…. This morning I wanted to see if our assignments were posted and HORRORS for Karen, I see it is down again… Different message… same sad results.. My heart goes out to Karen… (and you) I am sure you are as frustrated as she is.. I’m sure all the students will understand..

    Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 16:42:01 +0000 To:

  4. Hi Skip, Just giving you an update on my painter and wacom..I was doing so well for a few days…and then I practiced your next video about making a signature.. and now I am back to the same old problem..I had to reinstall drivers many times before I figured out I need to redo the Wacom sticky as your video above or I could not even make a line or two..but now it is back to the sticky and crashing and and have to unplug…re install driver plug back in, set service…I hope to have a little hair left after these past few days. Last night, I even left the wacom unplugged and just used the mouse..I was still having same issues but it did not crash as far as I can remember. but the brushes barely worked..non responsive and stuck big time.
    So I am beginning to think this maybe a painter issue or most likely.. my computer. I am going to contact a computer tech next week and see if it is something they might know.
    Thanks for letting me vent,

    • Hi Deb,

      So sorry about your problems. It is beginning to sound like there may be something amiss in your computer.

      But, there is one other possibility. You mentioned that you have to reinstall the drivers many times, and I’m assuming these are the Wacom Tablet Drivers, right? Before you reinstall, do you uninstall each time? Also, I have found that many uninstalls still leave behind a lot of junk. I use a third party uninstaller called Revo. I’ve had great success with it. I can’t tell you to buy it because I don’t know if it would help in this situation. I think having someone look at your computer would be the best. I wish I knew something else to tell you.

      Good luck,

  5. Thanks Skip for your support..I did not uninstall the driver because I thought if the computer does not recognize it, it is not there, but I do see your thought…I do have cc cleaner..I will try that today and see what happens. I will also down load the driver again and see what happens.
    Many thanks,

    • OMGosh Deb,

      Turn you thought around…it is because you computer is recognizing some of the stuff left behind that is hurting you. I have CCleaner also and it does a pretty good job. Be sure to clean your registry.

      Here is what I would do.
      1. Follow the instructions at Wacom or on my blog for uninstalling the Wacom Drivers.
      2. Reboot.
      3. Run CCleaner and reboot.
      4. Install the driver by following the instructions at Wacom or on my site.
      5. Set the services and reboot.

      Good luck,

      • gotcha..I have followed Everything to a tee..I did have a lot of leftovers on the wacom that got removed. I did it all except I have not plugged in the wacom yet.(slightly afraid). I also did the “service”..just incase…husband wants to do yard work today… I am hoping to have time to try this out and I really want to try your last tut with the painter light..but first things first.
        Thanks for taking the time with me today..I really appreciate it. I will be back later today (I hear the lawn mower running) and try this out…I see you have your fingers crossed too.

        again…Thank you

      • I just got off the phone with my computer tech support. He walked me through a few things..moved the usb..reset some different was “apply extra plug-ins?” , and save (in the BIOS)…I can not remember all but I am hoping this will solve the sticky mouse and pen.. I experimented a little on some of the brushes and all seems good..I will try another couple of drawings and report back.

        • Hi Deb,

          I’m glad that you are getting some technical help. The comment about moving the USB is interesting. Wacom requires that the tablet be connected to a USB in the back of the computer…not a hub and not one of the USB’s that you usually find in the front of the computer. I am surprised that he is writing to the BIOS, which probably is perfectly alright…it is just something I have never done. As I mentioned earlier, I did need to update my Bios.
          Anyway…it sounds like you are good to go. I hope all continues to go well.

          • Hello Skip,
            I am hoping that this will work..I hated it when he said we were going to the BIOS…but when you have someone on the other end ot the phone line it gives a person a more braver finger, to peck on that keyboard.
            Of course, the dreaded “you will have to reinstall “Windows” and you will loose all your work and all programs , if this does not work” was also said. I would rather buy another computer, than do that.
            Weekend is going to be here soon! Have fun.

  6. Finally, I was able to use my painter and wacom..I was able to again work on an illustration and the pen still was a little sticky, but has not made the painter crash. TaDa..One time it did think about crashing and I scolded my computer and a few seconds later it did respond and I was able to save my work , just in case.. So thanks Skip for pointing out that I need to uninstall each time it crashes..This has made it more stable. I have not contacted the computer tech yet.. It is kind of like, taking the car in for a funny noise and it works perfectly when any one else is around. So, I will work on this some more and see what happens.
    I hope all is well and that you had a great weekend.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Deb,
      Thanks for the report back. When Painter looks like it is going to crash you get a little note upper left that says Painter is not responding. Most of the time, that just means that it is working hard and intense. Painter simply cannot take another command…so it says, I’m not responding. This is especially true with slower computers. Do not despair and scolding Painter is a nice way to spend the time. More than likely it will finish its jobs and return to your control.
      I don’t think I told you that you needed to uninstall every time “it” crashes. If it means Painter, and I hope it didn’t, you do not need to install Painter every time it crashes. If your Wacom drivers stop and you plan to reinstall Wacom drivers, those do need to be uninstall first.

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