New Wacom Drivers Released September 3, 2013…Go Get ’em!

Hello Everyone,

I just found out that Wacom released new drivers on Sept 3, 2013.  For the link for downloads for folks in the Americas look below:

Wacom Tablet Drivers

I am a little confused by the drivers this time.  There are drivers for the Intuos Pro, and the Intuos.  I am away from home and have my Intuos 4 with me.  I know the driver for the Intuos is the correct driver for the Intuos 4.  I am uncertain if that is the driver for the Intuos 5.  I believe the driver for the Intuos 5 will be the same as the driver for the Intuos Pro, but I cannot test it until I return home.

Remember you should uninstall your previous Wacom tablet driver before installing the new one.  If you do not know how to do this, look on the blog banner above for Search.  Search for Intuos Drivers or installing Intuos drivers to find the post about uninstalling and installing Intuos drivers.



19 responses to “New Wacom Drivers Released September 3, 2013…Go Get ’em!

    • Hi Tracye,

      That is correct, but the drivers show Intuos Pro, which cannot be used for an Intuos 4, not sure about a 5. The drivers are listed Intuos Pro, Intuos, and Bamboo. So at least in this set of drivers, there is a distinction between Bamboo and Intuos.


  1. I could not find any explanation for what is new or fixed….so I’m not installing anything on my I5 just yet; it is working fine now, no problems. I let sleeping dogs lie, don’t fix things not broken, and never update a driver unless it solves a problem I have. Anything else usually adds trouble, not help me….unless a new feature I want.

    • Hi Doug,
      I couldn’t find anything either, but I do have my intuos 4 with me and installed the new Intuos Drivers and so far it is working like a charm. When I get back to GA, I will test with my Intuos 5 and let everyone know what I find out.

  2. still no clear distinction of what is what? intros ? intros pro ? witch is witch ? i will wait until someone knows what they are talking about and not guessing .

    • Yes…this one is tough. When I get back to GA I will do a lot of testing using my Intuos 5. I can say that the drivers for the Intuos does work well with my Intuos 4. I first install the Intuos Pro. When I looked at the properties, I could see Touch functions, which wouldn’t be available for the 4. So I uninstalled and installed the Intuos and it is working very well with the 4. I’ll post more later.


  3. Skip, if it’s important the the currently-installed driver be UNinstalled before installing the new driver . . . I wonder, why the devil doesn’t Wacom state that somewhere on their Driver Updater download page?
    It you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have known it (or rather, I wouldn’t have remembered it).

    • Hi David,
      I think it is on their site somewhere, but it is getting increasingly harder to navigate the pages. I have difficulty finding anything on the current pages. I’m thinking most of it has been moved to the community forums, but I am not sure. And, of course, there could have been changes to the installation of drivers that I am not aware about. Maybe we don’t have to uninstall before installing a new driver. When I get back to GA I have pages bookmarked and will review again. Skip

  4. Hi Skip, I am having a new computer built and it will have Windows 7. I have an Intuos 3. Should I download the newest drivers available for Intuous 3 before plugging it in and not insert the accompanying disc? Or Should I insert the disc and then update the drivers? I have no clue which way to go.

    Many thanks,

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