Brushes and Stuff from Paint Jam 2, Corel Painter X3

Hello Everyone,

There is still time to register for the third session of Paint Jam 2 with Corel Master Painters Karen Bonaker, Peggy Gyulai, and me.  In the last session see the finishing touches applied to the Masters’ paintings and learn what challenges they came up against, what brushes they discovered and what lessons they learned that they’ll take with them for their next project. Plus, get some insight into what to do once your work is complete, with topics covering mixed media inspiration, social media and selling your newly created masterpiece!

If you attended the second session, I promised to provide brushes and flow maps that I used in my painting. BUT, please remember that these can only be used in Corel Painter X3.  Here is the Paint Jam 2 Brush Category.  I also promised the Paint Jam Flow Map Library used, and these work with Painter X3 or Painter 12.

This is the completed painting that I did during my part.  I almost completed it in the 10 minute time frame.  I love direct brush work using watercolor or ink.  The work is greatly influenced by Chinese brush painting and Japanese Sumi-e.  Of course it is a digital version and the approach is different.

Pine Tree, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

Pine Tree, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

I did another painting, too, but it wasn’t influenced by the landscape we were using for inspiration.  It does show an important part of the brushes I provided.  Velocity governs opacity instead of pressure as most of my brushes do.  Opacity via velocity feels more like the way a traditional brush feels…lays dark paint while moving slowly, but if you speed up, lighter paint is laid down.

Orchid, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

Orchid, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

I can explain the brushes better in videos.  Here are three ten minute videos for your enjoyment.

Well that it for this post.  I must tell you one more thing.  Many of you know that my sister had a stroke and I travel back and forth between Mississippi and Georgia to care for her.  I am having a few medical issues as well.  On the day of the last session of Paint Jam, I will be having a medical procedure that may prevent me from participating.  I am hoping I will be through with the procedure and can join all of you, but if I cannot, I hope you will understand.  Do register for the last session; it will be terrific.  Karen and Peggy are terrific!



My You Tube Channel; Corel Painter X3 Artists’ Oils Brush Panel

Hello Everyone,

I have a You Tube Channel, Skip Allen.  I started the channel because it made it easier to add videos to my blog with a link instead of processing via WordPress.  I can also make the videos true HD at 1080 p.  Most of the posts that are on the blog are also on You Tube.  BUT…not all videos on You Tube make it to the blog.  I’m finding that it is easy to answer questions found on various forums by doing a video and adding it to my You Tube channel.

I thought maybe some of the subscribers here, might like to subscribe to my You Tube channel as well.  I actually hope that you do because I plan on doing more short very specific videos there.  I do have a request to do videos about animation in Painter from a You Tube subscriber.  Something that complex would probably be posted on the blog, too, but I’m making no promises.

Following is an example of a video posted on my You Tube channel that didn’t make it to the blog until now.  If you like this video, then I would recommend subscribing to my channel.  I have 277 subscribers on You Tube and slightly over 1600 here.

I saw a question on Painter Factory specifically about the wetness slider in the Artists’ Oils brush control Panel.  After a couple of written replies it just seemed easier to answer with a video.  OK, true confessions, I would prefer to always answer with a video.  So that is what I did and provided a link to the video in the forum.  If you like this type of quick response, then I would suggest subscribing to my You Tube Channel…Skip Allen Channel.

“Why do you want a blog and a You Tube channel?”

“Oh my gosh Kevin, where have you been?”

For those who are new to my blog, Kevin is a good computer virus that lives in my computer.  He says he is like Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz.  He wasn’t happy in my previous computer because it was too small.  I now have 9 TB of internal and external hard drives, so he disappears for days or months even.  He is always on my case about something.

“I’ve been here and there…no where in particular.  Why?  You don’t care,” he responded rather brusquely.

“That’s not true Kevin.  I do care…just not a lot.  I want to keep a watchful eye on you.  If you turn into a bad computer virus, I’ll be there with my trusty, virus eradicating gun.”

“Look, I asked you a question.  Are you going to answer it or should I just leave for my private island created in the bowels of external drive two?”

“Private island…in the bowels…”

“Answer the question doofus?” he shouted.

“I already said.  It is easier to link to You Tube for the blog.  I get a better resolution.  And I want to do more quick videos about a specific subject without having to come here and develop a post, check the grammar, and  post it.  I will be able to do more videos that way.”

“Who cares about your silly videos anyway?  I think it is something else.  I think you are a megalomaniacal, egocentric doofus.  Wait, I used doofus before…change that to dummy.”

“Kevin be nice.”

“I am being nice; you should have seen what I really wanted to say!”

“Come on Kevin, I’m not a bad person.”

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“Are you sure we kill good viruses, too?”

“Look it up, it’s on the internet, which makes it true.”

“Really?  I had no idea.  That’s terrible; I don’t want to kill innocent viruses.  What can I do to make up for this horror?”

“I’ll get back with you on that one.”  Odd, he then left snickering at first, and then belly laughing until he was out of earshot.

OMGosh, I’ve been killing innocent good viruses.



Clone Source Image, Pin Point Accuracy, Corel Painter X3

Hello Everyone,

A student asked an interesting question in my class, Discover What’s New In Corel Painter X3.  Registration for this session closed Friday evening, but the class will be offered again in a few weeks.

We know that with Corel Painter X3, we have enhanced clone features including a Clone Source Image.  We can manipulate the image in multiple ways and then save it as a new clone source, or update the current clone source, or simply discard it.  I thought you could do almost anything to the Source Image; you can.  Just check out this video.

Tony from Australia asked if we could bring in a clone source that is smaller than the original source and place it in the source image perfectly aligned.  I tried it and at first I thought it couldn’t be done, but as I played, I realized that it could be easily done.  Check out the video.

I cloned the following image in Corel Painter X3.

Ginger Lily, cloned and painted in Corel Painter X3

Ginger Lily, cloned and painted in Corel Painter X3

Hope this video was interesting and it gives you some ideas for cloning in Corel Painter X3.



My Class, Discover New Features in Painter X3 is open for registration.

Hey Gang,

This happened a bit faster than I realized.  Karen has opened the registration for Discover New Features in Painter X3 at the Digital Art Academy.  Karen listed the class as Open Enrollment, but I’m asking that it be changed to regular enrollment.  That means you will need to register by the end of the first week of classes, or by Aug 2.  Either way works.  Regular enrollment means we all start at the same time.  Open enrollment allows folks to enter at any time.

The class begins on July 27th.  You can download a free trial version of Painter X3 at the beginning of the class.  That way you will be able to discover what is new in X3 and then decide if you want to buy it.  I am sure you will want it.

Hope to see you in the class,



Corel Painter X3 Is Here; View the Videos for a Quick Look at the New Stuff

Hello Friends,

I am so excited.  Corel Painter has announced the launch of the newest version, Corel Painter X3.  There are some fabulous new features and enhancements.  Let’s get to the videos.  They are all short and meant to give you a quick overview of the new stuff, but they do not give all the details.  Look for an announcement of my class taking you through the new stuff in detail.  Registration will be open soon for my class at the Digital Art Academy, probably tomorrow.

Have you ever had trouble finding a brush.  Not any more.  Check out the new Brush Search function.

The next video describes the new Reference Image, which I particularly like.  I am not cloning as much as I used to, so the reference image fits my work flow.

I find the enhance stroke preview very helpful when making brushes.

I really hope you like the next new feature.  We have new mixer pads made by several artist, including one from me.  Check it out.

There are wonderful new brushes in X3, using something called Universal Jitter.  I’ll speak about that in the next video; in this one I’ll give you a taste of what the Jitter Brushes can do.

You’ve seen how the Jitter brushes work…here is what makes them tick…Universal Jitter.

If you adjust brushes, you are familiar with the minimum slider in the Size Brush Control Panel.  Guess what?  Added to multiple brush controls are minimum sliders.  I love it.

I can’t help it; this is one of my all time favorite things in Painter X3.  The Advanced Brush Control makes adjusting brushes so easy.  I know you will love it.

OMGosh…the new perspective guide is incredible.  Like the other quick videos, the functions of this tool are not shown in-depth.  I will have a class that will give you all the new features in greater detail.

Enhanced Cloning is a misnomer.  I think the new Clone Source Image will revolutionize the cloning work flow.  If feel like a new feature, not an enhancement.  I love this enhancement.

The development team improved layers; they are very stable.  Also added is the ability to transform across layers, even groups.   This is an amazing addition.

I think this is one of the coolest new features.  Now when making a color set, you can set the number of colors you want returned.  Created color sets are very useful.

And the final video concerns the return of Onion Skin when making movies or animation.  But this video will also tell you about new papers, flow maps, and patterns.  And, I do not want to forget that even though Mac users will not have a 32 bit version of Painter X3, an added memory extender allows Mac users to use extra memory.

OK…whew…that’s it for today.  I’ve tried to give you a quick intro to all that is new in Painter X3.  As I have mentioned, I will have a class at the Digital Art Academy called Discover What’s New in Painter X3.  We are in the process of setting up the registration page.  As soon as it is up…probably tomorrow…I’ll let you know.  I hope some will join the class and learn the details of what’s new in Painter X3.