Corel Painter X3 Is Here; View the Videos for a Quick Look at the New Stuff

Hello Friends,

I am so excited.  Corel Painter has announced the launch of the newest version, Corel Painter X3.  There are some fabulous new features and enhancements.  Let’s get to the videos.  They are all short and meant to give you a quick overview of the new stuff, but they do not give all the details.  Look for an announcement of my class taking you through the new stuff in detail.  Registration will be open soon for my class at the Digital Art Academy, probably tomorrow.

Have you ever had trouble finding a brush.  Not any more.  Check out the new Brush Search function.

The next video describes the new Reference Image, which I particularly like.  I am not cloning as much as I used to, so the reference image fits my work flow.

I find the enhance stroke preview very helpful when making brushes.

I really hope you like the next new feature.  We have new mixer pads made by several artist, including one from me.  Check it out.

There are wonderful new brushes in X3, using something called Universal Jitter.  I’ll speak about that in the next video; in this one I’ll give you a taste of what the Jitter Brushes can do.

You’ve seen how the Jitter brushes work…here is what makes them tick…Universal Jitter.

If you adjust brushes, you are familiar with the minimum slider in the Size Brush Control Panel.  Guess what?  Added to multiple brush controls are minimum sliders.  I love it.

I can’t help it; this is one of my all time favorite things in Painter X3.  The Advanced Brush Control makes adjusting brushes so easy.  I know you will love it.

OMGosh…the new perspective guide is incredible.  Like the other quick videos, the functions of this tool are not shown in-depth.  I will have a class that will give you all the new features in greater detail.

Enhanced Cloning is a misnomer.  I think the new Clone Source Image will revolutionize the cloning work flow.  If feel like a new feature, not an enhancement.  I love this enhancement.

The development team improved layers; they are very stable.  Also added is the ability to transform across layers, even groups.   This is an amazing addition.

I think this is one of the coolest new features.  Now when making a color set, you can set the number of colors you want returned.  Created color sets are very useful.

And the final video concerns the return of Onion Skin when making movies or animation.  But this video will also tell you about new papers, flow maps, and patterns.  And, I do not want to forget that even though Mac users will not have a 32 bit version of Painter X3, an added memory extender allows Mac users to use extra memory.

OK…whew…that’s it for today.  I’ve tried to give you a quick intro to all that is new in Painter X3.  As I have mentioned, I will have a class at the Digital Art Academy called Discover What’s New in Painter X3.  We are in the process of setting up the registration page.  As soon as it is up…probably tomorrow…I’ll let you know.  I hope some will join the class and learn the details of what’s new in Painter X3.



43 responses to “Corel Painter X3 Is Here; View the Videos for a Quick Look at the New Stuff

  1. Hi Skip,

    I’m definetly interested in upgrading from P12 to PX13. Just one question for now … will your Buttery Oils and Karen’s Impressionist brushes work with it or will I only be able to use them in P12?

    • Hey Donald,

      Yes, the brushes from Painter 12 and earlier will work with Painter 13, but the reverse is not true. You will not be able to use new brushes from Painter X3 in earlier versions.


  2. Oh my, Skip! You certainly have been busy! I was fortunate to have been able to watch the Corel Webinar for Painter X3 at noon today – and here you are with some more fabulous videos!! Needless to say I’m loving all the new features!! Definitely will be signing up for your class on DAA. WOOT! WOOT!!!! Tis grand to see Corel raising the bar!

    • Hey Marie,

      Yep, been kind of busy. But, I did take nearly a whole month off and hardly posted anything. I’m back in the saddle again.

      I loved the webinar. Those guys are the best.


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  4. Painter webinar at noon…first I have heard of it, but why am I not surprised given Corel’s dysfunctional marketing efforts.

    Not to detract from the excellent summary you have given us Skip. They are to the point and easy to understand.

    Will I upgrade? …probably, but only when Corel gets realistic about their upgrade pricing.

    It seems I will be paying in part, for things the were dropped from Painter 11 in the Painter 12 version.

    Hopefully Painter’s performance speed and stability have improved.

  5. Hey Skip

    Thanks for these excellent video’s! I also watched Corel’s Webinar on X3.
    Really excited about it and hope it is a lot more stable than P12 was. Just what I need to get me fired up about painting again! The new things sound very useful and exciting to use. I’m off to download a trial version right now! 🙂

    Cheers, Joan

    • Hey Joan,

      I think you will love it. I am finding the program very stable. You will enjoy working with universal jitter with your digital watercolor brushes.

      Have fun,

  6. Skip
    The Brush search function you say only searches one Library that you have loaded.. so If I have Painter 12 libary open .. it won’t search PaInter 11 or x3 correct??? Thanks for clearing up a old dumb question LOL

    Thanks Skip for putting up the brief tutorials .. have to find a class on the new program.. maybe John deary will do one on .. his site ))) good job Mr. SKip :))


    • Sorry, forgot to answer the question…LOL. Yes, if you have Painter 12 library open, the search function searches only in Painter 12 library. You will have to open the other libraries in turn to search them. We can have only one library open at a time.


  7. Great post Skip. Painter X3 is the most stable and exciting version to come down the pike. We will have such fun with this.

    Congrats on the great videos.


  8. Skip

    Thanks for the answer :)) I sent you an email about the class :))… I would of thought that corel would of made it possible to search all brushes you have installed in the program.. as Spock Used to say “Illogical ” LMAO ..

    Thanks again Skip

    • You could ask for it as an enhancement at Painter Factory. I don’t know why all libraries are not searchable. It may be because Painter can have only one library open at a time.


  9. It is wonderful to have these videos immediately upon the release of x13. I am so excited to try it out and your videos gave me a starting point. I cant wait for your class! (yup – I’m signed up.) Hope to see you around TAQ as well.

  10. Hi Skip, thanks so much for these wonderful videos on X3. I have to have it even though I’m still working my way through trying to understand version 12. Super duper vids Skip…..Emms

  11. Hi Skip,

    Thank you for all your patience and help. Well, you got me enthused, and I just updated to Painter X3 from 12. I bet that this question will be a popular one shortly.

    I would like to have X3 be configured like 12. Both are installed, and I would like to ask you for your advice as the best way to proceed. I have the following alterations in 12:

    a) I have several Custom Palettes, each containing several brushes
    b) I have imported a few Brush Categories and Libraries.
    Everything is running smooth.

    Is this a correct way of thinking?

    1) Quit X3, launch 12, and Export the current Workspace, quit 12, launch X3, and Import the Workspace. Am I correct that that will give me the Palettes, Brushes, Libraries, Layout, etc from 12?

    Or, 2) Go into the Finder>Library, and just drag the workspace from 12 into X3.

    Some Panels are new in X3. Could I just add them in X3, fix things up, and then name a new Workspace? What about Panels in 12 that don’t exist in X3? Will that cause problems?

    Would there be any advantage to starting all over again in X3 from the start, importing .Libraries, .Catagories? Creating the Custom Palettes filled with Brushes would be time consuming.

    Thanks very much,


    • Hey Sonny,

      Do #1; it will import custom palettes, brushes, ect. However, it will not bring in Arrange Palette layouts. You will need to build that again.

      Have fun,

  12. Thanks so much Skip for these these wonderful informative vids. I reckon Painter X3 is going to be a ‘must have’! Super stuff!


  13. Hi Skip,
    Thank you for the videos. They are such a valuable way to start x3. As you can probably tell I updated to Painter x3 and I signed up for your Saturday session. I did not see what time it begins on Sat. If you could let me know I’d appreciate it and I am really looking forward to getting (with your guidance) a new and positive start to Painter x3. Yay! Joyce

    • Hey Joyce,

      I just sent out a blanket email to all that have registered for the class, which will explain more about how the class works. The class will last approximately 3 weeks. Each week you will have a number of videos that you can download and keep. We will also have at least two live sessions each week. I have scheduled the first live sessions on Sunday, July 28th. Go back to the classroom and you will see the links for the lives sessions. There is also a before class video for you to review. It explains how to get started with X3 and how to get all your custom brushes and custom stuff from Painter 12 into Painter X3.

      Looking forward to seeing you in class,

      • Gee, I jumped the gun a bit. This is exactly what I wanted and needed to know. Now to follow along and transfer all my custom stuff into Painter x3.


        • Hey Joyce,

          Let me know if you have any trouble setting up X3. There will be more videos about setting up Painter X3 on Saturday. I hope you enjoy the class.


  14. Thanks so much Skip! I also downloaded the trial version, anxious to try out the new features! Works very nice! But when I imported my old workspaces, the new brushes wont show up, guess I have to make new ones from scratch ..
    Well so nice with the: coarse sargent brush jitter! 🙂
    Thanks again for your educational videos!

  15. Thank you so much for these videos and this website! I am very new to Painter and just purchased Painter 12 the end of June. I have to say that my experience with Corel as a company has been great. I called them yesterday to ask about a grace period for a free upgrade to X3 (since I just purchased the end of June) and they gave me one without a hassle! And along with your great website my Painter experience has been great so far!

    Question about all of your brushes that I just finished installing into Painter 12….do I need to re-install everything into X3 the same way I installed them into Painter 12?

    Thanks again for sharing all of these wonderful videos and brushes with us!


    • Hi Amy,

      I’m delighted to hear that you were able to upgrade to X3 without extra costs. That is terrific. Here is what you want to do to install everything into X3.
      1. First open Painter 12
      2. Go to Window > Workspace > Export workspace. If the workspace name is default, change it to something like Amy’s place. You can change it in the Export window. Be sure to export the file where you can find it.
      3. Now open Painter X3.
      4. Go to Window > Workspace > Import Workspace.
      5. A Navigation window opens…go to where you exported you Painter 12 Workspace and select it and click open.
      6. Your whole workspace will be imported including brushes and custom palettes. However, if you have arranged you workspace a certain way…that arrangement doesn’t come over. You will need to rearrange your layout. Any custom palettes that you had, will appear in the upper left corner. You can close them or move them around in your layout.

      That’s about it…hope it helps,

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