Brushes and Stuff from Paint Jam 2, Corel Painter X3

Hello Everyone,

There is still time to register for the third session of Paint Jam 2 with Corel Master Painters Karen Bonaker, Peggy Gyulai, and me.  In the last session see the finishing touches applied to the Masters’ paintings and learn what challenges they came up against, what brushes they discovered and what lessons they learned that they’ll take with them for their next project. Plus, get some insight into what to do once your work is complete, with topics covering mixed media inspiration, social media and selling your newly created masterpiece!

If you attended the second session, I promised to provide brushes and flow maps that I used in my painting. BUT, please remember that these can only be used in Corel Painter X3.  Here is the Paint Jam 2 Brush Category.  I also promised the Paint Jam Flow Map Library used, and these work with Painter X3 or Painter 12.

This is the completed painting that I did during my part.  I almost completed it in the 10 minute time frame.  I love direct brush work using watercolor or ink.  The work is greatly influenced by Chinese brush painting and Japanese Sumi-e.  Of course it is a digital version and the approach is different.

Pine Tree, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

Pine Tree, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

I did another painting, too, but it wasn’t influenced by the landscape we were using for inspiration.  It does show an important part of the brushes I provided.  Velocity governs opacity instead of pressure as most of my brushes do.  Opacity via velocity feels more like the way a traditional brush feels…lays dark paint while moving slowly, but if you speed up, lighter paint is laid down.

Orchid, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

Orchid, Corel Painter X3, watercolor

I can explain the brushes better in videos.  Here are three ten minute videos for your enjoyment.

Well that it for this post.  I must tell you one more thing.  Many of you know that my sister had a stroke and I travel back and forth between Mississippi and Georgia to care for her.  I am having a few medical issues as well.  On the day of the last session of Paint Jam, I will be having a medical procedure that may prevent me from participating.  I am hoping I will be through with the procedure and can join all of you, but if I cannot, I hope you will understand.  Do register for the last session; it will be terrific.  Karen and Peggy are terrific!



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  1. I’m always saying this …. Thank you Skip!!! … I don’t think there is another living soul who does (for the Painter community) what you do .. and, it truly is appreciated. Please take care…and again, thank you!

  2. Skip, you will be in my thoughts and prayers along with your sister. Take good care of yourself and get better quickly. Your paintings here are beautiful and would love to see the class but will not be home that day.

    • Hey Janet,

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayers; I need them. I had a meeting about the procedure for Wednesday and it looks like I will not be able to go to the session either…sigh. Maybe another day.

      the skipper

  3. Again…a big THANKS to Skip for sharing so much.

    One quick question….since I am unable to attend on-line…..will Corel make the videos of Jam sessions available (they did for last Jam) ….and if so, where to look for links to videos (here?, Corel Facebook, or KB Facebook for Painter?)…I hope 3 videos; days after each Jam session?

    • Hey Doug,

      Yes the videos will be available but I am unsure where myself. Last time they were posted in the Corel Painter Channel on You Tube and I suspect that will be the same this time. Take care my friend and I hope you enjoy the videos.

    • Thanks Eden,

      Glad to see you are still visiting the blog. I appreciate your comments. I plan to be well very soon…don’t actually feel sick, but the doc says I am…but what does he know is what I say. 🙂


    • Thanks Marion. All the line work comes from my pottery days. I didn’t realize it until I was reviewing my pottery for the first session of Painter Jam. I’ve got to do a video about it soon.

      The skipper

  4. Thank you so much for the brushes and Flow Maps? These brushes look fantastic. I enjoyed your videos. Thank you again for giving so freely of your time to share.
    Is there going to be a repeat of the Sumi-e Painting on DAA? I remember hearing talk about it last year.

    The painting you did last week on Paint Jams was/is fantastic, I love it.

  5. Thank you, Skip, for all that you do to support the Painter community. Love the natural feel of these brushes – your skill in creating brushes is greatly appreciated!! I look forward to seeing a video about your pottery days and how it’s influenced your creative work today – am very intrigued after seeing the one photo you recently posted. Heartfelt thoughts and prayers for you and your sister…

    • Thanks Marie,

      I hope I can do the video as soon as my procedure is finished and I have a little recoup time. I was supposed to have it this morning, but it has been delayed until this afternoon…always something isn’t it. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.


  6. Hi Skip, I hope all went well with your procedure and also that your sister is doing better. So sorry to hear that you had so many problems lately and still have time to share with us.
    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all that you do. I love your videos, brushes and all the help that you give to all of us. You inspire me to go ahead with drawing and painting with Corel, even though I am a little rusty at this computer stuff. I do love the no mess and getting to experience all the different mediums that I have never tried..yes I have even wanted to wash my hands after working with Corel, as it is so real.
    Again thanks Skip!

    • Thanks Debbie,

      All went well with me…good results. I also heard from the Rehab today and Joy got a great weekly report. I was so excited.

      LOL…I can identify, I know our hands must be getting gritty with digital paint, right?

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  8. Hello Skip, Sorry – I am just reading this post now, and it is already December 19, 2013. I do hope that you were able to get all of the medical help that you needed, and that you are now feeling fit and well. I am so very sorry to hear about your sister! How difficult it is for both of you now – your sister ill, and you working so hard to help with her care! Has she been able to go home, or is she living in a care facility? Please let me know – you are my one selected friend on my Facebook page (Peace Valley Arts). I have expressed my thanks to you for your WONDERFUL work, helpful videos, amazing brushes, and incredible inspiration when I have written responses or thanks to you in various forums. It feels like I am listening to a good friend when I watch your Painter videos, and I really enjoy it when you chuckle at any mistakes you might make – it is reassuring for a neophyte such as myself! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas (as great as possible considering the difficult health issues that you and your sister are facing), and a New Year full of peace and prosperity, art and adventure, health and happiness, music and merriment, and MUCH MUCH MORE! Gratefully yours, Pamela Richardson, in Ontario, Canada

    • Hi Pamela,
      I am doing great these days; thanks for asking. My sister is also doing so much better. She is living at home alone, which is a miracle in itself. She still has a way to go, but her recovery has been amazing. Thank you for the nice comments. Yep, I chuckle at myself…I’m just an old dude living in rural Georgia…not somebody to make a fuss over. 🙂
      I hope you and your family have the Merriest and the Happiest ever.
      Big Hugs,

    • Hi Ed,
      I’m not sure what you are wanting, but you can get a tie dye effect using the Kaleidoscope tool in Painter X3. Open Painter and select the Kaleidoscope tool from the toolbox. Now adjust the number of segments to the number that you think is best. Then select the lasso tool and make a spiral selection. Using a watercolor brush…my brush Desert Oasis > Fata Morgana will work well…paint a bright color inside the selection. You may want to do several colors. Then invert the selection and do the inverse of the spiral. There are lots of variables that you can do with this technique, but these simple instructions should get you started. Enjoy, Skip

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