My You Tube Channel; Corel Painter X3 Artists’ Oils Brush Panel

Hello Everyone,

I have a You Tube Channel, Skip Allen.  I started the channel because it made it easier to add videos to my blog with a link instead of processing via WordPress.  I can also make the videos true HD at 1080 p.  Most of the posts that are on the blog are also on You Tube.  BUT…not all videos on You Tube make it to the blog.  I’m finding that it is easy to answer questions found on various forums by doing a video and adding it to my You Tube channel.

I thought maybe some of the subscribers here, might like to subscribe to my You Tube channel as well.  I actually hope that you do because I plan on doing more short very specific videos there.  I do have a request to do videos about animation in Painter from a You Tube subscriber.  Something that complex would probably be posted on the blog, too, but I’m making no promises.

Following is an example of a video posted on my You Tube channel that didn’t make it to the blog until now.  If you like this video, then I would recommend subscribing to my channel.  I have 277 subscribers on You Tube and slightly over 1600 here.

I saw a question on Painter Factory specifically about the wetness slider in the Artists’ Oils brush control Panel.  After a couple of written replies it just seemed easier to answer with a video.  OK, true confessions, I would prefer to always answer with a video.  So that is what I did and provided a link to the video in the forum.  If you like this type of quick response, then I would suggest subscribing to my You Tube Channel…Skip Allen Channel.

“Why do you want a blog and a You Tube channel?”

“Oh my gosh Kevin, where have you been?”

For those who are new to my blog, Kevin is a good computer virus that lives in my computer.  He says he is like Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz.  He wasn’t happy in my previous computer because it was too small.  I now have 9 TB of internal and external hard drives, so he disappears for days or months even.  He is always on my case about something.

“I’ve been here and there…no where in particular.  Why?  You don’t care,” he responded rather brusquely.

“That’s not true Kevin.  I do care…just not a lot.  I want to keep a watchful eye on you.  If you turn into a bad computer virus, I’ll be there with my trusty, virus eradicating gun.”

“Look, I asked you a question.  Are you going to answer it or should I just leave for my private island created in the bowels of external drive two?”

“Private island…in the bowels…”

“Answer the question doofus?” he shouted.

“I already said.  It is easier to link to You Tube for the blog.  I get a better resolution.  And I want to do more quick videos about a specific subject without having to come here and develop a post, check the grammar, and  post it.  I will be able to do more videos that way.”

“Who cares about your silly videos anyway?  I think it is something else.  I think you are a megalomaniacal, egocentric doofus.  Wait, I used doofus before…change that to dummy.”

“Kevin be nice.”

“I am being nice; you should have seen what I really wanted to say!”

“Come on Kevin, I’m not a bad person.”

“In the computer virus world, buddy you stink, and so do most other humans.  You kill our buddies, the evil viruses, and in the process take out a few million good viruses, too.  And you say you are not a bad person.”

“Are you sure we kill good viruses, too?”

“Look it up, it’s on the internet, which makes it true.”

“Really?  I had no idea.  That’s terrible; I don’t want to kill innocent viruses.  What can I do to make up for this horror?”

“I’ll get back with you on that one.”  Odd, he then left snickering at first, and then belly laughing until he was out of earshot.

OMGosh, I’ve been killing innocent good viruses.