My Class, Discover New Features in Painter X3 is open for registration.

Hey Gang,

This happened a bit faster than I realized.  Karen has opened the registration for Discover New Features in Painter X3 at the Digital Art Academy.  Karen listed the class as Open Enrollment, but I’m asking that it be changed to regular enrollment.  That means you will need to register by the end of the first week of classes, or by Aug 2.  Either way works.  Regular enrollment means we all start at the same time.  Open enrollment allows folks to enter at any time.

The class begins on July 27th.  You can download a free trial version of Painter X3 at the beginning of the class.  That way you will be able to discover what is new in X3 and then decide if you want to buy it.  I am sure you will want it.

Hope to see you in the class,