Clone Source Image, Pin Point Accuracy, Corel Painter X3

Hello Everyone,

A student asked an interesting question in my class, Discover What’s New In Corel Painter X3.  Registration for this session closed Friday evening, but the class will be offered again in a few weeks.

We know that with Corel Painter X3, we have enhanced clone features including a Clone Source Image.  We can manipulate the image in multiple ways and then save it as a new clone source, or update the current clone source, or simply discard it.  I thought you could do almost anything to the Source Image; you can.  Just check out this video.

Tony from Australia asked if we could bring in a clone source that is smaller than the original source and place it in the source image perfectly aligned.  I tried it and at first I thought it couldn’t be done, but as I played, I realized that it could be easily done.  Check out the video.

I cloned the following image in Corel Painter X3.

Ginger Lily, cloned and painted in Corel Painter X3

Ginger Lily, cloned and painted in Corel Painter X3

Hope this video was interesting and it gives you some ideas for cloning in Corel Painter X3.